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The average price of Computer programming  lessons is £8.

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Finding the Perfect Programming Tutor

As computers become a bigger part of our lives every year, programming and academic subjects related to computers are becoming a more important part of most students' lives. Whether you learn about programming in IT, computer science, or software engineering classes, you'll likely learn about it somewhere.

Let's see why it's important to study programming or coding, the challenges programmers face, what aspects of programming are studied at school, and how private programming tutorials can help an awful lot.

Why It's Important to Study Programming

By learning to program, you'll essentially learn how to give computers a set of instructions to operate. Of course, there's more to it than that.

You can use programming to create computer programs, apps, websites, and even program robots. You may think that programming skills aren't important if you aren't planning on doing any of those things, but you'd be wrong.

Programming can teach you a lot of transferrable skills and anyone who's done any type of coding will know just how much you can learn about problem-solving by trying to code.

Computers, despite everything they can do for us, aren't actually that smart and you need to get everything right if you want a program to work. This means that programmers learn patience as they spend hours, days, or even weeks trying to fix problems in code.

Programming and completing programming projects require that you work as part of a team and learn to work independently. While you may need to regularly touch base with other members of the team to ensure the parts of the project work well together, when writing code, you'll often be on your own for extended periods.

Challenges in Programming

We just alluded to some of the downsides to programming and the challenges that you might face. While you can misspell a word or get the grammar a bit wrong in a human language and still make yourself understood, the slightest mistake in your programming can lead to some big problems.

In some cases, fixing the part of the code that caused one problem may cause other problems to arise. It can sometimes feel like you're between a rock and a hard place as you alter lines of code to make sure that every part of the project runs as intended.

Similarly, this focus on the minutia can make learning programming languages or studying software engineering courses quite dry and unrewarding, at least at first. Programming is one of those skills that can take a lot of experience before you start getting any good at it and feel like you can achieve things with it. Fortunately, this whole experience will teach you about patience and motivation.

Areas of Programming Studied at School

For a long time, IT was a new and fancy subject that students would take if they wanted to learn more about computers. Of course, students can still study IT but it's not necessarily about programming computers but rather about how to use them; not how to make them work.

Computer science or computing is the subject you'll want to study at school if you want to learn about programming languages and coding and take these skills onto a college or university course.

Let's take a look at the topics you'll cover if you study a computer science GCSE. We've used the AQA exam as an example so while there may be some slight differences depending on which exam board you're using, the majority of topics will be the same.

You'll get to study algorithms, programming constructs, programming techniques, programming languages, and data representation. On the theory side, you'll also learn about computer systems, memory and storage, computing fundamentals, networks, topologies, protocols, and cybersecurity.

Anyone with an interest in web, software, or app development will want to study computer science at GCSE, but it's also a useful subject as who knows how much programming skills will be used in the careers of the future?

Private Tuition in Programming

Though programming and computer science is a good subject to study, it's not always the easiest, especially in schools and colleges where teachers are forced to teach large groups of students of different levels and abilities about coding.

Inevitably, their lessons will never be perfectly suited to each given student and this can cause students to fall behind or gifted students to be held back by having to learn at a pace that's slower than what they're capable of.

With private tutoring, students can enjoy learning about different subjects in lessons that are tailored to them, their level, their preferred learning style, and their personality.

While face-to-face tutors tend to charge more than others, this is because they'll tailor the lesson to the student and often travel to the student's home to offer the lessons there.

There's also online tutoring if you can't find suitable tutors near you. Online tutorials are useful as you can learn from tutors all over the world and the lessons tend to be cheaper as the tutor doesn't have to worry about the time or money spent on travelling to their student's home.

Finding a Programming Tutor

If you're looking for professional programming tutoring, you can find plenty of experienced and qualified tutors on the Superprof website. You'd be surprised at how many different subjects you can study with a private tutor!

You can view the tutors' profiles online, how many years of experience they have, the level they teach, the type of tutoring they offer, and reviews left by students they've taught in the past.

Ideally, you'll want a tutor that meets as many of your criteria as possible and replies quickly to their messages, a good sign that they value your custom and interest in their teaching.

Of course, it can be difficult to see which tutors are right for you or your child just from their profile so check if they offer the first lesson for free. Use this time to see how they like to teach, how much they charge for tuition, and how they can adapt their tutoring to you.

Whether you want to learn a specific programming language like Java, Python, or C++, pass an exam on your university software engineering course, or gain some new professional skills, private tutoring can help!

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