The GCSE Statistics syllabus contains plenty of terms and ideas that you need to understand in order to do well in the exams.

If you are studying this subject, you might find it useful to visit some of these online resources to help you to understand and remember all of the statistical information you are learning about in class.

1. The BBC’s Bitesize website has a section on statistics in its maths revision guide. It has some useful notes, activities and tests that you can use to review the ideas you have covered in class and prepare for your exams.

2. The BBC also produces a radio programme, More or Less, about the statistics stories that are in the news. It explores the truth of the figures that we hear on the news, highlighting reasons why some of the numbers might not mean exactly what the newspapers tell us they do. This is an interesting place to find out how the techniques you are learning about in class are applied in the real world, and it will also help you to think numerically. The programme is broadcast on Radio 4, but you can also listen to episodes online or download them to listen to later. The website also has links to articles covering some of the stories and to the presenter’s Twitter account, @TimHarford.

3. Maths Revision has some useful summaries of the main concepts that you need to know for your Statistics course. It has sections covering key topics such as sampling, averages and probability. This site can be a useful starting point for revision, as it will help you to review the key ideas.

4. Revision World also has a section covering the most important statistical ideas. It is another good resource for revision, but it uses videos alongside the written notes, so it can be a good choice if you are a visual learner.

5. Stat Trek is designed to help you to study important statistical methods and ideas. As well as learning about topics such as probability, you can test yourself using the quizzes. The site is designed for advanced high school students in the US, and some of the topics won’t be covered on your syllabus, but the material that is available for GCSE level ideas is very useful.

6. The Statistics Help website is full of great resources, although some of the topics covered go beyond what you need to know at GCSE level. The site provides a free written guide as well as videos explaining many important ideas.

7. Equation Sheet is a useful resource that can help you to remember all of the equations that you need to use for our maths and statistics exams. You can select the equation you need to use from the lists and them post them to your own My Equations list so that you will have a handy reference resource when you want to check one of them.

8. The Khan Academy has some good videos explaining topics like the Normal Distribution that you will encounter during your course. The videos give very clear explanations, so this is a particularly useful resource if you are struggling with an idea that you have covered in class and your teacher is not available to help. You can also use the Khan Academy during revision if you want to review the topics you have studied.

9. Maths is Fun gives some very clear explanations of some key statistical ideas in the Data section of the website. It is a useful resource if you want to focus on a particular topic, but you can also work through the different sections to revise the ideas that you need to know for your course.

10. If you want to try out some of the ideas that you have learned, there are some good statistical games available online that can help you to review ideas like randomness, probability and data representation is a more relaxed way. You can find some interesting examples listed on Online Math Learning. The graphing games are particularly useful as they give you a chance to see what happens when you manipulate data in different ways. The Statistics New Zealand website also has a few games on probability that you might find useful. Level 6-7 in New Zealand is equivalent to GCSE.




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