GCSE Further Mathematics is a challenging course, but there are plenty of resources online to help you to understand the concepts you come across in class. You will also find lots of practice questions online, which can be particularly useful when you are studying maths. Applying what you have learned to these quizzes and question sets is often the best way of ensuring that you will remember it in the exam.

1. The Further Mathematics Support Program has some useful resources if you want to practice some of your mathematical skills. The site has some question sets and activities that you can use to test your knowledge and there are also some recordings explaining some of the topics that you will come across in your course. You can find videos for the AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC courses.

2. Integral Maths has some free resources that you can access online, including plenty of question sets dealing with the topics that you will need to master for your Further Mathematics exams. You can access more help if you pay for a subscription, but guests can still find some useful resources without having to pay.

3. The Mathcentre website is full of resources that can help you to understand key mathematical ideas or practice the techniques you have covered in class. You can read quick reference leaflets summarising important information, watch video tutorials, or find question sets and online tests to practice your skills. The diagnostic tests can be particularly useful as they will give you some feedback on which areas of a topic you might need to work on, but the different types of learning materials are also a useful feature of the site. It doesn’t matter is you prefer written materials, videos, or learning about practical applications, there is something here that can help you to study.

4. The BBC’s GCSE Bitesize website doesn’t have a section for Further Mathematics, but some of the topics are covered in the section for Scottish Higher Maths revision. If you are looking for explanations of key ideas or some extra problem sets, this can be a good place to find them, particularly if you have enjoyed the Bitesize resources for GCSE Mathematics.

5. Spark Notes has some resources to help with many of the topics covered in the GCSE course, so it can be a useful site if you are looking for an explanation of a particular idea. There are problem sets at the end of each section, which give you a chance to test yourself on what you have learned, but this site is more useful for revising topics or understanding ideas you’ve found difficult than for testing your knowledge.

6. The Mr Barton Maths website has links to past AQA Further Mathematics papers, but there are also some useful resources if you are studying with another exam board. The site has video guides to many of the topics you will have to tackle for any further maths syllabus. The videos are made by Raw Maths and Riley Maths, which you can also access through YouTube.

7. The IXL website is packed with question sets that are designed to help you practice all of the mathematical skills that you need to master for your exams. This is a useful revision tool as you can pick out the topics that you want to practice and then see how quickly and correctly you get through the timed questions.

8. Kangaroo Maths is another useful site if you want to practice the techniques you are studying. You may need to look in the A Level section to find some of the topics covered in your Further Mathematics syllabus, but this site is still a good source of practice questions, and their “five a day” approach is a good strategy for keeping your skills up to scratch.

9. NRICH is an interesting site that has plenty of games and intriguing problems to make you think about maths in a new way, as well as some curriculum based resources that can help you to understand the material on your course. There are some useful study tips that can help you to come up with a good strategy for your maths revision, but as the site isn’t closely linked to the Further Mathematics syllabus, this site is not really intended for revision purposes. It might be more useful if you want to learn more about a topic that you are studying in class, or if you are interested in maths and thinking about studying it after your GCSEs.

10. Plus Magazine is another interesting website if you want to learn more about maths. You can find puzzles and articles here that will help you to think about the concepts that you encounter in class in a new way.




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