So, you’re living in Belfast and want to work in computer network administration? Are you looking for a web design course or interested in knowing what the web management courses in town are like? Do you want training toward a graduate certificate in tech, or learn with subject matter experts?

Luckily enough, you’ve come to the right place.

So, let’s take a look at the IT courses available in Belfast. These are limited to the courses available in the city. So, if you are looking for an online course in computing, check out Udemy or Udacity, Coursera or Courseware. But we reckon it’s best to go local.

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Why Study IT in Belfast.

Right now, Belfast, quite simply, is one of the best places in the UK to study and work in IT. London besides, Belfast claims to be the number one city in the United Kingdom to work in tech, with opportunities for the IT professional growing year on year, and the average salary for a career in IT increasing annually too.

The benefits of taking an IT course in the capital of Northern Ireland consequently speak for themselves: with the high demand for people in the IT industry in Belfast, the possibility of starting a new career, taking your new computer skills into a different field, or generally upskilling is huge.

And it sure helps that there are plenty of IT training courses available in Belfast to facilitate your journey into your new business position.

From free courses in your local library to private tuition, degree level courses in information technology to certification courses in professional computing, there is really an incredible amount of options available in Belfast to those interested in learning about technology management, computer systems and information systems, or software development.

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What You Can do with an IT Certification.

The question – why take information technology courses? – is an incredibly legitimate one in this age of the digital native.

Yet, anyone with a shred of knowledge about information and communications technologies will know that the difference between sharing something on Twitter or using the Microsoft Office suite and actually having the IT skills of web development or database design is really something quite massive.

Because certificate courses in IT, like all courses in any subject are useful for two reasons: they provide you with the technical skills and knowledge that you need to have a successful career in information technology management, but they also give you the IT certifications that you will need to prove those skills to future employers.

As, when you have completed a course in the IT field, you’re going to have plenty more to think about. With your new IT degree, your IT career is may be in all sorts of different things. From Microsoft training to Java programming, from IT service management to business analysis, from systems analysis and design to information technology support.

With the right training and certification, you can go into all sorts of different fields.

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learn IT in Belfast
Make sense of IT with Belfast's classes

Or with Just a Bit of IT Knowledge.

And for those of you who aren’t so much interested in administering an IT service as just getting a solid foundation in digital literacy, the benefits of this are huge too.

With so much in the world these days happening online – from politics to news to entertainment to shopping – without the computer skills that many of us take for granted, you risk being left a little bit behind.

There is so much to learn on a computing course – and there is so much to do on a computer – that even if you think that this world is not for you, there’ll certainly be something that you love.

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The Best Places for IT Courses in Belfast.

So, let’s crack on with it. Here are some of the best IT courses to join in Belfast – from online courses and online classes to class- and lab-based training.

Pick the one that works best for you. There is a range for a very good reason. We hope that you find it helpful!

Choose from a Massive Range of Computing Courses at Belfast Met.

The Belfast Metropolitan College – more commonly known as Belfast Met – is one of the largest further education colleges in the UK, with nearly forty thousand students who enrol in the college every year.

In terms of what we are interested in here, the range of different computing courses offered by Belfast Met is hugely impressive, covering the extent of subjects and specialisms that you can imagine from such courses.

From programming courses to CompTIA network training, from Cisco CCNA and CCNP courses to cyber security, games development, and software applications development, with these general and specialist courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know to excel in your future IT career.

Do an Essential Skills Courses – Including IT – at One of Belfast’s Colleges.

Essential Skills courses are education courses offered by the state to learners over the age of sixteen. They don’t come in any virtual learning package and don’t offer online study strictly – but rather offer basic introductions to numeracy, literacy, and IT.

These are part-time courses for which you can study at your own pace, and the courses are designed to be practical and applied.

They are offered all over Belfast, at different further education institutions and community centres – and you’ll get a qualification at the end. The IT courses in particular are very handy for those looking for a basic qualification, a springboard, to take a step into a work placement or apprenticeship or further study.

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Learn everything about your computer!

Take a Professional ICT Course with Train IT.

Train IT are a private computer training organisation that offer courses in business skills, management skills, and in business information technology. Besides their accredited diploma courses in bookkeeping and accountancy, they have a lot of courses in IT systems and office administration.

Along with training in Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Access – which, by the way, are not Microsoft certified, but are taught by a Microsoft Office specialist – you can take courses in Sage technologies, data protection, and photo editing.

They are a really reliable provider of learning courses and can provide courses tailored precisely to your business.

Join a Free Computer Course at Belfast’s Libraries.

Northern Ireland’s library service has a great selection of courses in computer information and use, from entry-level classes in online learning to more specific classes in everything from online business computing to social and creative media. The handy thing is that they are completely free – and there are no prerequisites at all.

For those starting their own business, there is specific training for that. For those looking to find online education on copyright, business processes, and all sorts of other things besides, there is training in all of this too!

Find a Private IT Tutor at Superprof.

Here at Superprof, we offer the platform through which enthusiastic students can meet the friendly, passionate, and knowledge private tutors they need. Offering every subject under the sun, from the social sciences to legal studies and sports management, we guarantee that, with us, you’ll find the tutor that you need.

This includes in IT – and, in Belfast, we have eleven awesome computing tutors available to support your learning in all things IT. Whether that’s in web design or Prince2, Dreamweaver or the Microsoft SQL Server, you’ll find with us the tutor that meets your needs.

We’re talking any level at all by the way – from GCSE to an advanced diploma to a Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Business.  Just enquire with one of our tutors!

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IT has come on a lot in recent years!

Receive Accredited IT Training with Mullan.

Mullan Training are another private supplier of training in information and communication technology, specialising in Microsoft and Adobe softwares, report writing applications and cloud-based technologies.

With Mullan, you can take certification exams in Sage and Microsoft – and the course materials will be directed towards these qualifications.

One-to-one, based in your company, or in Mullan’s own labs, they offer an all-round great service.

Learn Computing with Belfast City Council’s IT Training.

For those over eighteen and living in Belfast, the Belfast City Council offers a great service in IT training. Through their short course provision, the council provides training and certification in Microsoft, customised training, skills counselling, and much more.

They also run certified courses in ECDL – the European Computer Driving Licence – which is recognised all over the continent.

Study for a Degree in Computer Science at One of Belfast’s Universities.

For those totally committed to technology, there is nowhere better to study than at university.

As you’ll know, Queens University and Ulster University are the best places for an undergraduate degree in town, and both offer undergraduate courses in computer science.

Both offer four-year university courses – with a year in industry – and both offer industry standard training. They are quality, widely renowned, and rigorous courses, and will prepare you either for postgraduate courses in computing or else a tasty job in the IT industry – as a project management professional, say, or a Cisco certified network associate.

Obviously, these require a little more commitment than the other options listed here, but it’s worth every moment.

Check out their respective websites for info on enrolment.

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