Life coaching is a relatively new phenomenon, born in the 1970s, in the US. It came about because a tennis coach kept asking his athletes their state of mind after every loss, every win, and every missed shot.

The book, titled The Inner Game of Tennis, turned the tide for coaches and athletes everywhere.

It marked the start of coaching as a true discipline rather than an activity practised solely by those with intuitive coaching skills and knowledge of the game.

However, life coaching’s true origins date back several thousand years, to the Mahayana philosophies of India.

Those Zen philosophies, or Chan philosophies, so named by the Chinese who popularised the discipline, are the foundation of life coaching today.

Who needs a life coach? Where can you find one in our busy, bustling capital city?

Let Superprof be your guide for these first steps on your transformative journey into a better life, for yourself and your loved ones.

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Who Needs a Life Coach?

Don't lag at meetings, reveal the ultimate you found during life coaching!
If you wish to become the ultimate you, it is time for you to find a life coach! Source: Pixabay Credit: Free-Photos

Our BBC recently published an article that described ordinary people undergoing a late change of career:

  • Gail, who passed the US bar exam aged 61 and still practises law, more than 20 years later.

  • Brooke, a gainfully employed actor who gave up thespian aspirations to become a therapist.

  • Steve, who lost his teaching job and joined the Army, being some 20 years older than his peers

And who could forget Usain Bolt’s dramatic career shift from the world's fastest runner to a footballer?

He is our shining example of someone who believes in himself to such a degree that he was able to rise above his humble roots and now starts anew, in a game he knows nothing about.

Still, his confidence isn’t shaken.

We admire people like Mr Bolt because of their sheer determination to succeed against all odds.

That is the reason people work with life coaches: to learn how to overcome the odds that are stacked against them and succeed as they always knew they could.

Discover these success stories of working with a life coach in Cardiff...

Life or Wellness Coaching Sessions?

There is a distinct difference between the two types of coaches.

Whereas a wellness coach may help you manage stress, choose a healthy diet and quit smoking, a life coach works toward improvement of your overall self.

You may have troubles at work – maybe undecided about accepting a promotion; such turmoil would call for a career coach.

You might have constant falling-outs with your family or significant other; there, a relationship coach would be needed.

However, if these instances arise because of your own doubts and insecurities or other forms of self-sabotage, call a life coach!

S/he would help you get to the root of your trouble: what is it about you that makes you defeat yourself before you even start?

And then, together, you would formulate action plans to overcome those self-defeating attitudes; to triumph over these destructive qualities to let the real you shine through.

Bear in mind that a life coach is not a therapist, although s/he may have such credentials.

While a therapist’s function is to look back at what caused your personal obstacles, a life coach will look ahead, at overcoming them.

Still, they work in approximately the same way: nudging you into finding your own answers and solutions, and helping you refine your goals so that they are tangible.

Are you excited about finding a personal London life coach?

This is clearly not the life coach you need!
You can't just wait for your dreams to come true; let a life coach help you! Source: Pixabay Credit: Teri Makasih

Websites to Find Life Coaches

Now that you have made up your mind that you need/want someone to help highlight your strengths, to give you motivation and empowerment, you may conduct a search online for the right coach for you.

You would get so many results!

Such as the Life Coach Directory London, where individuals list their coaching services.

On their profile pages, you will discover what type of coaching they specialise in – personal coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching and other types of help; their fees and where they are based at.

Some coaches will travel to meet you while others would prefer you to come to their location; still, others will conduct online coaching, and you may even have the option of combining those delivery methods.

How much experience your prospective coach has is really down to what you feel comfortable with, but you should look for a certified life coach who holds International Coach Federation accreditation.

By ensuring your life coach is thus accredited, you will know that s/he has the latest in coaching tools and coaching techniques at her disposal.

You might like to work with Maxine Crawley, who has 30 years of experience, both in corporate coaching and personal development.

What we really like about Maxine is that she works with youths, too!

If your GCSE student is having trouble finding his/her life purpose, for example, she would dig through the layers of doubt; offer guidance in selecting exam subjects and possibly even finding a likely field for your troubled scholar to specialize in.

Should you have more than one child in need of such counselling, she would be happy to conduct group coaching!

Maxine is motivational and empowering; a true no-nonsense coach who found her calling early in life.

She is also quite pricey.

That is a fact of life coaching: in today’s economy, some who wish to transform their life simply don’t have sufficient means to engage a coach.

Those who are passionate about helping others, who have undergone coaching training and maybe even have a coaching business recognise that (sad) fact.

Even though they are in the business of earning their living, there is a sizable number of life coaches who provide sessions for free!

Care to know if anyone of Maxine's calibre is working as a life coach in Edinburgh?

Where to Find Free Coaching

Fortunately, you can find coaches who are more interested in helping people reach their full potential than they are in growing their bank account.

To that end, the site Coach Me Free was created!

On that page, you have the option of selecting a free session with a fully accredited life coach, or up to three sessions with a coach-in-training.

If you are not averse to free coaching online, you may request help from a life coach anywhere in the world.

You may also select your language from a drop-down menu on their specifications page – a wonderful feature for speakers of languages other than English who seek to define and achieve their personal goals!

There are plenty of coaches right in London that volunteer their time and effort to helping people transform their lives.

You can find their profiles by listing your location on the site's specification page. 

Carol Ann Rice is one of the world’s most renown life coaches, recognised by such publications as The Telegraph and Grazia.

While she does not offer free coaching, she is currently offering a 30-day challenge for only £29.99

30 days to boost your confidence, with tools and tips to improve your life. She will help you find your direction, provide you with the motivation you need and guide you to where you want to be.

Less than £30 for a whole month of professional coaching: that is less than £1 per day to revolutionise your life!

Heading to Northern Ireland? You can also find a life coach in Belfast!

You too can realise your dreams with the help of a Superprof coach
Realise your dreams of a better life with a Superprof life coach! Source: Pixabay Credit: Rastapopulos

Life Coaching with Superprof

As we are here for your every instructional need, from learning the drums to improved academic achievement, it stands to reason that we would also furnish you with a meaningful training program to transform your life.

Well, not a programme as such; more like people with life coach certification who want to show you how to become your best you.

You may choose to work with Gloria to realise the positive changes you seek. She is a psychology student with a unique approach to helping people find just the right life balance for them.

Or you might engage Laura, a life coach for individuals of all ages who takes a holistic approach to personal growth strategies.

She works hard to rid her clients of their limiting beliefs and helps them achieve their full potential through coaching sessions online, in her home or at yours.

All of the glowing testimonials left on her profile page indicate that she is well worth her rate!

Speaking of rates...

The average price for a Superprof life coach is £42 per hour but, if you spend a bit of time reviewing all of the nearly 30 profiles listed, you will find that some London Superprof coaches charge as little as £18 per session.

Besides that, you will find that the majority of Superprof coaches offer their first hour free!

Can you really put a price on lasting happiness? Does fulfilling your dreams have a cash value? What price would you pay for overcoming any obstacle that stands between you and achieving your goals?

Personally, I feel that discovering your full potential and exploring all of the possibilities that life has to offer is priceless.

And, who knows? After a few workshops with your Superprof coach, you may find that your path is to help others!

What would you think about undergoing coach training yourself?

It;s not just the capital city that offers life coaching opportunities, why not look around at life coaches in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow.

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