The tiny home movement is sweeping across America!

Fed up with high property taxes and the cost of upkeep on a full-size house, many Americans are downsizing their living space to just a few square metres and giving away most of their possessions.

In the UK, this craze is only just beginning.

The website TinyHouseUK indicates that the movement is gradually catching on here.

One main difference between the US tiny house movement and the one in our country is that, for the English, those accommodations are marketed as temporary only: something you put in your garden for guests to stay in.

Weren’t we supposed to talk about life coaching programs in Manchester? What do tiny homes have to do with life coaching?

Quite a lot, actually.

Superprof now takes you on a transformational adventure in tiny living, which is, in fact, living much larger than you might have ever dared.

Along the way, we’ll find out how to get rid of impedimenta to discover your best self.

What Can Life Coaching Do for You?

Downsize your life to discover the essential you!
Downsizing your life frees up resources to discover the ultimate you! Source: Pixabay Credit: WinnieC

As with someone unburdening themselves of possessions in order to fit their material life into a tiny house, those undergoing coaching sessions learn to rid themselves of emotional baggage and self- sabotaging thoughts.

Unwittingly, we all carry the weight of our experiences with us – just as we pack up and carry our belongings, accumulated over the years when we move house.

At some point, both of those actualities become more burdensome than beneficial, especially if the experiences had a negative impact on our lives and psychology.

A life coach is not a therapist: s/he will not take you down memory lane to reveal and heal past trauma.

However, s/he will look forward, to the obstacles you face in becoming your best you, and help you figure out ways to overcome them.

Such forgiveness of the past permits you to streamline yourself into the person you’ve always known you could be.

A life coach will empower you to forgive yourself for your uncertainties by revealing anxiety as a pointless encumbrance.

Much as tiny home dwellers have realised the pointlessness of excess stuff!

A life coach will motivate you to unclutter your life so that you can become rich in experience and wisdom.

Tiny living has the same effect: without being bound to the status (and stress) a desirable postcode brings, you effectively open the door to living large and growing rich... in part, by realising savings over a traditional living arrangement.

Life coaching focuses on your personal development. How will we correlate tiny houses to that?

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, food, clothing and shelter are fundamental to humans’ existence.

Nobody ever said that that shelter had to cost a bundle or include four bedrooms, a dining area and a garden!

Beyond that come psychological needs: love, friendship, and esteem. The final, and some say greatest portion of this pyramid is self-actualisation: understanding of the self and achieving one’s full potential.

So, if your basic need for shelter can be met in a tiny home which requires fewer resources – time and money to maintain, living in such a dwelling actually gives you more of everything to spend on your being and becoming!

Now we go in search of life coaches that can help bring about this transformation.

Our search for life coaches in Cardiff already yielded amazing results...

You would spend less on life coaching than a holiday to Bora Bora
Unlike an exotic holiday in Bora Bora, life coaching does not have to cost very much Source: Pixabay Credit: Julius Silver

Superprof Life Coaches in Manchester

Mancunians seeking to improve their lives would have no problem finding their life coach through Superprof: you would have a sizable variety to choose from.

  • Becky is a psychology graduate with experience in life coaching

  • Norman has worked with many organisations to help their employees’ personal growth

  • Rachel who, through her years of study and personal experience, has acquired the coaching tools to help you grow!

  • Alex is a media broadcaster who has had to overcome his own challenges; he is now ready to work with you.

Each of these Superprofs offers their first hour of coaching for free – as do Superprofs of other disciplines, from academic support to learning to play the guitar.

That hour would be used to conduct your intake interview: the part of life coaching that involves you targeting your goals more precisely with your coach helping you define them most clearly.

You may even have time to set up an action plan to reach those goals!

Any of them would be willing to meet you in your home or online; an accommodation meant to make you most comfortable and secure as you start to explore the unfamiliar territory of the potential you.

Edinburgh life coaches could work with you online just as well!

Furthermore, should you be open to being coached online, you may choose a coach from anywhere in the country or the world!

That being the case, Superprof Anri would be a great choice. So adept is he at propelling people into the life they’ve always wanted that he has earned a 5-star rating and glowing client testimonials!

You may think that life coaching is an expensive proposition, and perhaps even an unnecessary expenditure.

You can rest assured that turning your life around need not be expensive: the average cost for an hour of life coaching with a Manchester Superprof coach hovers at £20 per hour.

Whether spending on coaching skills to become your ultimate you is unnecessary is a matter of conjecture.

However, we’d like to point out that few have the opportunity, in the course of their daily lives, to experience significant emotional events that usually trigger change and personal growth.

We tend to get comfortable within our boundaries, even though we feel a longing for greater life experiences.

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. – Thomas Edison

When it comes to turning your life around, truer words were never spoken. Isn’t it amazing that that sentiment also pertains to life coaching?

Your genius lies in recognising there should be more to life. The (symbolic) perspiration occurs as you transition through to self-awareness which, in itself, could be a significant emotional experience!

Let us now find out where you might find professional coaching for free or at a substantially reduced cost.

Inexpensive or Free Life Coaching Opportunities

Perhaps the best method of discovering your personal potential is to undergo a life coach training program, whether or not you intend to become a coach yourself.

It just so happens that, in Manchester City Centre, you may partake of a series of free life coaching workshops, to be held on select weekends.

The programme, which normally costs £699, calls for participants to attend intensive seminars for three consecutive weekends.

In light of society's current for-profit mindset, that those instructors are giving away coaching techniques and teaching coaching skills for free is a testament to how successful their methods are!

Undergoing coaching training represents the heal-thyself philosophy in its purest form.

Because most people seek out a life coach in order to transform their lives, it stands to reason that one of the changes they’d like to make involves changing professions.

If that is you, maybe training as a life coach could be just the ticket you need to make a new start for yourself!

Might we make a suggestion?

Should you decide to partake of this seminar, you should take your training further: become accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Such accreditation lends both credibility and gravitas to the training you’ve undergone, all while providing you with outlets for further continuing education.

And once you have your ICF certification?

That is when you get to write your own ticket! You may establish yourself as a life coach, a business coach, an executive coach... the sky’s the limit, really!

With all of that enthusiasm out of the way... you may find other venues in and around Manchester for free life coaching.

With just a bit of a look around, you could discover that your church and/or local community centre regularly hosts empowerment sessions.

Also, ask around at work! These days, many progressive companies offer life coaching as a prerequisite to keep their employees motivated and on task.

If your company doesn’t yet do that, you may suggest it to them!

It is said that one never knows where one’s next great opportunity will come from. In the case of life coaching, the positive changes you will see are a direct result of the work that you do.

That means that you make your own opportunities! How rewarding is that?

Just ask those who have worked with life coaches in Belfast; they will cite excellent results!

Wouldn't you like to create your own opportunities?
Making your own opportunities is empowering and motivating! Source: Pixabay Credit: Qimono

Life Coaching by Any Means

Elsewhere throughout Greater Manchester, you may find life coaches liberally sprinkled in just about every corner you could think of.

A quick glance at the website Life Coach Directory reveals no fewer than 45 such mentors with varying degrees of experience.

Actually, the word mentor is not correct; unlike in sports coaching, mentoring is not a part of a life coach’s repertoire.

Each of those professional coaches has their own profile page, in which they list their education, training, coaching credentials and what particular area of your life they would guide you to improve.

Or you might opt for a coach who has her own web page, such as Sally Heady.

She will work with you in person or online to combat your anxiety and stress, so that you can discover what your peak of performance – at work, at home and in your relationships is.

She would probably even laud your efforts at living in a tiny home, should you choose to downsize your material life!

After all, doing so means embracing larger holistic principles...

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