For its conviviality and because it is the promise of real moments of sharing, the kitchen attracts more and more Britons.

Where food is concerned, blog writers and television hosts alike refer to the past decade or so as the British Food Renaissance, to invoke the evolution of tastes and cuisine that the till now, the staunchly British food culture had resisted.

Celebrity chefs like Nigella and Gordon Ramsay are making the most of this boon! You can see them on any given day or night, slicing, dicing steaming and stewing.

Especially Mr. Ramsay, with his fiery temper, would stew!

Famous for its street food and festivals, Leeds is no exception to the foodie craze.

Anyone desiring to learn the culinary specialties of lively Leeds and master basic kitchen techniques are spoiled for choice in this city!

Indeed, the many 'cooking classes near me' would challenge both the amateur chef and the most experienced.

Supeprof has made the rounds of the best cooking courses in town, and now presents, to Loiners and other loyal subjects – of the crown and of the chef's table, the art of cooking in Leeds.

Perishables from other restaurants are on the menu at this restaurant!
The concept restaurant in Leeds pioneered the use of unsold food Source: Pixabay Credit: Sansoja

Leeds' Very Best Restaurant

No, we didn't suddenly turn restaurant critic; nor will we list any of our city's headlining eateries, save this one. The food there is really "rubbish", but it tastes so good and is exquisitely prepared!

Have you eaten at the Real Junk Food Project yet?

Four years ago, young chef and native Leodensian Adam Smith, demoralised at the monstrous amount of industrial food waste across the globe – even as people everywhere went hungry, hit upon a concept.

Why not accept the food destined for the landfill, and put his culinary skills to use? Prepare that food in such a way that it would be safe to consume?

He set about soliciting donations from other restaurants and supermarkets, whose managers were very happy to oblige.

Soon, the first Real Junk Food restaurant was open for business!

What is most intriguing about this scheme is that there is no set menu, and no prices. This concept eatery operates on a pay-as-you-feel basis.

Should a diner have the means to pay for a meal, s/he digs as deep into the pocket as s/he feels is warranted, either for the cooking, the altruism or both.

No hungry soul would have occasion to press a nose upon the glass at this café! If someone should have no money for food, s/he would receive a meal anyway.

The Project now has more than a thousand volunteers who comb the city, collecting otherwise unwanted food.

Donations include perishables such as vegetables, meat and seafood, as well as eggs and cheese.

Chefs Sam Joseph and Conor Walsh staff the kitchen and do everything from chopping to the actual cooking.

They confess that planning the daily menu is a bit of an adventure, considering they have no idea, from one day to the next, the ingredients they will have to work with.

Still, there is plenty: so much so that they've started a food bank to distribute their unused food items.

This surplus food usage initiative has been so successful that more such cafés have sprung up in cities across the UK.

We could learn a lot from these hands-on entrepreneurs, not the least of which would be fundamental cooking techniques.

How are you doing in the kitchen?

You and your partner can learn to cook together!
Learning to cook with your partner can be a bonding experience! Source: Pixabay Credit: 089Photoshootings

Reasons to Take Cooking Classes

Why would anyone, save an aspiring chef, need to learn the culinary arts? After all, isn't cooking, like so much else, largely inspiration? Can't anyone just blend ingredients and get a delicious result?

There are far more reasons to learn kitchen technique than just producing appetizing food.

Among them are:

  • You have absolutely no aptitude for cooking and rely on recipes to produce any dish.
  • You might want to discover the joy of cooking with your children by signing up for kids' classes in cooking
  • You want to put some variety in your diet, or change it completely – for health reasons or weight management
  • You want to find out if food preparation is indeed a good career path for you
  • If you are already a chef, you may want to specialize; in a field like molecular gastronomy or world cuisine
  • Perhaps you want to learn how to make delicate, delectable pastries!
  • You, the office manager, heard that a cooking seminar is a great team building exercise for your staff at work

Owning a cookbook won't make you a chef; neither, necessarily, will using one.

However, taking a cooking class will go a long way to wake your inspiration for unique dining experiences.

Taking cooking lessons with a loved one could even be a bonding activity!

Take Cooking Classes in Leeds

Let us suppose you live in Leeds or in the surrounding area, and you have decided to take cooking classes.

But you want the best for your money, and having that attitude is quite right! There must be a great Chef to train you, otherwise: no deal!

First, you should decide: did you want to learn the cooking of vegetarian fare, or are you more inclined to baking bread?

How familiar are you with cooking methods in general?

Whatever reason you are looking for a cooking school, here are some of the best names to choose from for cooking classes London.

Get Cooking!

Are you in fact hoping to learn bread making? Or did you want to learn how to cook vegan dishes?

Fortunately, you can learn either skill and more when you Get Cooking!

What is so great about their cookery courses is that you first witness a cooking demonstration, and then you have your go at preparing the select dishes, and then, you get to take them home and enjoy them!

Are you wondering how to fit cookery courses into your already busy schedule?

No worries! At Get Cooking, instruction takes place of a weekday evening, or on the weekend.

These weekend sessions are generally limited to a half-day, so that you can take advantage of as much of your free time as possible.

But then, we'll bet that you would enjoy cooking from scratch so much that those few hours with the class will fly by!

This group has it all: team building courses, kids' courses, how to create a Mediterranean feast...

Novice or old hand at braising and making fabulous appetizers, you will certainly find a course to tempt your palate at Get Cooking!

Elsewhere in West Yorkshire, foodies with a yen for ethnic cuisine may participate in an Indian Cookery Masterclass.

Most interestingly, one entire seminar revolves entirely around spice: what is spicy and what is mild; now to mix various spices and which ones' flavours pop the best with a lengthy simmer.

Curry Cuisine hosts kids' workshops, taster workshops and will even give one on one cooking lessons, in your home or in the Chef's.

For this venture, you would choose the menu, and be taught how to cook it.

As though a best could be chosen, the best part of this learning programme is that you would receive a free sachet of Indian spices for your future cooking adventures.

Their Masterclass is a day-long affair, starting out slow by learning how to make a good masala sauce or paste.

That would be after learning all about herbs and spices, of course.

You would then progress to food preparation: meats, breads, rice and, most irresistible: desserts!

As opposed to Get Cooking, whose programme permits you taking home the dishes you've prepared, you would sit down in the restaurant and enjoy the meal you cooked with your kitchen-mates.

What a convivial experience!

According to this report, this Indian Cookery Masterclass ranks high on this adventurous weekender's must-do list.

Finding good food in Leeds is not difficult
You can enjoy a good meal most anywhere in Leeds! Source: Pixabay Credit: RitaE

Where to Get a Good Meal in Leeds

Outside of your kitchen, where would you turn for a fine meal or a unique dining experience in our city?

Besides the eatery we sang the praises of at the start of this article, there is an entire list of eclectic Leeds restaurants to tempt you palate on any night of the week.

Conspicuously absent from said list is any Leeds food venture from native son and reputed enfant terrible Marco White.

We have to wonder why he did not return to his hometown and enrich our culinary vistas with his mercurial temper and feisty personality.

That answer was given in a recent interview: London is where the food scene is. People have the money to spend to eat well there.

Nevertheless, with or without him, our love affair with food continues. Out of curiosity or need, lessons wait for you, dear neighbour. You only need sign up and attend!

And for those Loiners adept at knife skills and wishing to recreate the flavour of other regions in your kitchen, you could head to Cardiff or Edinburgh to learn how to prepare their specialties!

You don't have to restrict yourself to learning to cook in Leeds. You can find out where to Find Cooking Classes in the UK by looking at the links below.

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Need a Cooking teacher?

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