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With Superprof, it has never been easier to become a tutor. Whether you're looking for local UK tutor jobs, online tutoring jobs, jobs in education, or jobs for ex teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Give home-tuition or find online tutoring jobs with 1000s of potential students across our global network. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a tutor and share your passion!

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With Superprof, it has never been easier to become a tutor. Whether you're looking for local UK tutor jobs, online tutoring jobs, jobs in education, or jobs for ex teachers, Superprof can cater for everyone. Earn a great living and be your own boss. Give home-tuition or find online tutoring jobs with 1000s of potential students across our global network. Everyone has a skill to teach, so join Superprof, become a tutor and share your passion!

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Beatrice English/French tutor, Newcastle
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Andy Italian tutor, London
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James Maths tutor, Bristol

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Hundreds of students each day in Edinburgh !

Our private tutors in Edinburgh receive lots of lesson requests, here are the latest.

Nasser, found their tutor

Hi Kelly, I am pleased to write to you today to express my interest in thesis's writing preparation. I am a PhD student at the University of Glasgow. My project focuses on inflammatory signalling and molecular pharmacology. I would be grateful if you could assist and supervise my progress in writing because I've experienced some difficulties. I would prefer face to face initially either in Edinburgh or in Glasgow then we can move forward with a productive writing's plan towards thesis...

1 hour ago

dissertation and thesis’s writing preparation teacher
(2 reviews)

Applied public health expert providing academic support to students and professionals both within and outside...


Qaiser, found their tutor

My name is Qaiser.i am a doctor. I am looking for online coaching for my 8.5 years old son. He is at beginner level but is taking part in school chess tournament next weekend. Aiming to get as many lessons as possible online before next weekend. Please advice accordingly.

8 hours ago

Alex, found their tutor

I have been learning Italian for a few years. I am potentially going to be spending a period of time in Italy next year and it would be nice to speak better Italian. I had an Italian tutor a year or so ago but she went back to Italy and I haven’t tried to find anyone since. I don’t work a Monday morning or a Friday. Otherwise, I can meet in the early evening after work. I’d only be looking for an hour or so a week. Ideally we would be flexible and you could just confirm your...

11 hours ago


Daisy, found their tutor

Hi Gavin. I'm a history PhD student and work part time as well. I haven't contacted a tutor before and am a bit unsure how this works - I'm not sure if you usually only teach people who are at least a bit knowledgeable in maths/statistics. I'm afraid I'm an absolute novice who is slightly afraid of numbers. I'm going for this rather than a university course because I think I'd benefit more from one-to-one, because what I'm really looking to do is look at specific statistics I'm using in my...

1 week ago

Daniel, found their tutor

Hi, my name is Daniel, I am a mature student currently doing an Applied computing foundation degree, I have a C++ program to do that has to be in on the 12th(this thursday) however programming is not my strongest subject, and because my mind has been consumed with web development work for the last six weeks, I havent practised C++ for a while, also I have been I'll for ten days so have now left this late, I only have a few days to get the work done, the program itself is not that complicated,...

2 weeks ago

Philip, found their tutor

Hi, I need help with my University Courses especially database management and hardware-software interface which used C to program a raspberry-pi. So it will be better if I get a basic knowledge of how to write C and SQL. Thanks, Philip.

2 weeks ago


Federico, found their tutor

Dear Alistair, my name is Federico Ferrarese, and I'm attending a postgraduate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (two years of course and I'm doing the first one) I need to improve my academics English skills because I realised I'm not good enough. I'm looking for a one to one tutor who helps me with: - essay and cases of study (the confidentiality is essential to me because most of my papers are related to real patients); - my English skills in general; - pronunciation; - written; I...

2 weeks ago


Neil, found their tutor

Hi Anna. I've just come back from a 2-month stay in Germany, where I completed the A2 level in a German language school. I'd like to have conversation classes to keep up some of what I learned. I live in Tollcross. Hope you can help. Many thanks, Neil

3 weeks ago

Tohami, found their tutor

Hi I need a tutor who can teach me National 5 level in Computing as I have am having an final exam in under 4 weeks I would appreciate it if you could help me as I urgently need this, my father is willing to pay for the tuition fee.

3 weeks ago


Dariush, found their tutor

Hi Karam, i am currently in 3rd year at napier uni in edinburgh studying sports science. i am considering picking advanced physiology for 4th year but will definitely need help with it. Do you think you would be able to teach advanced level physiology?

3 weeks ago


Brunilda, found their tutor

Dear Caitie, My name is Brunilda ( Bruni ) 55 years old , artist and i am from Spain although i live in Austria. I am looking for a different way to practise englich. It means i don't want to go to an Language school. I didn't book flight and room yet. Because i want to be sure to have a contact in Edinburgh for practicing English for one or two weeks ( from 8 to 22 April ) and I am thinking of going back to spend 5 weeks in summer time. i am looking for place to stay in airbnb. I would like...

3 weeks ago


Yamine, found their tutor

Hello, I ma looking for a tutor to help me with my exam review. I am third year Bsc Astrophysics student and the topics that I would like to cover are Cosmology and Theoretical Physics. Best Wishes Yasmine

3 weeks ago


Sabeeta, found their tutor

Hi Minette. I am studying to be a chartered accountant, under the ICAS examination board. Please could we have a lessons where you teach me about the impairment of assets first, and then move onto financial instrument accounting? Thank you.

1 month ago


Crystal, found their tutor

Hi Ryan, I'm a fine artist who works primarily with sculpture and various forms of printmaking -- and much of my work is grounded in particle physics. I've just started a long-term project looking at data modelling, simulation and graphics in some of the larger experimental physics projects. I'm starting with the CERN experiments since I'm already familiar with them and they have endless amounts of data to draw on. My problem is that I am COMPLETELY ignorant when it comes to computer...

1 month ago


Ramón, found their tutor

Hello, I want to take some conversation classes. I do language exchanges but I want full hours of english with no spanish at all. Right now I'm available pretty much at any hour of the day so let me know when you can. Regards, Ramon.

1 month ago


Dinesha, found their tutor

Hi Mr Brian, I'm Dini :) I am currently pursuing degree in architecture ( year 1 ) . Fortunately for year 1 students, we will not be using Revit or Autocad for the whole 2018. Sadly, by Year 2 i would have to atleast be good at some of the architectural softwares such as Revit and Autocad. Since my schedules are usually packed during weekdays , i hope we could do online lessons over the weekends ( preferably at night - Malaysian time ) Thank you so much !

1 month ago

Gill, found their tutor

Hi Ellen - I am urgently looking for a maths tutor for my daughter Lily. Lily is in S5 at Mary Erskine’s. She has been working with a tutor all year but he has been unreliable and she is sitting her exam in 6 weeks time. If you have availability that would be great. Lessons can either be at your place (if you provide this) or at my Mum’s in Wester Coates or my sisters in Merchiston or indeed our own house in Penicuik. Look forward to hearing from you!

1 month ago


Gregor, found their tutor

Hi, I'm a medical student at Edinbrgh Uni intercalating in Zoology and would like assistance with the interpretation and analysis of statistics results and with what to best utilise for my research project. Thanks Gregor

1 month ago


Claudia, found their tutor

Hi Aria, I'm redoing a 3000 essay for uni on Roman emperors and I just wanted a bit of guidance on planning and understanding the question. It is due in May and I've done some things for it but I'd just like a bit of help to ensure I'm on the right track! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to come round to my home, or to use a webcam and have a chat about it? Thanks so much!

1 month ago

Zezhao, found their tutor

Basically I have some problem in writing a small program in Go language, so I am wondering if you could tutor me finish that task which I think could be done within one hour, if everything is successfully I will pay you the fee for two hours.

1 month ago


John, found their tutor

Hi Finley my name is Wentao and im a consultant works in Edinburgh. Recently i grew an interest to learn acoustic guitar. I own a guitar and did some some self learning before, but i want to start learning seriously from professional. im looking for having 1 to 2 hour session each week for now. Idealy we can have our session at your place or some other facility that we can use. Usually im free weekdays evenings after work and weekends. But for weekdays it would be great if i can borrrow a...

1 month ago


Szilvia, found their tutor

Hi Minette, I'm an active Cima student, studying Operational level (previously completed AAT accountancy). I've completed the online course for E1, F1 and P1 but I'm struggling with some of the finance terminologies in the books and in the questions. I'm Hungarian and I live in the Uk for 12 years. I've learnt the language from making day-to-day conversations and books. I was lucky enough to prove myself and progress within the company and I'm working in finance as an assistant management...

1 month ago

Laura, found their tutor

Dear Elisabeth, my name's Laura, I'm 29 years old and I'm writing you from Naples, Italy. I'd like to enquire about your availability for some conversation lessons. I’m planning on moving abroad later this year and because I’ve already experienced life in a foreign country I’d like to be more prepared this time. As a matter of fact in interviews I’ve often had employers telling me that I should improve my conversational skills and I’ve also felt extremely embarrassed and...

1 month ago


Thandi, found their tutor

Hello Olivia, I am an A Level student studying English Literature at The Tiffin Girls' School in Kingston. I would like tutoring sessions, an hour a week. For my OCR English Literature exams, I am studying Hamlet, The Great Gatsby, The Grapes of Wrath, A Doll's House and Paradise Lost Book IX and Book X. I am keen to start tuition as soon as possible, and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Thandi

1 month ago


Rodrigo, found their tutor

Ola Professora, Tudo bem com vc? Seguinte, estou a 07anos sem falar ingles, entao estou muito enferrujado, estou agora em uma empresa da qual vou usar diariamente o Ingles, tanto para email quanto para conversação, e eu nao gosto de aula de ingle sa distancia, nao teho muita didadica para aprender assim sozinho so assistindo videos, entao busco uma aula legal, interativa que eu posso desenrolar esse meu ingles Paragauaio ai rsrs Fico no seu aguardo Obrigado

1 month ago

Suzanne, found their tutor

Hi Paul, My nephew Connor is a 5th year student with Aspergers. We are struggling to get him the support he needs at school. He has difficulty understanding how to approach homework and exam questions. Once he has help to break it down, he can perform well. I think that if he had support in how to structure his responses he would be able to apply this to his work. I know your profile states that you support teachers, but I wondered if you would consider a few sessions working...

1 month ago

support for students with asperger syndrome teacher

Inclusion and Special Needs Specialist with an ongoing PhD in Inclusion and Leadership

Matt, found their tutor

Hi Laura My name is Matt. I am a 19 year old first year Scots law LLB student at Strathclyde University seeking home tuition for the Voluntary Obligations contract law class. I am looking for assistance with writing an assigned problem question for this class which is due for submission in two weeks time. I can see on one of your positive student reviews that you have an excellent knowledge of contract law which would be of help to me. The home tuition would be at my family home in the...

2 months ago


Rabia, found their tutor

Hi Joanne, I am a second year student, studying psychology in Edinburgh. I am struggling with a topic to do with face perception and emotion and how they both link biologically and through neural pathways. I am wondering if you will be able to help with this?

2 months ago


Josh, found their tutor

Hello Aisling, My son Josh is taking Higher Maths, Physics Chemistry, Biology and English we were wondering if you would be able to tutor him on Maths and Physics maybe Advanced Higher for next year. Many thanks Linda and Josh

2 months ago

Alexandra, found their tutor

Hi Elina I am looking for an art tutor in Edinburgh not far from my house. I hope for a 1hr lesson on Sundays. I live in Marchmont in Edinburgh. I like sketching and some painting in the future. I'm pretty basic with my skills but hope to learn more!

2 months ago