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Greater London
(6 reviews)

Break down barriers to learning Computer Science with a King's College London trained Computer Science Teacher, BSc Computing Graduate (First Class Honours) and Industry Professional.

As a specialist, qualified Computer Science teacher with a background in Web Development and 8 years working within the Systems Support industry, I have developed the knowledge and resources to cover teaching at all ages: from Primary School to A-Level, and beyond. Lessons are diverse, structured around and tailored to my students' needs.

Central London
(3 reviews)

Hemant - Central London - Computer programming

I have wide experience of teaching students from a wide range of different nationalities in London, for example: Russian, European, Indian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Middle-East, American, Latin American and African. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I have past & present experience of teaching Finance, Accounting , Economics and Business management - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Doctor in Computer Science gives programming and algorithmics tuition in Portsmouth and online

I offer private tuition in programming and algorithms (C, Python, Haskell, Ocaml...) for GCSEs, A-levels / IB and degree level, face-to-face in the Portsmouth area or online, via Google Hangouts or Skype, with webcam, whiteboard and screensharing.

Central Hounslow

Nikhil - Central Hounslow - Computer programming

Hi. I love to help people grow so enjoy training people to help them improve their skills in Programming, Algorithmic Trading, Data Science, Mathematics and Finance.

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Lecturer in Computing - HCI, Visual Studio, Web Design, HTML, CSS, Business Computing, Business Studies

My experience is mainly delivering lessons to Degree Graduates on Computing and Business BSc(Hons) courses, and my delivery methods tend to be short theory sessions followed by practical useful real world exercises to help illustrate how the skills and knowledge will useful in the real world.


Nikos - Southfields - Computer programming

Exceptional Mathematician, Physicist, and IT Professional committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with his students. Can prepare for new exam systems in GCSE and A-Levels.I have prepared students for Oxbridge entrance successfully. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths, Further Maths, Mechanics, Statistics, Computer Science and Programming (C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, SQL, etc.

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Experienced and enthusiastic computing student offering exciting programming lessons in Glasgow and Paisley

I believe in problem solving as the best way of learning programming, and as I already know what problems to give my students and how to lead them to the solution, they experience both a very steep learning curve and lots of success as positive feedback.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Newcastle University student offering programming and math lesson, from basics to programming (for kids too!)

I will try to adjust the classes to the student and also make it a really playful learning experience. I am here for any primary or secondary school student who wants to improve or needs some help within these subjects.


Nicola - Clapton - Computer programming

I am an enthusiastic computing tutor with over 10 years of coding experiences and over 6 years of teaching experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Computer Science and Computing at all levels and including languages: Java, Processing, Javascript, Python, C++ in Openframeworks, C#, HTML/CSS, and for younger kids Bitsbox, Scratch and P5.js. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Best tutor for Engineering subjects micro-controller , Arduino , c++ , physics , electronics ,electrical and Matlab with 5 years of experience in teaching and practical work

My major duties are to work on hardware and software of all departmental projects and students projects. Arrange hands on practical workshop trainings for faculty and students. physics and all electronic and electrical subjects are based on presentation. the major trainings are on • PLC • SCADA industrial software . • Microcontroller. • IOT devices .

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Artificial Intelligence student offering Java and Artificial intelligence related lessons in Canterbury

Usually, my teaching method is to combine theory with practice. I will teach my students the basic concept of the knowledge first, and then I will find some exercise for students to practice to gain deep understanding of the concept.

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Computing Science A Level Student offering tutoring in python and other programming languages

My teaching method involves focusing on what the student is currently struggling at and develop upon them until a rewarding level. Then go through each topic until the student is knowledgeable in the area. Also I am able to help students with controlled assessments if need be.

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IT Practitioner and tutor with 15+ years experience in tutoring, training and programming. Tutor in Poole, Dorset

I hold a master of science degree in IT and a software and academic professional with excellent computing and programming skills. I teach computing for students of any age and levels. Conversant with modern technologies, curriculum and techniques. My method of teaching students being, prepare, teach, test and support.

Greater London
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Experienced Software developer providing - Web Development and Java Lessons in Ilford

• Provided hands on training for IT professionals and college students on below subjects.

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Computer and Software Skills in an easy, intuitive and structured manner

I am an experienced and student oriented tutor, with confident that I can provide expert and proper tutoring and guidance for your requirement. Tutoring and training has been my passion. I used to train my office staff on IT and other technical areas. I have also tutored students in GCSE and Degree level programs. I assure you Communication in clear, flowerless English (IELTS 8.

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London and Hertfordshire Computer Programmer/Engineer and tutor specialising in Mobile, Web and Robotics

I believe the best introduction to programming and robotics is through practical applications. So that might be programming a computer game or building a robotic arm. The project should present enough challenges that encourages students to problem solve which cements the concepts to memory once it has been worked through.

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A-Level student able to teach basic-intermediate level programming skills in C#, Python, Java, Swift, Dart, HTML/CSS and JavaScript

I base my lessons on a layered basis, teaching new concepts every lesson and testing them as we go along, making the application of the concepts more advanced each time.

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PhD. Computer Science Scholar and Electronics and Communication Engineer (Gold Medalist) offering Programming Classes Online

I try to make complex topics much simpler, and teach them in a way, which imbibes in the human mind the long-term applications and real-world applications. I believe programming and coding is easy, and anyone can do it, just with some proper guidance and regular hands on programming practice.

(1 review)
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Software Engineer, Training Students and Professionals to be an Industry Leading Developer from Software / Websites / Unity 3D

My classes are remote, but I am always accessable with Skype / Discord always available to my students. There is a private Discord channel that we will set up and will allow you to collaberate with other students, and communicate with me directly.

1st lesson offered free !

An engineering and computer degree holder offering tutoring at all levels needed

i always works with the current level of understanding of my students and try as much as possible to make each session interactive for easy assimilation for the student and breaking the barriers for shy students to be able ask questions

1st lesson offered free !

Top Computer Science Student Offering GCSE, A Level Computer Science/Programming lessons in Nottingham

My approach to each topic is to ensure the student understands the basic fundamentals before moving forward because this is there foundation which must be strong. Once I help them to build a solid foundation we can quickly start learning about more complex topics in detail.

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Tiverton Devon GCSE A level computer science programming python games raspberry pi

feel comfortable and engage mind into learning. show learning intention( reason why we are learning it) and how it fits in the big picture of KUSQ (knowledge,Understanding, skills and Qualifications) See simple clear example/s (resource/s chunked up) , understand how it works (modelling)...

Matthew charles
(1 review)
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Desktop application Software Developer offering beginner to intermediate C++ lesson in Plymouth.

By making use of various programming and numerical problems, I teach tutees how to program by providing outline solutions and code examples. I encourage tutees to apply what they have learned with me to attempt to solve problems, such as those found at (concealed information) in their free time away from my tutorship.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn How To Make Your Own Programs That You Control and Secure or SECURITY

I will explain how PROGRAMING works the history of programing and how each differant types of language works and can come together • Complete and pass an intensive course on C and C++ • Programming Visual Basic Versions You will see how each Language can be used with most MIcrosoft Programs

(1 review)

Peter - Holmfirth - Computer programming

The most common reason pupils fail in mathematics is as a consequence of losing confidence. My earliest priority would be to remedy this by ensuring that lower order concepts had been fully understood. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Mathematics and Information Technology.  I am qualified in Visual Basic, object oriented programming.

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Front-end Junior Developer with the experience of 3 years of training apprentices IT & web development. Learning more skills to spread.

I trained apprentices at the age of 18- 20 dropouts as goverment funding... I teach them with understanding the knowledge of an apprentice, as well as the mathod he/she will understand easily. I am very humble and clam tutor /trainier I like to make an healthy atomsphere around he workplace. hence with what apprentice can be comfortable but at point I am well aware to make and get work done.

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Computer Science finalist with 1 year professional coding experience offering online tutoring

I believe that students best pick-up coding skills and theory through practical application, all of my sessions are hands-on, programming in your choice of language from the get-go. I've previously tutored to both groups and individuals, and based on my experience believe that programming is best taught on a one-to-one basis to allow progression at the learner's own rate.

1st lesson offered free !

IT/business consultant and qualified trainer who offers Microsoft Suite, business skills, project management and self employment training/support to people in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Rutland and

My teaching method is based on: - level and class of person - academic requirements - lesson structured with detailed documentation to supply As a tutor I listen to requirements as a friendly associate and then develop the best approach to tackle a subject. With training goals/targets set and a measure of achievement attained.

Greater London
(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

University graduate gives C/C++, WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS lessons to students in London

Hi, my name is Costin and I am giving lessons for about 3 years in programming languages such as Java, C/C++ and in web development languages such PHP, HTML, CSS. I have the ability to provide you solutions in order to confront all of your problems and be adaptive to your requirements.

1st lesson offered free !

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars!!!

I try my absolute best to tailor my classes to the student. For example if my student is a visual learner I will use lots of powerpoint presentations. I always like to be prepared for each session and frequently ask for feedback to make sure that students are learning, covering topics they feel they need help on and last but not least enjoying the sessions.

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Our former students
review their Computer programming tutors

To be sure of your tutor's teaching and lesson quality when learning Computer programming. We collect authentic testimonials of former students, reviewed & guaranteed by Superprof.

Perfect! Alex was a great teacher who really took his time to prepare in depth lessons. I took Python lessons with Alex and he knew the language really well.

Simon, student
1 month ago

Perfect! Timur was great with teaching my 10y old son some Python, he was reliable, and flexible in setting up the sessions. He communicated well and promptly with me about arrangements. The lessons were well balanced for my child and Timur was able to work...

Ruth, student
2 months ago

Perfect! Amazing professor, won't let you down, always available and very kind!

Denise, student
4 months ago

Perfect! Shibu, Tutor me through C++, she was very good and give me examples of every topic, from the program structure, arrays, pointers, vectors, copy constructors, operator overloading, inheritance, templates and STL. She works according to your...

Kirsty, student
6 months ago

Perfect! Dhara, Helped me understand Theory of Computation. Dhara explains the process with plenty of examples and extra when needed, for a difficult subject. Dhara is a great tutor and very knowledgeable on this and relating subjects.

Kirsty, student
6 months ago

Perfect! He is very helpful and I was learning many things form him. And I sure if I want to have lessons in programming such as Java, I will choose him because he has a good explanation. Finally, I recommend everyone to choose him.

Abdullah, student
6 months ago
(5 reviews)

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