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From Imogen, published on 28/06/2017 Blog > Academia > Maths > Learning Maths Online

Maths. Probability, square roots, exponential functions, logarithms, the list goes on.

Maybe the very mention of these mathematical concepts makes you tremble with fear, but with the right support and some motivation, you too can become a true mathematician!

All you need is a good teacher who knows how to adapt their methods according to your learning strategies and some good quality resources.

The world wide web is full of ways to get maths help and get your maths mojo back, including free online maths courses and one to one maths lessons with a private online tutor.

Whether you’re preparing for an important maths exam or looking to brush up on your math skills, there’s a website for you.

To lend you a hand, we’ve listed the top maths websites offering the best online tutoring.

Find an Online Maths Tutor with Superprof

Maybe we’re biased, but Superprof is a go-to if you’re looking for someone to help you understand trigonometry, algebra, or differential equations.

With Superprof, you can find an online maths tutors and resources for all levels of study. And rest assured that all our tutors’ qualifications are verified and approved before they begin teaching with us, so you’re in safe, qualified and competent hands!

There are over 4,200 online maths tutors on Superprof, so you’re sure to find someone to teach you primary, GCSE, A Level or even university level maths.

Maths (both online and face to face) is the most widely available subject on Superprof, with over 300 face to face tutors in the London area alone.

The average hourly rate for online math tutoring is just £18.

It’s also worth noting that many Superprof tutors offer their tutoring services in person as well as via webcam. This means that if you find a maths tutor you like in your area, you can meet them for a face-to-face lesson. Equally, if you usually have math lessons at home and either you or your tutor is away, you can still have your usual lesson via webcam.

Superprof is Europe’s largest tutoring network and has over 1 million tutors world wide. This means you can choose from tutors all over the world to help you.

Having a private tutor can be just what you need to complement your studies or further your knowledge of maths Find a tutor to suit your needs on Superprof, the global tutoring network ¦ source: Superprof

So let’s have a look at one of our tutors.

Marius is an engineering student who provides tutoring services in maths and sciences up to undergraduate level. He has a 5-star rating from his students, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, firm proof of his teaching talents.

His profile has all you need to know about his background and teaching style:

Subjects taught: Mathematics, Physics: Mechanics, Electricity, Thermodynamics, Computer science (Certificate assistant programmer), English (Certificate of Advanced English Cambridge, EU equivalent level C1-C2) History and Geography (Participation in many national contests).

After the first 2 months of tutoring I intend to raise the average of the subject taught by at least 2 points and make the student relatively autonomous and able to efficiently operate with the newly acquired knowledge

Marius delivers his maths revision lessons in person and via Skype and offers the first session free as a diagnostic assessment.

Adverts for Online Maths Tuition

As technology evolves, it is becoming easier to fulfil our educational needs.

There are plenty of advertising websites including craigslist and Gumtree where tutors choose to advertise their services; even Facebook is becoming popular among advertisers who use it to reach out to their local communities.

Whether you’re looking for a refresher course or intensive sessions for maths revision GCSE or A Level maths, the internet is a fantastic place to find the ideal, and often best value tutor for you. However, don’t forget to consider both sides of the coin.

  • What qualifications does the tutor hold?
  • Do they have a degree?
  • How much tutoring experience do they have?
  • Do they offer online lessons?

Another important factor is how you organise your tuition. When you find a tutor through an advert (without help from an agency or similar organisation) it’s up to you to arrange how and when you will meet or Skype with them, and discuss swapping phone numbers to talk and share files on WhatsApp, for example.

Some popular advertising websites where you may find tutors include Freeads, Gumtree, Facebook, and craigslist UK.

The advantage to this is that you won’t be paying an intermediary organisation to put you in touch with a tutor since you are contacting them directly.

Save money on any additional fees by doing your own research to find the best tutor for you Miss out the middle man and contact your educator directly ¦ source: Visualhunt – uncoolbob

On the other hand, going it alone can make it more difficult to find an appropriately qualified tutor to meet your needs as information about their educational background and experience is not always available.

If you choose to find a tutor through websites such as Superprof, you can rest assured that all tutors have had their qualifications checked and see how their previous students rate them.

Educational Support from Maths Websites

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize Maths is an ideal website for those who want to supplement their formal education as well as GCSE maths students looking for free math revision material in the run up to their exams.

The website includes resources sorted by school year and topic, so learners can access step-by-step guides as well as video tutorials for their specific maths curriculum.

BBC Skillswise

BBC maths resources are not only available for school pupils, but for adults too.

BBC Skillswise is a website to provide those who are no longer in education with maths help in areas such as number sense, fractions, decimals, percentages, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, measuring, geometry and graphing.

Skills are taught through video demonstrations and learners can choose their start level. The aim of Skillswise is to explain basic math concepts clearly, making sure the learner is familiar with the relevant mathematical vocabulary to provide a firm base for further learning.


At £7.99 per month, IXL Maths is an affordable tool for pupils from reception to year 13 to practice their maths. Students can work through national curriculum topics alongside their school math studies to ensure a good level of comprehension and future academic success.

Support your studies with maths websites by playing games and doing exercises Study the topics that appear on the national curriculum outside of school ¦ source: IXL

Resources are delivered in an interactive maths quiz format, encouraging students to visualise functions as they are scored for exercises, meaning that progress can be tracked over time.

The interactive approach and achievement certificates keep students engaged with their learning, giving them the motivation to do well both inside and outside of school.

Primary Games Arena

The key to maths mastery is getting children to approach topics with a positive frame of mind. Mathematics is often regarded as ‘boring’ as many children suffer mental blocks which put them off the subject.

Primary Games Arena is a maths website aimed at children at primary school in the UK. It has games for learners categorised by school year from nursery to year 6, so primary children can take their mind off the academic nature of maths and learn key concepts through play.

Interactive math games and puzzles are based on areas of maths including times tables, sums, place value, multiplying, telling time, logic games and practicing rounding.

Playing online maths games can help learners visualise the concepts the teacher has spoken about in the classroom and relieve the pressure of doing well on the first try, as putting maths problems into a game format moves away from the stress of a maths test.

Online Maths Courses for Adults

Citizen Maths

Citizen Maths is all about giving adults the confidence they need to help their children with their maths homework, supplement their studies, further their careers, or simply brush up on their maths know-how. And these courses are not timed, so learners are free to complete them all at their own pace!

The Citizen Maths course is 100% free!

Learning math with Citizen maths is based on 5 main ‘powerful ideas’:

  • Proportion: How to apply proportional thinking to everyday math problems, with a focus on mixing, comparing, scaling, sharing and trading off.
  • Uncertainty: Looking at playing, simulating and making decisions to make sense of judging situations.
  • Representation: Focussing on data management and graphing.
  • Pattern: Appreciating the presence and importance of patterns in day-to-day life.
  • Measurement: Using scales to estimate, quantify, convert and read measurements.

Topics are introduced and explained through video tutorials, which you then put to the test in online exercises. Math videos and exercises can be repeated as many times as you like, at any time, putting you in the driving seat of your education.

Citizen Maths is a brilliant website for helping people get over their fear of maths and become confident in their ability to apply it to everyday problem-solving.


Alison courses focus on specific areas of maths such as fractions and probability. Each of the available free courses comes with an estimated completion time as well as a star rating from other people who have followed the course.

Free online maths courses for adults can be refresher courses, or teach you valuable new skills The World Wide Web is full of free resources for adult learners ¦ source: Alison

Learning levels vary greatly, so you can either look courses in the math fundamentals such as dividing, finding the perimeter of a quadrilateral, long division, equivalent fractions and symmetry, or delve deeper into algebraic problems, vectors, linear equations, precalculus, polynomial equations and quadratic expressions.

Alison also has compilations of these smaller courses which form ‘learning paths’, so if you’re interested in Web Programming or Higher Level Project Maths, you can follow one of these longer courses.

The goal behind this free learning tool is to empower the learner to change their lives for the better with a high-quality education in the relevant subjects.


OpenLearn is a free learning website from the Open University which offers a wide range of online courses from Psychology to Languages to Biology!

For those looking to study maths, courses tend to be more specific than other learning websites. You’ll find courses on differential equations, math for science, and number systems and arithmetic.

Each course comes with a time estimation and is ranked as introductory, intermediate or advanced level, so you can choose how you want to learn maths depending on your current level of knowledge in the area.


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