So, you’re looking for computing classes in Cardiff? You’re definitely in the right place.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the best IT courses in town – no matter what you want to get out of your learning.

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Why Cardiff?

Since 2014, Cardiff – believe it or not – has seen an increase in jobs in the digital technology sector of thirty-one percent. For anyone who is interested in working in getting a tech job, the capital of Wales really is the place where you should be heading.

These days there are so many opportunities in the tech sector that wages are flying through the roof – particularly in a place like Cardiff (or any other city that isn’t London) that has to compete with the UK’s capital. And, these days, Cardiff’s twinning with Atlanta in the US and India’s Pune has led to the recognition of Wales’s biggest city as one of the most important tech hubs in the UK.

When you ask, why learn IT in Cardiff?, then, the answer now seems a little obvious. And alongside the massive talent in industry, the educational opportunities that the city offers are pretty impressive too.

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The Benefits of Learning IT.

So, there’s Cardiff and then there’s IT – and whilst the benefits of Cardiff have been covered, we should spend a moment considering the importance of learning IT too.

Why should we do it? For two reasons, one of which we’ve already alluded to, really.

Firstly, you don’t learn IT just to go into the tech industry. Computers take up so much of our lives these days, and they offer so much information and so many possibilities that having a grasp of computers really is to maintain a grasp on the modern world.

However, secondly, if you are looking for a field into which to move your work, computing is certainly the best place to go. Well-paid, cutting-edge, and massively interesting, what else could you possibly want?

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IT tutor in Cardiff
Find a tutor to help you with your IT

Cardiff’s Best Places for IT Courses.

Like all cities in the UK these, Cardiff is positively brimming with opportunities for learning all things computers. And the beauty of it is that there are just so many different ways to do it, different course structures and focuses, different locations, qualifications, and emphases.

The thing is that you have to find the way that suits you. Because one qualification or course – particularly in IT – might suit one where it doesn’t suit another. And whilst we can show you the best courses around, we can’t, ultimately, pick the one for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s check them out. From degrees to diplomas, from casual workshops to dedicated private tutors, here are the top IT lessons in Cardiff.

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Take IT and Computing Courses at Cardiff and Vale College.

One of the great further education institutions in Cardiff is the Cardiff and Vale College, which prides itself – and rightly so – on the breadth of its training and on the quality of its teaching.

These two badges of honour obviously extend to courses in IT and computing too. So, if you fancy taking a diploma in IT or cyber security or an HND in computing – part-time or full-time – you should really consider Cardiff and Vale College.

Receive Computer Training at CCW Training Academy.

For those of you looking for a new career, or some extra skills and qualifications to add to your no doubt already well-strung bow, Career Change Wales (or CCW) might be the place for you.

These guys have a formidable array of computing courses, from the technical and professional level to the basic, introductory.

From Ethical Hacker V10 to CompTIA network security, you’ll find everything you might want to learn about your computer here. There’s loads more besides – as well as courses that aren’t even in computing at all.

Check them out.

Choose from Specific IT Courses at Computer Aid Wales.

Computer Aid Wales are an organisation that, quite predictably, offer aid for those in search of computer training in Wales.

They have all sorts of computing courses and qualifications on offer – from those focusing on Excel and Word to those centred around bookkeeping technologies.

Whilst they are focused in South Wales, they have major training centres in Bristol too – as well as in Swansea and Cardiff. But, besides that, they can provide on-site training for your company wherever it is based in the UK.

Find a Private IT Tutor at Superprof.

Whether you are already an IT professional or you are just starting out in an online course, whether you are looking to grasp something specific like Prince2, the Microsoft SQL server, or Dreamweaver or you are looking for a general overview of computer information, a private tutor might come in handy.

At Superprof, we host millions of tutors across the world available to teach students in their chosen subject. Whether you want online classes or teaching face-to-face, we have the right person for you.

There are plenty of subject matter experts available in the Cardiff area ready to help you build towards a new career or to an upcoming exam. Just get in touch!

learn IT in cardiff
Make sense of IT with Cardiff's computing classes

Do a Computer Science Degree – or a Master’s in Computing – at the University of Cardiff.

The real big dogs of the IT industry are those degree level IT certifications – and the graduate certificate in IT. Luckily enough, the University of Cardiff offers them both and to a really high standard too.

In the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, you’ll learn the Java programming language (object oriented), web development and software development, the use and management of information systems and database design, and network administration. Pretty much everything you’d expect from an IT course.

The postgraduate course obviously takes this further, with extended opportunities to follow the path that suits you specifically.

Study Online for an IT Degree at the Open University.

The Open University is a great institution offering online learning for anyone who needs greater flexibility and freedom in their higher and further education. Their online courses include online degrees and advanced diploma course, all with the infrastructure for effective online study.

For those looking specifically for part time courses, all courses have that option too.

As part of their huge range of different certification exams, you’ll study Cisco networking (Cisco CCNA) so that, in the future, you can become a fully-fledged Cisco certified network associate.

You’ll also cover the principles of administering a computer network – among many other things.

Try an IT Class with Adult Learning Cardiff.

One of the many benefits of living in Wales is that you have access to the Welsh Government’s Adult Community Learning Service, which provides training courses in everything from gardening to business skills to IT.

These guys offer two course categories, one called ‘Learning for Life’ and the other ‘Learning for Work’, and both include IT training. Obviously, the emphasis is a little different – with each of the IT training courses answering different sorts of questions.

Whilst in Learning for Life you’ll be learning how to use the internet and manage the basics of cybersecurity, in Learning for Work you’ll focus on things like web design, the range of the Microsoft Office suite – including Microsoft Access – and different creative media.

The classes take place all across Cardiff, so check out their website for more.

it courses in cardiff
The best places for IT courses in Cardiff

Join a Course in IT – among Many Other Subjects – at React2Training.

React2Training are a professional training organisation that provide education courses in management skills, business processes, and the basics of business computing.

Whilst these won’t provide you with all the knowledge you’ll need to pursue an IT career, they will give you the prerequisites of the technical skills for you to use the computer systems at work or to make the most out of your online business.

They’re actually based in Bridgend, but they work with a whole load of public and private institutions across Wales. The courses offered are run by a Microsoft Office specialist – and they’ll give you an excellent online education if not an IT certification.

Drop into Cardiff Libraries’ Computer Skills Workshops.

Like many library services across the country, Cardiff’s council libraries offer a number of classes in IT skills. Again, whilst these won’t set you up for a career in IT, they will provide a useful springboard for your first steps into the world of information technology.

In these classes – offered in a wide range of libraries across the city – you’ll learn how to use your laptop or tablet device, be shown how to use the internet and many of the major applications and social media, and you’ll improve your digital literacy in general.

These are a great option for those of you in Cardiff who don’t have much prior learning with a computer.

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