you purchase this house for 475,000. the realtor earns 5% of this purchase:

: how much is the commission

I would do this by firstly working out what 10% of the purchase price is - ie just move the digits along one place to the right - then halve this figure to give you 5%.
07 November 2011
If you have a calculator I am sure you can work it out :)
08 November 2011
Another way of working it out is: 475,000 x 5/100
08 November 2011
A quick way of working out percentages with a calculator is to use the decimal equivalent of the percentage & multiplying by the decimal, eg, 5% is 0.05, so on your calculator you do 475000 x 0.05. It's the same answer any way, you just need to choose the most convenient method for you...
10 November 2011
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