So, you’re looking for IT courses in Edinburgh? You’ve come exactly to the right place.

Here, we’re going to take a brief look through the best options for anyone interested in learning computing, coding, web development or software development, network administration or Java programming.

From short courses to private tutors, undergraduate and postgraduate courses to IT training courses for professional development, no matter which one floats your boat, you’ll find information on it here.

Because in the world of information technology, there’s an awful lot to know – and an awful lot of different ways to know it. Luckily enough, Edinburgh offers them all, pretty much, so – again – be assured to know that you are slap bang in precisely the right spot.

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Why Choose Edinburgh for an IT Course?

Edinburgh is one of those cities that is just a dream for people committed to learning. We say this because no matter where you look, you’ll find a service offering education courses in any subject you might be interested to learn.

Sure, Edinburgh has been voted the best place for students in the UK. But learning isn’t only for those people just fresh out of school. Rather, the city offers something for literally everyone – from adult learning to professional training for those who want a career in IT, from digital literacy classes for older people and, of course, those university courses.

That’s what makes the capital of Scotland such a wonderful place to be – a caring place as well as a vibrant one. So, if you are here already or are coming into town to learn, you needn’t worry about being anywhere else.

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Learn everything about your computer!

And Why Study IT At All?

So, we know by now that you are staying in Edinburgh (it’s not only a great place for students). But why would you want to learn IT – out of all things? It’s an important question, and the answer needs to stress the importance of IT skills for our particular day and age. But we’ll come to that.

There are, primarily, two main reasons why people seek to learn these technical skills for the computer. They are either seeking an IT career, or some other work in the IT industry, or they are hoping to use some computer skills in general life.

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Careers in IT.

The first reason is an obvious one. Those seeking to work with IT systems, systems analysis and design, or with some sort of technology management need to be able to show some sort of IT certification. Whether these are from the CompTIA network around the world or a Cisco CCNA, employers are going to want to see your IT certifications before you take on any job.

Digital Skills.

The second reason is not necessarily so clear. The fact is that certain generations of us take our skills in computers – software applications, the Microsoft Office suite, or the world of online video, for example – completely for granted. We might have a solid foundation in computing, but only because we have had this for life.

However, there are plenty of people of whom this can’t be said. People to whom computer systems and online learning does not come so naturally. If this is you, we’re very pleased that you have started to consider information technology courses.

Because these days, so much happens online – a lot of political discourse, so much learning, and a lot of the official stuff that you’ll have to administrate in life – that it is really important that you have some familiarity with it all.

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Find a tutor to help you with your IT

The Top Places to Learn IT in Edinburgh.

But let’s get down to it shall we? We said that there are plenty of IT courses offered in Edinburgh – and we weren’t joking. Here are some of the best.

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Learn IT for Work with IT Professional Training.

Based down in West Granton, IT Professional Training, or ITPT, are one of the slickest and most reliable providers of IT learning courses in Edinburgh. 

Offering training in everything from CompTIA’s CCNA and CCNP through to Cisco certified training courses, their range of knowledge and services is really impressive. Take courses in web design and development, try Adobe and Microsoft training, or take programming courses in Oracle.

The really good thing about ITPT is that they run a whole load of free training events too – so check them out.

Enrol on a Course in IT with the University of Edinburgh.

One of the most prestigious universities in the world – and the heart of Edinburgh’s educational scene – the University of Edinburgh provides some of the best computing courses in the city for people of all ages and abilities.

So, whether it is undergraduate courses or a graduate certificate that you are looking for, or part time courses in IT, there’ll be something available here that will give you what you need.

Take a Free IT Course with FutureLearn and EdinburghX.

The University of Edinburgh offers free online courses in a whole load of subjects – and, handily enough, they are often pretty good.

Between FutureLearn, the UK-wide provider of online classes, and the University of Edinburgh’s own EdinburghX, you’ll find plenty of content to keep you going. Learn about supercomputers, data management, business analysis and web analytics, applications and modelling.

The beauty of online study is that you can do it from your own home. However, ironically, the trouble with online education is that you need to know how to get online first!

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There are lots of different ways to learn IT in Edinburgh (image source: pixabay)

Do a Degree in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh.

If an online course is not really your sort of thing and you’re looking for something a bit more substantial, an IT degree might be the thing you are after.

Learning about computer information systems, database design, and IT service management skills – with a whole load of other course materials besides – the degree level study that Edinburgh Uni offers are world-class.

Here, you’ll learn the full range of information communication technology skills, and you’ll come away with a Bachelor of Engineering for your troubles.

Join a Coding Class in Edinburgh with CodeClan.

Based between Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness, CodeClan offer varieties of short course and full-time courses for everyone from the total novice to the online wiz already – the Microsoft Office specialist, say, or whoever.

They’ve won awards for the quality of their services – and their UX web design course, their programming, and their data analysis courses are in high demand.

Receive Professional Computer Training with ITrainEdinburgh.

All courses at iTrain are available either in their own computer labs or in your office. Like the majority of IT training organisations, they offer courses in the Microsoft SQL server, Prince2, cyber security, and much more.

Designed for professionals hoping to upskill or improve their employability, or else for employers hoping to develop their team’s range of business skills, iTrain Edinburgh are industry-standard experts in information technology management training.

Hire a Private IT Tutor with Superprof.

At Superprof, we connect students from around the world to the tutor that best suits them. Running courses online as much as face-to-face, our tutors can often be available anywhere at any time.

In Edinburgh, we have three tutors of IT and computing, charging an average rate of £21 an hour. Bachelors of Engineering, or post graduate students who are really subject matter experts, these guys take students through everything from GCSE or National 5 certificate courses to recreational learning.

The beauty of private tutoring is that you can do it from anywhere and at any time. So get in touch with your private tutor today.

Join an Open Learning Course in IT at Edinburgh College.

Whilst these courses probably won’t help you to start a new career, as they do not come with any certification exams, the classes offered at Edinburgh College take specific softwares, programmes, and computer problems and show you how to get your head around them.

So, if you want to get the most out of your programmes and your computer network, this may well be the place to come.

Learn the Basics of Computers with Edinburgh Libraries’ Sessions.

If you are not completely comfortable with using a laptop or tablet just yet, the Edinburgh Council Library service offers digital drop-in sessions for those who want to start from the very beginning.

For those looking for much more rigorous learning, this is not the place to come. Rather, it is a springboard with no prerequisites for people with no prior learning at all.

So, bring your own device, sit down with a trainer and get to know all the things that it can do. Go into the central library on George IV Bridge to find out about timetables. Just ask for the computing course!

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