"I absolutely believe in the power of innovative entrepreneurship on every level. That's why I am always exploring ways to improve our education system by making it as effective as a private tutor and as engaging as video games." -Naveen Jain

There have been many complaints about the education system in recent years. Students of primary school, secondary school and university express dissatisfaction over too much coursework, too many essays and examinations and a very different curriculum.

Nevertheless, the National Education System in the United Kingdom has made efforts to improve the way courses are taught and engage students. It is proven that if students are disinterested in school and do not see the benefits of higher education, they will drop out of academic studies before receiving their first university degree.

This is a concern for many working in the education sector because an educated society means a financially stable country.

Therefore, what is the remedy for this situation?

Private tutoring. Hiring an academic instructor can be done for students of all ages who are struggling academically. However, university students should take full advantage of personal tutoring because postsecondary studies are gruelling.

Some university subjects are easier than others but the study of law is considered to be one of the most demanding. Law students often become discouraged within the first year of legal studies and do not know where to look for help. A private tutor can become a refuge helping young students face the constant storms of university studies with confidence and a positive attitude.

Superprof is here to demonstrate the supplementary benefits of hiring a private law tutor and where they can be found in the city of Manchester.

General Description of a Law Tutor

being a young lawyer
Among the many law tutors, are young lawyers offering tutoring sessions to earn a bit of extra cash and pay off student debt. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Private tutoring and teachers offering private tuition has become a multi-billion pound industry in recent years. University students are taking advantage of hiring private tutors because of difficult subject matter and a competitive workforce.

Of 3,500 undergraduate students who sought help during their university degree, two-thirds hired a private one to one tutor and 1 in 5 of the students surveyed put money together with other classmates to hire a group tutor.

Since there are more university students than ever, a post-secondary degree does not impress employers as much as it did before. 

Students have to be the best and rise above the fierce competition. Many pupils believe that if they don't graduate at the top of their class with honours they will be doomed to a basic job with no future opportunities.

This proves true for law students. The number of law students keeps rising faster the amount of job in the legal field available. Academic performance is necessary to secure a high-paying job at a fancy law firm.

Law tutors are being hired by many experienced law tutors to ensure student success.  

It is best to choose a personal law instructor that has had previous law experience. The best law tutors to choose from are those who boast an LLB, LLM or PhD degree in law. Retired lawyers, law professors, talented students of law or professional barristers are all great options to choose. Many of these experienced and talented law tutors are looking to earn a bit of extra cash after office hours.

The best law tutors are those who are perceptive and tailor their tutoring sessions to your needs. Whether students need help preparing for exams, writing essays, studying for finals or understanding complex concepts of the law, experienced law tutors teach in a way that encourages the student to continue on.

Law tutors have the goal of instilling a love for legal studies in their pupils. They are experts in law and they know how to make the most boring subjects a little more lively.

Not only do professional law instructors aid students who are looking to receiving their Bachelor's of Law (LLB) or first degree but also for aspiring solicitors undertaking the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and future barristers studying for the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).

These further training programmes only last a year but they are quite challenging and require good grades. Law tutors are happy to guide aspiring lawyers through these important stages.

If you attend a university in Birmingham, look at our Birmingham law tutoring list if you need a hand if your bar exam revision.

No matter what situation law students find themselves in, experienced law tutors make it their goal to see aspiring lawyers succeed.

Where to Find the Best Law Tutors in the Manchester Area

driving to offer class
Some private tutors extend the courtesy of travelling up to 50 miles to conduct remedial classes for law students. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Manchester is an extremely important city boasting beautiful architecture, a unique culture, world-renowned football teams and very talented musical exports. It is also the third most populous city in the United Kingdom with a total of 3.2 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area.

Tourism has always been an important industry making Manchester the third most visited city in the United Kingdom behind London (check our London law tutoring guide) and Edinburgh. 

Nevertheless, culture and football are not the only things Manchester is known for. There are many universities and education centres that instruct Mancunians and other British citizens a wide range of postsecondary subjects. The University of Law which is the largest provider of vocational legal studies in Europe has on of its many campuses in the city.

Wherever there is an important law school, there are many pupils looking for remedial help from qualified tutors. With Manchester being one of the most important UK cities (check our UK wide law tutoring guide), there is a variety of personal law instructors teaching a wide range of law subjects to all who need help.

Here are some of the best websites and online resources to use in order to find law tutors in the Greater Manchester area:

  • University Tutor: help students find private and affordable law tutoring in the city of Manchester. According to the website, there are currently 16 available law tutors offering remedial support to Mancunians. Some of the tutors can meet you up to 20 or 30 minutes away from their house for no additional charge. The law instructors offered on the website have previous experience in different areas of law and are highly educated legal professionals.
  • The Profs: have no time to leave campus and drive to the location of your private tutor? No worries! Profs is an online tutoring website offering remedial support to students in all subjects. A free consultation is available for all law students so that the academic instructor can diagnose their needs. Prices start a little high at £52 an hour but you can be sure that your tutor will highly talented because Profs is the #1 tutoring company in the UK and only the top 4% of tutors who apply are accepted to ensure quality. Tutors offer online classes from the comfort of your own home in various areas of law such as International Trade Law, Civil Litigation, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Law and Dissertation Guidance. Some of the law tutors specialize in offering academic support to aspiring barristers and solicitors who are going through the BPTC or LPC.

Hiring a private tutor is an extremely smart investment for your future. A student does not have to be struggling academically in order to employ a law tutor. Many academically successful students seek the help of law tutors to ensure triumph throughout law school in order to graduate with honours.

While private academic tutoring is a bit costly, especially on a student budget, there are many ways to pay for it. According to a survey conducted by UNiDays, half of the students had their parents pay for it, 16% used the money from their savings and 13% took the extra cash from their student loans.

If you live or study law in Leeds, you will find a tutor quickly thanks to our tuition guide for the city.

Whether you have to beg your parents, find an extra summer job or spend a little more time paying off your student debts, private tuition from a qualified law tutor is worth the few extra pounds!

Essential Tips From Experienced Law Tutors

being a good student
A positive support system of good friends will encourage you to go study for your exams instead of partying. (Source: Visual Hunt)

The majority of law students will admit that law school is tough and way more challenging than previously thought. Those who struggle the most are first-year students. The reasons for difficulties are various, however, the most common is due to a lack of organization and survival tips.

Private law tutors do not only provide tailormade lessons for struggling students but also offer helpful tips to survive law school. 

Here are some of the best tips you can possibly receive from law tutors:

  • Have realistic expectations: before starting law school many students have preconceived ideas. Some think that taking part in university legal studies will be only a bit more difficult than A-Level subjects and that studying for exams won't take too much of their time. These thoughts are extremely erroneous. Law school is quite difficult and one must enter with realistic expectations. It is not a fairytale as the movies might portray it and there definitely will be tears, bumps and bruises along the way. Knowing how hard legal studies will be before receiving your admission letter will prepare you and prevent you from becoming too discouraged in your first year.
  • Building the correct relationships: attending university is a time to get to know yourself and meet interesting people that will have a positive or negative impact on your life. You do not want to surround yourself with people who party all the time and do not take their studies seriously. Find friends who are also studying law and want to succeed. Having positive influences will make all the difference during the first year.
  • Don't over join extracurricular activities: while many law firms and other universities highly value extracurricular activities it is important to not get involved in so many that you no longer have time to study. Pick a maximum of two or three extracurricular activities and focus on them. Say no to the rest. It is more important to study and succeed during examination periods than be president of the chess and Latin club, star football player, band member and editor in chief of the school newspaper.
  • Networking is very important: creating relationships with lawyers working at law firms opens the door for future job opportunities. Use social functions with professionals working in the legal system as a time to ask for important advice to succeed during your legal studies and how to get a good job in the future. Connections are extremely essential for future success.

Success is not dependent on a flawed curriculum. Struggling students can take their academic studies into their own hands and rise above their classmates with the help of a private law tutor.

For the Scottish future lawyers that may need some help before their big exam, check out our Glasgow law tutoring tips.

When looking back on the decisions you made as a past student of law, enlisting the expertise of an experienced law tutor will be among the best!

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