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While boxing is a combat sport, it can be adapted to all levels and ages. Unlike what you might think, safety is at the heart of teaching both adults and children how to box.

A lot of kids in school enjoy extracurricular activities and hobbies and they could always join a boxing club and learn how to box. However, joining a boxing club isn’t the only way to learn how to box.

So how can kids learn how to box? What can they learn from it?

Should young children do combat sports? In this article, we’re looking at how to get kids into boxing and where you can find, boxing, Muay Thai, or kickboxing classes.

Finding Boxing Classes for Kids in Boxing Clubs

Boxing clubs are the simplest way for kids to learn about the values of boxing and how to box. Having a qualified and experienced coach, the proper equipment, and children their age in the session are all useful when getting kids started with boxing.

Are there boxing lessons for kids at boxing gyms?
Many boxing clubs and gyms offer kids boxing lessons. (Source: SFReader)

In recent years, the popularity of boxing has increased. As a result, different disciplines of boxing such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, and savate have also become more popular. Similarly, children’s boxing sessions have become more popular.

There are many benefits to doing boxing, too. Even if boxing classes for kids are quite rare, you can find sporting clubs and gyms that offer boxing lessons. You can find boxing clubs all over the UK.

While in some cases they’ll be more costly than other types of lessons, you’ll find some of the best coaches in clubs. Similarly, there’s often a greater choice of lessons available. The coaches will also be qualified and licensed. After all, a child has different needs and requirements to those of adult learners.

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Finding Boxing Classes Online

Do you have a busy schedule? Are you struggling to get your child to boxing lessons? Are there no boxing clubs or associations near you?

Thanks to technology, these shouldn’t pose a problem.

Are there boxing lessons for kids at boxing gyms?
Many boxing clubs and gyms offer kids boxing lessons. (Source: SFReader)

Technology has made several aspects of our lives easier. It’s also made getting healthier easier since you can find sporting activities easily. On Superprof, for example, you can find coaches in a variety of different sports and disciplines so you’ve no reason not to get your kids into boxing. It’s never been easier.

Private boxing tutorials are probably easier to find than boxing gyms or clubs in some parts of the country. You can find almost any type of tutorial online.

It’s not always necessary to invest in material as some private tutors and coaches will have equipment that they can loan to students. Don’t forget that your child will need equipment like a gumshield, which they won’t be able to borrow.

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Finding Boxing Classes for Kids through Word of Mouth

You’d be surprised at how word of mouth can help you find boxing lessons for kids. There are two ways to find boxing courses through word of mouth:

  • Speaking to friends and family
  • Classified ads
How can you find local boxing lessons for kids?
Ask around and you'll find some people teaching boxing to kids. (Source: stevepb)

Some still aren’t sold on the merits of new technology and some are even scared of it. With word of mouth, you’re more likely to find boxing sessions from someone you know or a friend of a friend. Similarly, kids will feel more reassured if they’re being taught by somebody they know. Boxing, like other combat sports, requires trust, especially when it comes to the coach or instructor.

Finding Boxing Lessons for Kids at School

Despite popular belief, boxing was never banned in schools in the UK and some schools are even bringing it back. Let us explain...

Certain schools have seen the benefits that boxing can bring to their students. In these cases, they’ll be taught by their PE teachers. They’ll also get to learn how to box alongside their friends from school. Similarly, working together with their classmates can teach them how to work better as a team. Boxing can teach listening skills and respect for one another.

As you’ll have understood, boxing lessons aren’t in every school, but if they have the option, they should make the most of it. There are physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of doing boxing.

You’d be surprised how much you can get done in a gym with some gloves on.

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Finding Boxing Summer Camps for Kids

During the summer holidays, kids can attend camps. They could put all their free time to getting better at boxing. Similarly, it’s a better use of their time sitting around doing nothing.

Are there boxing summer camps?
During the school holidays, kids can attend summer camps for various sports. (Source: Starkvisuals)

There are youth boxing training camps that take place over the summer which are great ways for kids to get an introduction to boxing. If this isn’t the case, you might want to float the idea to local boxing coaches.

Perhaps by focusing on the benefits of boxing, some parents might be interested in their kids learning how to box. There are several ways for kids to get into boxing and there are plenty of benefits to doing it. It’s a great way for kids to get some exercise and learn about discipline. Whether it’s through a club, association, or online, it’s never been easier to find boxing sessions.

Kids boxing sessions are becoming increasingly popular thanks to all the benefits that come with them. From just a bit of sparring, kids can improve their fitness, learn to safely throw punches, work on their footwork, and get a great workout. From working on a heavy bag or speed bag, they can learn new boxing techniques and also get in shape.

Every boxer, regardless of their age, needs to understand the importance of punching correctly and amateur boxing classes, be them English boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai (Thai boxing), or savate, will teach children the importance of self-control and discipline. Remember that while boxing gyms may equipment like heavy bags, speed bags, and a boxing ring, you may be required to buy boxing gloves, hand wraps, shorts, gumshields, and other equipment. Check with the boxing gym before you sign your child up.

The same is true for personal training or fitness training, always check what you'll need before each class. While boxing fitness mightn't require gloves or any protective gear, you'll still need the same type of suitable clothing that you'd have your child wear for fitness classes or PE.

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If you're not interested in the fighting, you can always get a fitness boxing class or private training from one of the many talented tutors on Superprof. Similarly, you might be interested in a boxing boot camp, MMA training, or particular martial art like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You just need to search what you'd like to learn and where you'd like to learn it on the Superprof website.

While there are hundreds of different skills you can learn, most tutorials fall into one of three categories: face-to-face tutorials, online tutorials, and group tutorials. Each has its pros and cons and certain types of tutorials work better with some skills than others so it's up to you to choose which type and which tutor will be best for you.

Group tutorials are best for those on a budget as several students are attending the tutorial and all footing the bill. While this tends to work out as the cheapest per person per hour, it also means that the tutor's attention will be split amongst all the attendees during the session. However, it also means that there are age-appropriate sparring partners available for kids.

Face-to-face tutorials are usually the most cost-effective tutorials as the tutor can put together a tailored programme for the student and every minute of the said session will be spent focusing on the student. Of course, this also means that the tutor will be spending a lot of time tailoring the course outside of the sessions and this extra work also comes at a cost, which is why face-to-face tutorials tend to have the highest rates.

Finally, if you like the sound of tailored programmes but find the rates of face-to-face tutors a bit too high, you can always opt for online tutorials. Thanks to the internet and video conferencing, you can now learn anything from tutors all over the world. When it comes to kids boxing tutorials, however, you might still want to stay in the room to ensure they don't hurt themselves while training.

A lot of the tutors on Superprof offer the first hour for free so try a few out before making your final decision!

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