"Boxing has always been the poor's opera."

- Jordi Bonells, Majorana's Second Disappearance.

It is a sport practiced very little in the UK (mostly by males, too), but boxing, along with kickboxing and Muay Thai are some of the most popular and well-known sports on the planet, across all political and cultural boundaries.

The principle is easy: two opponents are surrounded by ropes in the ring. They wear gloves and even a helmet for amateurs, the objective being to knock out one's opponent.

Boxing is good for letting off steam - but some may aim higher and want to do it in order to one day become a champion, earn some money!

We hope that nothing will stop you in the fulfilment of your passion. Traditionally practiced in the gym or a boxing club, today we're going to explore how you could learn how to box from home. It's actually a lot easier than it sounds.

Is it Possible to Start Boxing At Home?

You don't need to train exclusively in the boxing ring to become a great fighter and athlete!

Some will tell you it's not and that you need to learn boxing the traditional way...but this is simply not true! It's surprisingly easy to work on your footwork and throw some punches at home. with shadow boxing or you can do a full body workout to improve your cardiovascular conditioning.

A boxing club may be more common when learning how to box but there are many ways to learn how to box in the comfort of your own home.

With Western boxing, you have to imagine you have an opponent.

Of course, you may have trouble bringing two boxers together at home.

On the other hand, there are several ways to train, from beginner modules to the more advanced, which include shadowboxing, sparring, bodybuilding, cardio and the punching bag. These sessions can happen anywhere and don't necessarily require a partner.

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Learn Boxing Online

As an amateur, the internet has allowed many people to discover and deepen their passions.

This can range from sewing and embroidery to boxing--something for everyone!

Do not forget to consult encyclopedia sites with their sometimes surprising contents, as is the case of the Wikipedia article devoted to boxing: you will find really helpful sketches of different techniques.

Uppercut, cross-counter, overhand, bolo-punch: these are all gestures you will see sketched out. Save the images onto your computer for a good start!

This is a great way to diversify your boxing skills.

You can find more information on boxing-specific sites with their targeted advice. This is the case of ExpertBoxing, which explains how to warm the jaw or loosen the hips.

These are small details that would be difficult to know otherwise.

Take online boxing classes to upgrade your skills.

Do Your Boxing Workouts at Home With an In-Home Boxing Tutor

If you are very busy or perhaps you don't have a boxing gym close by, it is undoubtedly the best solution to learn boxing from your house: find a good boxing tutor and have them come to your home. Once you get into a good training routine you won't regret it!

The only requirement is to have enough space and equipment to learn boxing at home which, to be effective must be well organized.

Without this, you will either have to go to the tutor's home or a gym properly equipped for boxing.

Learn boxing at home by watching the champions.
Train in order to progress | You may just be a beginner now, but you could be tomorrow's big champion! | source: i.vimeocdn.com

Remember that the first lesson is free on most occasions. Do not hesitate to ask information about your coach before trying him out. You can also check his references and the comments from former students on the internet.

Your private coach does not have to be a pro, he needs to be an excellent pedagogue, who knows how to explain things and make difficult details understood.

His sense of observation should allow him to spot the slightest mistake and correct it as soon as possible; he should also motivate you and give you self-confidence so that you always get back up on your feet.

A tailor-made approach of this kind will mean rapid progress. You will enjoy hearing about his own experience, and he will share many tips with you in order to help you succeed.

This is the most obvious solution to learning boxing at home. It is also the most effective. It will however be more expensive than a group class. That is a choice and decision you have to make as a novice boxer.

What Will Private Training Bring to Your Practice?

Obviously there is the real added bonus of learning with someone who has a lot of experience. At first the two of you should discuss things and get to know each other. He will get to know your physical and mental abilities.

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Talk about how your lesson went with your personal trainer.
Even if he is not physically present, your coach must always direct you and debrief you at the end of your lesson.

After a first meeting, your coach will prepare a personalised program for you - one perfectly adapted to you and your characteristics. This will take into account your fitness levels, your endurance and goals to get in shape. During sessions, he will motivate you and push you to the maximum of your abilities.

With personal training, you get the kind of attention you cannot get in a group lesson.

How to Get the Best out of Private Boxing Lessons

Think of how many lessons you would like to take per month. Boxing classes are challenging. and recovery time is important. To begin, 2 sessions per week should be sufficient.

Then, when the first sessions are over and you feel like you are stronger, you can add one or two boxing sessions to your schedule. Keep in mind that all of this must be profitable, considering your investment. And that's what we're going to talk about now.

How Much Do Sessions Cost?

On average, the prices of a boxing class at home are almost twice as much as a group session. This is normal for private tutoring of any kind. You pay for the trip, the equipment, and the course itself.

It is a real investment to take in-home boxing classes. You will have to buy all the equipment necessary for boxing practice (gloves, shoes, shorts, t-shirt, mouth guard, training weights, etc ...). Know that the average price for one session is just over 100 pounds.

Choosing A Private Tutor to Teach You Boxing Exercises at Home

In 2018, everything is possible technologically speaking. You can access learning in a multitude of ways. New means of communication make it easy for you to save time and be organized. And contrary to what one might think, it is the same for sports. Here are some concrete examples.

Finding a Coach Online and Having Webcam Boxing Lessons

It's possible to learn boxing with a coach online. Before that you will have to know which coach you can use. Inquire on the internet, compare prices. You will be paying less than if the coach were coming to your home.

On average, you will be entitled to a discount of thirty to forty pounds, in comparison to conventional courses. And whether it's via FaceTime or Skype, you will set up meetings and draw out a schedule. It doesn't change much from if your coach were coming to you.

Learning to Be Independent and Study the Material Given to You By Your Personal Trainer

If you or your coach are not able to meet online, there's another solution which involves trust and autonomy. It will cost you even less than virtual classes. But the counterpart is having to manage for a difficult and high intensity practice. The preparation work will be intense.

When it comes to boxing, you can work alone or with a partner.
When the coach is not there, you will have to be organized and do some work on your own!

In order to stay safe and avoid injuries be careful and do only what your coach tells you to. Establish trust with your coach so that you can reach him after each personal session for a precise debriefing. The goal is to not hurt yourself. Because an injury can be fatal for any sportsman.

Webcam Boxing Classes to Learn Boxing Techniques

This is the best technique for those who want to learn from home.

Indeed, watching videos on YouTube is fun and totally free (except for some paid sites).

The majority of online video databases often have very telling names such as: Boxing Academy England, BoxingMag, Boxing Stars, Boxing Legends, Premier Boxing Champions...There is also GREGGOT TV, Body in Shape etc.

In parallel, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few) are an ideal place to exchange links about boxing.

Otherwise, Google Videos can help!

You have to watch the video then mimic what they are doing in it and make sure you are doing it right. With the appropriate equipment of course: jumprope, gloves, a punching bag...

Shadowboxing is within reach to everyone, everywhere of course! Here you will have to box a ghost...perhaps even in front of a mirror. But still, you should have enough knowledge to know how to correct yourself.

Boxing Forums

If you are new to boxing, why not become a part of a boxing forum to follow people who know a lot more than you about boxing and ask them questions.

Progressing means not feeling alone! This is where the virtual world can be of help.

Make sure you are feeling good on the day of the fight.
From the house to the ring | A long journey awaits you before you enter the competition | source: visualhunt.com

Many sports forums have boxing sections, which evoke both the sport's news and the problems of young boxers. It may be helpful to learn about how to prepare before a boxing match from other forum members.

Also take into account the Muay thai forum (for Thai boxing) and NetBox.

In addition here are two books that can help you develop as a budding boxer:

  • French boxing Savate
    French boxing savate and its eventful history, its prestigious champions, its techniques, learning how to fight in order to win. The ultimate guide if you want to know more about French boxing.
  • The Essential Guide To a Boxer's Nutrition This book will teach you how to increase your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) to speed up your metabolism and help you change your body RADICALLY. Learn how to be in great shape and reach your ideal weight through intelligent nutrition so that you can be the best of the best. Consuming complex carbohydrates, proteins, and natural fats in the right amount and percentage will increase your RMR and make you faster, more agile, and more resilient. All the nutritional information you ever wanted to know when it comes to boxing!

Boxing at Home With Books

In academic disciplines, the book is a great place to learn.

It is an old method that has allowed generations to learn a foreign language, the art of the garden or literature...

It is clear however that we are witnessing the disappearance of this medium in the face of new technologies.

If you are a boxer, you should prepare for an injury. It may not happen, but it is better to be well prepared.
From virtual to real | The risks of being a boxer are very real!

Anyway, if you want to become familiar with boxing, here are some great boxing books for you:

  • Educational Boxing. 200 games and teaching scenarios, Amphora, 2003;
  • Boxing for All, by Salmson-Creak, 2016 (available as an ebook);
  • Savate. French boxing. Training a New Generation, Jerome Huon, 2016;
  • Street boxing. Techniques and Behavioral Study, by Robert Paturel, ADAC, 2012;
  • French and English Boxing Theory in 25 lessons, by Professor Leboucher, 1853 (4th ed.), You can find the ebook version online.

You can buy them online with just a few clicks and read them as you are going to sleep.

Time to get going - right after you close this tab!

See here some additional boxing tips to get you ready for the ring.

Find out about the power of the punching bag here!

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