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Do you use a smartphone or computer? Do you play console games? Do you use an electronic key fob to unlock your car? In fact, the mere fact that you’re reading this text is all thanks to computer programming!

Computer programming is the act of giving a computer instructions known as ‘code’. By instructing a computer using code, computer programmers can solve problems and complete tasks. Their goal? To create something… Anything! Be it a web page, a game, a piece of software, a picture… As technology becomes more prevalent in daily life, computer programming skills become more important. So why not search for your computer programming tutor on Superprof and take your first steps towards mastering C, C+, html, java or python!

Why study computer programming?

There’s no denying it, computer programming is an essential to modern life. Computers, tablets, smartphones, cars, even our watches… everything we have come to rely on depends on computer programming… so much so that we take it for granted! So why not gain an understanding of it? There’s little more rewarding than knowing how your gadgets work, especially when you’re called upon to fix them!

The tech industry seems to know no limits. Thanks to our insatiable demand for the latest technology, the industry just keeps growing whilst other sectors are facing cuts. Individuals who know their mark-ups from their codes will have potential employers in the palm of their hands when applying for their dream tech job.

It’s not just the tech industry who are looking for programmers, in other sectors employers are increasingly asking job applicants to demonstrate at least basic understanding of coding and html too. Marketing and journalism-related roles are increasingly online-based these days, and having a fundamental knowledge the language your computer is speaking and what is possible on a given web page is a helpful advantage.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur setting up a new business. Maybe you’re a travel writer starting up a blog. You might even be an illustrator, graphic designer or photographer who wants to display their portfolio on the internet for prospective work. Creating a website on platforms such as Squarespace, Wix and Wordpress may require little in the way of coding knowledge, but a base knowledge in front-end computer programming will help you to make your website stand out. An understanding of back-end programming will help you to manage your website and as your business grows.

Computer programming in itself is a valuable asset to your skillset, but it also teaches you transferable skills that will get you far in all walks of life. As you learn to code you’ll develop your ability to solve problems in a structured yet creative way. When you encounter a problem with a computer, it’s essential to break down that problem into workable pieces, consider all options and weigh up possible consequences of any action you may take… only then can you think about coding. This way of solving problems prevents unexpected surprises later on in the process and helps you to work through issues of any scale.

Computer programmers spend a lot of time looking for solutions, so they’re often required to call upon their initiative and perseverance. Often a seemingly harmless issue left unsolved will lead to further issues down the line, so coders tend develop a very can-do, will-do attitude which makes any obstacles they encounter in their personal lives seem far more manageable.

Communication and collaboration are essential in computer programming. Often there will be a number of individuals working on a website, which means each team member needs to make it clear what they’re working on. This is often done through messages left in the code. The language of computers also follows a neat structure to ensure that any other programmers accessing the code can understand what’s going on – especially if they need to solve a problem. The programmers working on one site may never meet, they may not even speak the same first language, but it’s important that they work together as a team all the same – their shared understanding of code makes this possible.

Finally, computer programming combines technical skills with creativity – you learn the computer’s language and think outside of the box to solve problems and create resources that you want to use. You can even make your own life easier by programming devices and appliances in your home to respond to your voice or a clap of the hand

All this sounds ace, but where do you start?

Teach yourself computer programming

Funnily enough, an incredibly popular way to learn how to programme computers is on your computer using online resources. Codeacademy is a popular example which provides a number of online free lessons to get you started with html, python, c+ and other languages. Each lesson walks you through a skill before giving you opportunities to practise what you’ve learned. The most basic lessons are free, with additional resources available for a monthly fee.

Resources such as Codeacademy are brilliant if you’re looking to pick up the basics of coding, especially if you’re happy to do a bit of extra research on sites such as W3schools (the online equivalent to a coding encyclopaedia). However, if you require extra support, motivation and feedback, other options may be more effective.

Learn computer programming in group classes

Computer programming courses are often available at further education colleges or specialist schools, sometimes under the name of ‘Software Programming’ or ‘Coding’. These courses target different ability levels, from those with no experience in coding to those aspiring to gain specific skills. Some are part-time spanning a set number weeks or month so that participants can learn alongside their job or studies, whereas other ‘boot-camp’-style courses are designed to take learners from absolute novice to competent coder in a matter of weeks.

If you thrive in a structure classroom setting or who wish to meet like-minded people by studying in a group, this kind of course is ideal. There’s also the benefit of direct instruction and feedback from a tutor, which is invaluable to the learning process. There is a drawback though: you’re required to work to the pace of your group, and lessons aren’t necessarily tailored to your personal and professional goals. Classes are often at set times and locations so if it doesn’t fit with your schedule or location, learning can become a chore rather than a joy.

Study computer programming with a distance learning course

If you’re not a fan of the classroom environment or prefer to learn from the comfort of your home, distance learning courses are the ideal solution. The demand for computer programming tuition means there’s a lot to choose from: some being more structured with weekly lessons and homework, whereas others are designed to fit into day to day life so you can complete lessons and assignments your own time. The course content can vary too, so if you do your research you can find a course that really fits in with your goals.

Distance learning courses are often cheaper than classroom-based lessons but can feel a little less personalised as you may never meet your tutor; being able to motivate yourself to practise your weak points is key.

Learn computer programming with a private tutor

If you flourish with personalised 1:1 lessons where you can work with minimal distractions, private tuition is the answer to your learning needs. Because you work individually with your tutor, they can tailor your classes to your personal or professional goals and aspirations. You can also move at your own pace, taking more time over challenging aspects of the course and speeding through the elements that feel easy. Private tuition fits into your schedule – you can determine the location, timing and regularity of your lessons.

How to find a private tutor for computer programming

There are so many options available that the biggest question is ‘where do you start?’. With gumtree, community boards, facebook pages, newspaper adverts and much more, there are a whole lot of options to choose from.

Superprof makes finding a tutor simple. With over 10,000 computer programming experts sharing their knowledge through our site, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your needs.

10,000 tutors sounds like a lot right? Fear not, you can filter your search according to price, location (including distance learning) and response time to give you a better idea of what’s available in your area. Each tutor profile follows the same format, so can easily compare each tutor’s experience, areas of expertise, methodology and price until you find the style that suits you. You can even read through recommendations from former and current students to get an idea of the teacher’s credentials. Superprof tutors usually offer a first taster lesson for free, so you can give the lesson a try before you commit to payment.

Superprof tutors set their own rates based on their experience, the teaching level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), geographical location and the demand for their subject, so you’ll find a range of experience levels and prices to suit your learning style, budget and goals.

For those on a budget or with limited, online tuition might help you to save money on travel time and session cost. Many teachers are happy to teach via webcam, and you could even fit a class into an extended lunch break!

Find your tutor on Superprof today and get coding!


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The average price of Computer programming  lessons is £9.

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