Want to be the best of the best when it comes to IT technicians? Then you need the pace, confidence, qualifications, and organisational skills to reach the pathway to success!

Setting your sights on an occupation like a software developer or a programmer is all very well, but you must be willing to spend time on a relevant training course learning about your chosen discipline (the subject in which you want to gain professional development) and successfully pass a syllabus exam with the help of an instructor. IT skills are sought after by numerous businesses, not just the digital sector.

Most full time higher education courses will be structured with 'one semester after another' framework and will take between a year and four years for completion and to be awarded, so it is important to suss out which is the best learning environment and tuition style for you before preparing to embark on your journey of certification.

Would you like to study in a classroom with one to one instruction or face to face help, or would you rather a homestay set up? As the learner, it is entirely up to you, but read testimonials for whichever course you consider sending an enquiry to.

How about we delve deeper into the world of Information Technology Courses and discover the best courses to apply to in the city of Leeds for improving your job prospects?

Don't forget, as an applicant, you can gain accreditation by studying towards an intensive online course, workshops, a training course, an apprenticeship of placement, an internship, an online training programme, a diploma, a bachelor of science undergraduate degree, a postgraduate degree, a masters degree, a PhD, and sometimes even by volunteering.

So, don't just limit yourself to looking at the UK universities for that top the university rankings!

Check out UK wide IT courses.

The Benefits Of An IT Course in Leeds

Leeds is the third biggest city in the UK and is a great workplace. Here is why...

According to Visit Leeds, "the financial and professional services sector in Leeds City Region is the largest financial centre outside of London and a major hub for professional services, contributing £13bn of gross value added (GVA) to the economy, with nearly half of the population working in professional, managerial and associate professional jobs."

Leeds City Region has a £66.5 billion economy, with the digital technology sector making up a big part of this financial turnover. The sector includes creative media, cybersecurity, telecoms, data analytics and health and education technologies, which other businesses rely on heavily.

Not only is Leeds home to two universities on the top university rankings list: Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Met University) and the University of Leeds (both of which have great research facilities), it also boasts two dozen of the fastest growing technology businesses in the North, and features a significant number of scale-up digital companies.

Rockstar Games, the world-famous studio behind Grand Theft Auto, has its premises in the city too!

Learn IT in Edinburgh or get IT training in Belfast.

Tech and games console lovers will be thrilled to work in the same city as the experts behind the Grand Theft Auto games.
The studio behind Grand Theft Auto can be found in Leeds. Photo credit: Ferino Design on VisualHunt.com / CC BY

What's more, Leeds has a reputation for being a great place to work and live.

Salary wise, Leeds came in sixth place in Moneysupermarket.com's Quality of Living sorting index ahead of Manchester and Birmingham, with the Chapel Allerton and Otley suburbs making the Sunday Times Best Places to Live in Britain. The average salary of £22,677 has made a huge impact on its popularity, plus its much more affordable weekly cost of living than the UK average. This means that to work in or to travel to Leeds for work could be a real money-saver for you.

Professionalism aside, Leeds offers existing and prospective students a range of nightclubs, pubs, and bars as well as some great music venues like the O2 Academy, the Key Club, the Brudenell Social Club and Carpe Diem. During the day, you can discover historical sites like Leeds City Museum, Industrial Museum & Royal Armouries as well as art galleries such as Leeds Art Gallery and impressive architecture like the Kirkstall Abbey and Lotherton Hall. You can really take advantage of the fantastic venue we know as Leeds City!

With all of this mind, wouldn't you like to know how you could prepare yourself for a career in IT within this interesting, rewarding and bustling city? Keep reading to discover more about the opportunities to pursue in your area!

You can also find IT courses in ManchesterIT classes in Birmingham or IT workshops in Glasgow, thanks to Superprof.

The Best ICT Courses In Your Area

Leeds City College, Printworks Campus

This course, the Basics of Setting up a Computer and Installing Security, teaches you how to install security features to protect computers and other devices from hacking and how to improve the system's performance. You will learn how to set up an IT system, Optimise IT System Performance, and learn about IT Security for Users

All of these areas will help you to develop the skills necessary for a variety of computing sectors.

The course lasts 10 weeks and is offered on a part-time basis starting in September 2018.

Find IT courses in Cardiff!

Leeds Beckett University

Offering professional training courses for you, Leeds Beckett University has an impressive range of digital short courses in its prospectus. Here's what it says about its educational services:

"As the North of England’s premier training centre we provide specialist training at different levels of expertise to individuals and businesses offering a wide range of digital and creative courses which are accredited by world-leading brands such as Adobe, APMG and PRINCE2®*.

Our experienced trainers are leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated to supporting your professional development. You will gain recognition for your technical expertise and increase your visibility in a competitive market."

Short courses can be undertaken on specific sucjects or tools like Google Analytics.
Take a course in Google Analytics to gain a better insight into your online community. Photo on VisualHunt

When it comes to funding options for tuition at these renowned colleges and universities, you may wish to consult the government web pages to see if you are authorized to apply for funding or are eligible for scholarships for students.

Do a Degree in Computer Science at the University of Leeds.

There's nothing like a degree to set you up for life - particularly in one of the most in-demand subjects in employment right now. The future is digital, and young people would be well advised to make sure they have the knowledge and skills to excel in this future.

The University of Leeds is one of the most respected places in the UK to study such a course, and you'll cover - through lecture, seminars, and exams - all the ins and outs of programming, coding, and digital skills. At the University, you can double up your studies with joint honours in Computer Science and Maths, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Science and Digital and Technology Solutions.

Besides the reputation in Computing, the University of Leeds is a wonderful learning environment. Any degree there is worth taking - but you'll need to look closely at the entry requirements.

Earn a Qualification in Computing from Swarthmore Education Centre.

The Swarthmore Education Centre is one of Leeds's finest educational institutions - focusing on community learning, lifelong learning, and family education. It's been going for a hundred and ten years this year, and was set up back in 1909 by the Quakers.

Based in Woodhouse Square, it offers classes in everything from languages and maths to arts and crafts and IT. Some of the courses here are accredited and can lead you on to a formal qualification. Others are offered to total beginners.

The latter will have you searching the web, checking email, and seeing what the online world is like. For those after a certificate, you can take a Level 1 qualification, and these take roughly twenty weeks.

Otherwise, Swarthmore runs introductory classes in Photoshop, website-building, and computer systems.

Gain Professional Development at Pitman Training Leeds.

Pitman Training are a UK-wide company specialising in training for business and employment. With a centre in Leeds and a reputation for excellent distance learning opportunities, Pitman Training is a great option for those seeking professional development.

The courses they offer in IT and computing are diverse, with levels of qualification - such as the diploma and CompTIA - and different contributions of credits towards Continuing Professional Development scores.

You can take programming courses and network security courses, as well as courses in database administration, software development, and in the use of the Microsoft Office suite.

Get Introduced to IT with Leeds Adult Learning.

Leeds Adult Learning is a local government initiative aiming to get anyone who wants it training, further employment, or vocational education. It's a nice project, collating information from many of the different educational providers in the city into one manageable database of courses. Of course, they are aimed exclusively at adults.

You'll be pleased to hear that there are many such options of the budding tech enthusiast - from pure free courses in computing to those that combine IT skills with language courses, for the international student.

So, from basic, entry-level IT skills - from using PowerPoint, the internet, and email - to slightly more rigorous computer skills, this is a great place to go for people unfamiliar with these technologies that are taking over our lives.

Find Out what the Youngsters are Doing These Days with Age UK's IT Courses.

For the older students among us, there is also the option in Leeds to study with Age UK - the UK's biggest charity working for and with those who are older.

In Leeds, they run a scheme known as Silver Surfers, which in itself is enough to make any computing novice feel cool. This includes a number of courses for older techies of different levels to develop their skills. The classes - running for those who have never previously touched a computer, or those who do not know how to work their smartphone - combine a slow-paced learning experience with hands-on experience.

After enrolment, the courses run over six weeks, and you'll leave being able to recognise the difference between a spreadsheet and a database.

Enrol on a Computing Course for International Students with LEL.

If you are living in Leeds, English is your second language, and you have an interest in learning IT skills to boost your employability - the holy trinity of characteristics - then LEL might be the place to start looking. LEL, or Learning English in Leeds, provides English language learning that are matched with a host of other learning courses.

So, if you need to study for an IELTS, you'll find that here. But, if you want to find a course that helps you learn about computers at the same time, you'll find that here too.

Do a Short Course in IT with the Talent Match Programme.

Talent Match is an initiative set up by the Leeds city council and funded by the Big Lottery Fund. It aims to link those people with limited access to the job market to job opportunities, education and training in business skills and professional skills, and a way into work.

Opportunities in this project are offered by different training providers across the city, and the range of different skills is quite considerable. Part of their work is in providing IT training to young people (below the age of twenty-four). However, you have to have been unemployed for at least a year before you are eligible for the scheme.

Get Yourself a Personal IT Tutor with Superprof.

An alternative to all of these options above is Superprof, an online platform that connects students to private tutors across the world - over six million of them, in fact.

So, if you want to learn the humanities, accountancy, or anthropology - or any of the variations on computing and IT - you'll be able to find, through Superprof, a tutor to help you face-to-face or one that can talk you through your courses online.

Our tutors are often engaged in undergraduate or postgraduate courses, or are undergoing doctoral training, and will be able to help you with everything from your GCSE in Functional Skills or your ITIL Foundation to your computing coursework or anything else you are studying at university. They are reliable, qualified, and experienced - and the beauty of a private tutor is that your lessons and timetables will be self-paced.

And once you have cracked your IT skills, move onto learn something else. There are over a thousand subjects to choose from!

For those living in London, check out the best IT courses in the capital.

Elearning, Training Solutions, And Finding Work

Aside from face to face computer courses in the region, you may be interested in exploring other IT training courses, such as free online training, part-time courses, summer courses or self study e learning/ online courses for your further education needs.

Learning from home gives you the flexibility you need as a busy professional or parent.
There are many benefits to e learning - including choosing when, where and how you study! Photo on Visual hunt

By enrolling to online study, you could benefit from a wide range of opportunities, like gaining globally recognised practical skills through specialised or tailored online training courses.

While most IT training solutions have the flexibility to help you in finding work in the UK and abroad, you may find a training program that offers you the chance to get qualified and work in a particular profession on the other side of the globe. So, if you want to study in Australia after your time in Leeds, then you might like to research what accreditation you'd need if you were continuing to study and then work out there.

Saying that, we aren't sure that many of the countries around the world can beat the advantages of working in Leeds, are you?

If you agree, then take a look at the great resource below for those seeking jobs in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds!

Leeds Tech

Above is a very useful platform relating to the tech sector in Leeds which could help you with networking and finding work.

Leeds Tech, a dedicated, open platform for the tech and digital community in the Leeds City Region, is a great place to find vacancies, read about the technology sector and to talk to like-minded professionals like yourself. One of the featured articles on their homepage explores the reasons why Leeds is the best digital city in the UK - would you like to know why? If so, go and visit their trusted website!

Other Things to Know for Job Prospects...

Honestly, though, we know it isn't always immediately easy to find work in the field that you want or in which your expertise lies. Consequently, we'd be advising you wrongly if we said that you should be doing anything other than gaining as much training experience and qualifications as possible. As ever in the world of work, you have to make yourself more employable than the rest - whether that's through graduate study, teaching qualifications, or management training. This is particularly true in a field in which solid know-how and hard skills are key.

But what else can you do to ensure that you are as employable as you can be?

  • Make sure your soft skills are up to scratch. Not to be cheeky, but not all computer scientists have all the people skills in the world. What should be obvious, though, is that, regardless of how good you might be with computers, you still need to interact with people. This could be in your job interview, or this could be when you are actually on the job. Employers look for skills that aren't just about the tech.
  • Show that you are an enthusiastic learner. Even if you are a computer whiz, employers want to see that you have the ability to learn over and over again: learning is not just something that you do before work. And in an industry like tech, where there are new developments all the time, you need to show that you can keep up. Consequently, you'll need hard evidence to show that this is the case.
  • Teach others your skills. There is nothing like teaching another to expand and consolidate your own knowledge - and there is nothing like teaching to show employers that you are passionate about your subject. So, whoever it is - your elderly relatives, or a student you found through Superprof - put your skills into practice by teaching.
  • Focus your ambition. Computing is a broad field - and just because you are good at social media analytics, doesn't mean you're any good at programming. So think about where your expertise lies and streamline your job search into that specific niche.


But, meanwhile, that's all from us. We wish you all the best in your course search, whether for post graduate university courses, home training, blended learning, or business school. Whatever it is you decide to do, we hope it will get you thinking digitally, improve your employability, and provide real satisfaction, fulfillment, and pleasure.

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