When people say ‘bodybuilding’, they normally think of a bulking man. Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to mind, or maybe you have seen male bodybuilders in the gym working on their muscles. But a new image is becoming synonymous with the term ‘bodybuilder’, and that is female bodybuilding.

Every day, millions of men and women go to the gym, with the goal of muscle building, fat loss or fat burning, toning, building muscle mass etc. There are more and more women who are turning away from just losing weight, and they are joining the growing part of the bodybuilding market. For women who want to start to build muscles on their bodies, successful bodybuilding programs are not established overnight. They are a process, and a commitment which changes as your body does so that you can continue to get the best results for your body and your goals. We need to think about what we want to get out of a bodybuilding session. Here are some tips for starting women's bodybuilding, as a beginner!

Learn about Female bodybuilding
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Fitness And Nutrition

Female bodybuilding would achieve few results without thinking about what we are putting into our bodies. Nutrition is a huge factor to your success, in fact, it is the key to it, as you could work out all you want but if you eat a bad diet, your results will hit a limited ceiling very fast. As the saying goes, we are what we eat, and when we play sports, this sentence has never been more relevant. Between the intake of carbohydrates, hydration, or snacking, we must rethink our dieting and our nutrition as a real sports professional bodybuilders do.

A basic pillar of nutrition, when playing sports, is of course to hydrate. Whether it's a stretching class, a pilates class, weightlifting session or a high-intensity cardio workout. Water is always the best way to be active and help our muscles to grow optimally. It is a simple and efficient tip which is easy to implement.

As well as water our bodies need an increased dose of vitamins and proteins. These can be found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, white meat, eggs or tofu. A balanced diet will be the source of our energy, so it is also essential to add proteins (even protein powders like whey protein shakes) which are needed for tissue recovery and muscle growth. Although fats are normally avoided, good fats are necessary as fats are a reliable driver of our energy.

Sometimes perceived as an enemy, they are what will allow us to stay in shape. Avocado, coconut, virgin oils, some oily fish (such as salmon), or nuts, are excellent sources of good fat lipids, which will give us the energy to train and build muscles. Likewise, for carbohydrates, it is always best to eat carbs that are the richest in nutrients and the least refined possible. Foods such as Bananas, Sweet potato, and Cereals like oats or buckwheat.

As a rough guide, it is recommended to consume 1.5 to 2g of protein per kilogram of your body weight (for women) to ensure that you gain muscle has what it needs to develop at its best. Regarding vitamins, vitamin D3 (vitamin to do everything when you do bodybuilding), it is advisable to absorb 1000 IU / 15kg of body weight per day, which will be found in particular as a dietary supplement. Other supplements and amino acids (like creatine) are also a good source of support for the body.

Also, to add wholesome foods to our diet, we must also think about what we have to limit in our diets. We absolutely must remove the ‘bad carbohydrates’ like refined sugars, such as pastries, white sugar, or industrial foods like bread from the diet if we want to see any success. A diet low in bad carbohydrates is synonymous with high-quality energy and eventually your best body.

Some Typical Exercises To Start Female Bodybuilding

To start female bodybuilding, you have a few things to do. You should make an assessment of the work that you need to do; do you have to lose fat, gain weight or build muscle mass? In each case, your workout might be slightly different, but in the end, the components are the same.

High-intensity cardio or aerobic workouts to warm up the body and burn fat than weight lifting and strength training to start to work out the muscles. At this stage, you are training your muscles and your body to get toned. You particular workout routines will define your results, and this should be aligned with your personal goals.

So here are some typical exercises to beef up some key parts, and keep your goals up at the gym!

  1. HIT (High-Intensity Training) is a type of cardio that is very efficient at burning through fat.
  2. Squats are great full body exercise which especially targets the quadriceps femoris muscles (vastus intermedius, vastus medialis, vastus lateral and rectus femoris), thighs, hips, buttocks and hamstrings.
  3. Plank is also a full body exercise that especially works on your major core muscle groups including the rectus abdominus, the transverse abdominus, the external oblique muscle, and the glutes.
  4. Dumbbells, deadlifts and barbells can be combined with a whole range of exercises to help you build muscles groups all over the body.
  5. Crunches are great for building your six pack and work out all the core muscles as well.

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Set Goals For Starting Female Bodybuilding

Female bodybuilders do have the possibility to have big muscles as does any bodybuilder or you could select being toned. You have to decide your goal and design your workout accordingly. A training schedule of bodybuilding fitness or stretching is definitely a sport, and like any sport, you should define some achievable goals. No matter your Bodybuilding goals, you will realize that you can achieve them and transform your body given the right motivation and our consistent efforts.

To motivate yourself commit to tracking your progress, you can start with a simple observation. Your measurements and weight. These figures cannot be more concrete and will allow you to see your achieved progress over the weeks and months to follow. One morning, after taking your shower, measure everything you want to change, this marks where you are starting. But you must also mark where you want to arrive to so that you have the most comprehensive overview of your measurements and targets. Of course, this can evolve over time, but it gives you somewhere to start.

We must then define what type of program is most suitable, which matches our goals. For this, we must take into account our motivation, our budget, but also our physical condition. Whether you are pregnant, young, older, dynamic or lacking in time, just be honest with yourself, and you will have the best chance. For example, if we want to lose weight, we can focus our attention on weights training and on cardio.

Preparing Everything, You Need To Start Bodybuilding

Like all things in life, there are always options, and it is no different for bodybuilding, we need to find the best way to reach our goals that suits us best. When you start bodybuilding, knowing how to find your rhythm is essential. Once you have defined goals to be achieved, you will be able to determine how you want to set up your bodybuilding program. Dumbbells pull bars, pumps, squats, it's all about your preference.

To make sure you are taking the right path to speak to a fitness professional or join a sports program. This will ensure that you know what you need to get started. If you can not afford to continue with the sessions, you can cancel them when you feel confident that you have what you need to achieve your goals and steady progression.

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Keeping Your Energy High

Bodybuilding is a complete discipline, and when you're a woman, you need to know how to control your energy, just as male bodybuilders do. Energy is what will push us forward in our sessions and drive us towards our goals. Some of this is to do with nutrition and hydration as well as supplying the muscles with enough energy to take yours through your workout.

To be motivated to go to the gym, we must stay connected to our goals and acknowledge our successes in the right direction no matter how small. When you can see the results on your body like strong legs, firmer buttocks, defined triceps, and of course a ripped six-pack, we will be much more motivated to continue on the path.

Once you have tried a wide range of bodybuilding styles, you can pick which form you feel most comfortable with. Adding this to your healthy diet and routine and you will know what works for you.

Certainly, by having a suitable diet, some knowledge about your goals and your body. You will have the key elements in hand to progress effectively. Are you ready to be a female bodybuilder?

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