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Where Can You Study Accounting in the UK?

By Sophia, published on 23/10/2018 Blog > Professional Development > Accounting > Where to Study Accounting in the UK

It is undoubtedly true that money makes the world go ‘round. The question is: who accounts for all of that money?

Accounting firms, that’s who!

And you could too: by taking accounting classes, either as an undergraduate earning an accounting degree or through any of the accounting programs offered by accounting associations.

What is an accounting association?

Accounting associations, such as the Association for Accounting Technicians and the Association of International Accountants, all offer guidance and regulation updates to their members.

They all also offer accounting classes in financial accounting, managerial accounting, tax accounting and auditing to anyone who seeks the knowledge and skills that will lead to a satisfying career in accounting.

Are looking for another way to earn your living?

Are you hoping to gain new skills to make you more competitive on the job market?

Maybe you are an entry-level manager with an eye on your boss’ job.

Or perhaps you have long dreamed of entrepreneurship: going into business for yourself, but you need to know all about budgeting, bookkeeping and cost accounting.

In all of these situations and more, learning the principles of accounting from an accredited course can only benefit you.

Let’s go find out where, throughout the UK, you can learn accounting concepts.

Accounting Classes in London

As a managerial accountant, you may be called on to interpret financial data for company executives A master of accounting generally works in a business environment to ‘translate’ finance and accounting information for company executives Source: Pixabay Credit: Mohamad_Hassan

Our capital city being a global financial centre, naturally, you could find all manner of accounting courses there.

The professional studies programs offered by BMC Training are mostly only one week long – and they have a very long list of classes!

For example, you might participate in their Accounting Policies and Procedures course or their Fundamentals of Accounting seminar.

In the fundamental course, you will be taught basic accounting: the accounting system, the steps of the accounting cycle, how to prepare financial statements and what a trial balance is.

You would then wrap up your training with hands-on workshops: how to create and interpret a spreadsheet, performing account analysis and a bank reconciliation.

Granted, you will not earn a degree in accounting through this seminar, but you will learn quite a bit about accounting principles; perhaps enough to spur you into further studies.

The question would be: studies of what? And you would be quite right in asking, too!

The general label of accountant does the profession a discredit.

Most people have this idea that accountants are dull people with little social acumen and a penchant for numbers but, where the profession of accounting is concerned, dull is the least of the descriptors!

In fact, accountants excel at detecting patterns. They are analytical and careful planners, for all that they are risk takers.

It does seem odd to juxtapose allegedly stodgy number crunchers with, say, someone who routinely jumps out of planes. Still, you might find that risk takers are more meticulous and analytical than commonly thought of.

So, if you have an eye for detail and are looking for a rock-solid career, you could find even more accounting courses in London.

Classes in Accounting in Manchester

Did you know that Greater Manchester is home to more multimillionaires than anywhere else in the UK, save London?

How those Mancunians got so rich, while an interesting topic, has nothing to do with our thesis. “Who manages their money?”, however, would be right on point!

If you had certification as a public accountant, you may find yourself being assigned to manage the assets of some wealthy Manchester dweller.

Or you could manage the books for any of Manchester’s businesses; with economic growth in that area exceeding the national rate by several percentage points, surely there must be sharp financial management at work!

You might train in business accounting with the Pittman Training Group;  they have developed an entire curriculum of accountancy.

They hold classes all over the UK including Manchester, instructing on such topics as accounting information systems and the generally accepted accounting principles.

You could even take advanced accounting classes with them!

Indeed, there is plenty of accounting education in and around Manchester; a vast trove of information that is far too extensive to list in one article.

If only we knew what type of accountant you aspired to become…

As an auditor, you may be called on to inspect reports such as these. Upon completion of your public accountant coursework, you too would be qualified to analyze such financial reports Source: Pixabay Credit Mohamad_Hassan

Accounting Classes in Birmingham

It is true that no two accountants are the same, even though their job description bears the generic title of ‘accountant’.

Just like any career field, there are specialities:

  • A forensic accountant reviews financial records for the possibility of litigation

  • An auditor checks a company’s books for accuracy (a certified internal auditor might work for a company exclusively)

  • A tax accountant is conversant of the latest tax laws; they help individuals and companies prepare for tax time.

  • A managerial accountant works in a business’ accounting department to help executives plan and optimise their company’s profit margins.

  • A financial accountant manages the general ledger and trial balance; they also prepare financial reports for external publishing – to shareholders and tax authorities, for example.

  • A CPA or certified public accountant may fill any of those roles or may engage in business by him/herself, managing assets for individuals or small businesses.

    • A chartered public accountant is one who works in an office with other accountants; nevertheless, they too can function in any of these specialities.

Which role would you like to fill in the world of accounting and business?

Unless you’ve gained admission to an undergraduate degree program at the University of Birmingham – where you might have mentorship in deciding a speciality, you may have to look elsewhere for such guidance.

A great place to start would be AAT – the Association for Accounting Technicians, who offer an array of courses meant to prepare future accountants for the business world.

Whether you see yourself as an accounting clerk or leading a team of management accounting professionals, AAT will help prepare you for your new career.

As with elsewhere in the UK, there are plenty of learning opportunities for accounting in Birmingham; you may even choose an online accounting class!

Learn Accounting in Leeds

With the due acknowledgement that not everyone has the means or opportunity to take the traditional route in earning degrees in accounting, this city offers an impressive range of courses in accounting and finance.

Unlike the degree programs offered through the University of Leeds, many of these courses, taught by training companies like Consensa and Courtney, will yield a certificate in accounting that reflects the speciality you are training in.

You may opt to pursue intermediate accounting or target your accounting skills to financial statement analysis in order to work with a corporation.

Many such classes on offer in and around Leeds last only a day or two – not enough to proclaim yourself as a certified management accountant.

Still, any proficiency you gain in general accounting will take you one step closer to your goal of learning accounting in Leeds.

No need to master ten-key adding machines; you only need to scrutinise spreadsheets (Mostly) gone are the days of ten-key adding machines; these days, accountants rely on a computer-generated financial report Source: Pixabay Credit: Aitoff

Accounting Courses in Glasgow

We finally arrive at the city where accountancy gained royal endorsement: The Glasgow Institute of Accountants and Actuaries was founded in 1854; one of the three that was first in the world to gain a royal charter.

You may earn your bachelor through the University of Glasgow accounting program, or you might decide that the business courses or accounting courses at the City of Glasgow College would suit you better.

What if you are studying for your Highers in accounting and need just a bit of tutelage?

You may find courses that address specific facets of accounting, such as financial reporting or accounting practices through Acudemy Ltd.

Each accounting course on offer is suitable for displaced workers – those who lost their job through layoffs or budget cuts, as well as school leavers and anyone desiring to know more about the duties of a professional accountant.

There are no prerequisites for these courses, and the only requirement is that you be ready and willing to learn about accounting systems, accounting theory and corporate accounting.

If your current job is unsatisfying and you are looking for something new and exciting, short of enroling at university and earning any accounting degrees, an accounting certificate from such a training centre will certainly boost your chances at getting hired elsewhere.

If you are currently on track to major in accounting at any of our country’s universities, preparing for your accounting career is well underway: good show!

If you want to become an accountant, that’s not hard to do! All you need is to meet the educational requirements – obtainable through any of the accounting schools mentioned above, and possibly sit the CPA exam.

Find more accounting courses in Glasgow.

And then, all the choices of accounting careers will be open to you!

You may choose forensic accounting – a downright sexy sounding speciality, or you could go into international accounting; you could even step into an accounting management position for a global firm.

Keep in mind that your Superprof is always there for you.

If you need tuition online or face to face to better understand public accounting or as an accounting major, Superprof is ready to help you meet your education requirements with qualified tutors.


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