Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is really useful as it helps students develop their knowledge of current and emerging technologies. It also encourages them to use a range of ICT tools and techniques and examine society’s use of ICT.

What follows are our recommended resources websites for GSCE ICT. 

GCSE Bitesize: ICT: This handy resource summarises all the main points students need to know to obtain top marks in their GCSE Science exam. Topics include ICT systems, Hardware and Software, Networks, Data, and much more. Students are provided with text material, activities and tests, as well as mock exams and their corresponding marking schemes.

GCSE Bitesize: DiDA: This site includes revision material, activities and tests, which are divided into four main categories: Managing projects, Using ICT, Multimedia and Graphics. Find current information on an array of areas including digital photography, audio, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, websites, screen-based publications and more.

Class Clips – ICT and Computing: Stream video content in class or use it at home to hone on specific topics, including computer systems, data communications, legal framework, modelling and simulation and software. Much of the content works on practical tips on skills like using correct font sizes and styles, but some videos relate technology to important social issues like modern cyber crime, illegal file sharing regulations and the legality of the national DNA database. There are also videos of how ICT is used in modern day business and in everyday life (the reports on how cashline machines work, how computers have changed the course of wars and how institutions like the Royal Botanic Gardens rely on IT, are fascinating). The interview with Tim Berners-Lee (who has been credited with inventing the worldwide web) is likewise required viewing for students who may be considering a career in this field following their GCSEs.

School Report – ICT: This important website is a forum in which students aged 11 to 16 can create and broadcast their own news reports, giving them a taste of what it is like to be an actual BBC journalist. Topics covered by the reports are highly eclectic, but students studying for their GCSE ICT exam will be able to find many interesting stories covering this particular subject, including reports on online safety and cyberbullying.

GCSE Edexcel: If you are sitting for the Edexcel exam, make this site one of your first stops. The page tackles GCSE ICT by Unit (there are four units in total), providing revision material, sample assessments, examiner reports, question papers, a student guide and vital support material for teachers. The site is also vital because it lists any amendments and important notices students should stay abreast of.

AQA ICT and Computer Science: Specifically devised for AQA exam study, this excellent site includes information on subject content, updates, teaching and learning resources and past papers and mark schemes.

OCR ICT: This dynamic site contains information for parents, teachers and students. Users can read up on the latest news, log into an online community or discover the latest events in the ICT sector. They can also choose to ‘Do a task’, ‘Find specific information’ or ‘Download past papers’.

WJEC ICT: This site, devised for the WJEC exam, also contains specimen assessment materials, teacher guidance notes, revision materials, past papers and much more.

We hope that you have found these resources useful. If you have any websites that you think ought to also be included in this blog post, please feel free to add them via the comments section below.



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