Did you know that Greater Manchester is home to more multimillionaires than anywhere else in the country, outside of London?

How much do you want to bet that those people engage the services of an accountant?

Wouldn’t you like to be one?

Accounting is, consistently but unfortunately, at or near the top of the list of overlooked professions, yet it is one of the unsung career fields.

Have you ever heard a primary school student express the desire to be anything other than a firefighter or astronaut, dancer or doctor?

To be sure, plenty of children aspire to various career fields but it is not often than any little voice pipes up to proclaim that s/he wishes to be an accountant when s/he grows up.

Still, somewhere along the line, if these statistics are anything to go by, students get interested in maths and, while we cannot know what percentage of them enter the world of finance and accounting, we might speculate that a respectable portion does.

And why not? The median salary of a financial accountant is just over £50,000 per year – and they are at the low end of the earnings scale for accountants!

Are you pretty good with numbers? Can you formulate a budget and analyse figures to find deficiencies?

If so, perhaps a career in accounting is for you. Why not join your Superprof in finding accounting courses that will qualify you to land such a lucrative position?

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Classes in Accounting for the A-Levels Student

No need to study alone; why not engage an accounting tutor?
You may take online accounting classes to help you prepare for you A-Levels Source: Pixabay Credit Stock Snap Photos

Surely you already have a rough idea of where and how to study for your accounting A-Levels but it doesn’t hurt to explore more options, does it?

In fact, you may want to take part in an online accounting class so that you can study at your own pace, from a curriculum designed to prepare you for success, both in test-taking and in the field of accountancy.

The Open College offers just such a programme to those who want to study accounting.

They will take you from basic accounting – recording financial data and checking accounting records, through ratio analysis and business performance, all the way to activity-based costing and capital investment appraisal.

What we particularly liked about this course is their focus on the legal, ethical, environmental and economic aspects of accounting.

By the time you finish this course, you will have an understanding of the limitations of accounting information systems and know exactly how effective they can be.

All of that for £449: we’d have to conclude that is great value for the money!

Even if you are scheduled to sit your exams next year, you still have time to benefit from all of this knowledge!

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Working with a tutor to learn accounting is a good idea whether you are an executive or an undergraduate
Whether you are an undergraduate or learning accounting practices as an executive, it is always a good idea to work with a tutor! Source: Pixabay Credit: Startup Stock Photos

Study Accounting Principles with a Private Tutor

Whether you are a GCSE or A-Levels student, an undergraduate or a managerial accountant aiming for CPA certification, you might master accounting concepts faster and better with a one on one tutor.

Manchester Tutors work with students at all levels, even beyond university level, on a variety of subjects.

While they do not specifically address accounting as a subject, you may get help in understanding maths, economics and business studies, all of which may enhance any accounting classes you might also be enroled in.

Or you could head directly to Superprof’s accounting page, where you will find at least eight accountant tutors ready and willing to help you.

At least eight? Do we not know how many accountant tutors we have located in Manchester?

Of course we do! Those eight are just the ones physically located in Manchester, that would come to your home or meet you in a convenient location.

Superprof tutors delight in saving you money, so plenty of them offer lessons via webcam and, if you’re not averse to online tutoring, you would have more than 5,000 accounting tutors to choose from!

Perhaps the best part of choosing a finance tutor is knowing their success rate.

Each tutor’s profile indicates his/her speciality and the level of student s/he best works with, and there are plenty of testimonials from previous students to make your selection even easier!

However, if online tutoring does not appeal to you, Chioma, Roy or Akhtar are all in the Greater Manchester area and any of them would respond to your request for help within 24 hours.

To make things even better: they all offer their first hour of instruction for free!

Whether you are an accounting major or studying principles of accounting in anticipation of one day earning your undergraduate degree, it only makes sense to get the most qualified help to be had at Superprof.

With Superprof, you can get help for your accounting courses anywhere in the country!

Accounting in the Business World

Short of having earned an MBA, if you’ve been in the workplace for any amount of time, you surely know that accounting and business go hand in hand.

If you have been recently promoted to manager, you would definitely need a bit of education, possibly in the realm of financial and managerial accounting.

To that end, we highlight Souters’ Finance and Accounting course, a curriculum tailor-made for those professionals for whom accounting is secondary to other business aspects.

Through their two-day course, you will learn double entry bookkeeping and how to record transactions in a ledger system. Furthermore, they touch on how to maintain a cash book and balance petty cash.

And, they go further to explain:

  • How to record invoices and credit notes

  • how to record credit and cash transactions

  • how to prepare a trial balance

  • how to create a profit and loss balance sheet

  • how to reconcile bank statements

  • financial statement analysis

This course is intensive – that’s a lot of material to absorb in two days! However, to gain a better understanding of how the financial side of a business works, this course is a fine introduction.

For only £499, this much education is a steal!

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Don't worry; the books will take care of themselves if you know about accounting
You too can make your dreams take flight, just be sure to learn about accounting beforehand! Source: Pixabay Credit: Alyibel

Entrepreneurship and Accounting

With news reports of teenaged millionaires popping up with startling frequency and startups claiming ever more attention in the business world, it’s not surprising that everyday people who’ve long dreamed of turning their idea into a goldmine are making a go of things.

The main aspect of such innovation to be mindful of is the financial aspect.

Please don’t do as Paul Graham did: come up with a solid idea, do all of the work... only for everything to fall through in the marketing phase of his operation - ultimately costing him all of the money and preparation he put into his plan.

To avoid this pitfall, what you need is the Business Management with Accountancy course from The Centre for Excellence.

This is an online course that will teach you, among other aspects of starting a business, to consider every aspect of owning and running a business.

In particular, they will teach you business accounting, bookkeeping, profit and loss recording, and touch on cost accounting and accounting systems.

Were you looking for accounting courses in London?

Should you decide that your current job is not fulfilling and your new business should involve being a public accountant, you may need to take different courses, such as the ones offered through The Manchester College.

They offer a fully accredited AAT Foundation certificate in accounting, and you don’t need to have sat any A-Levels to earn your accounting certificate through them.

NOTE: AAT stands for Association of Accounting Technicians. It is one of the most prestigious bodies representing accountants, on par with the Institute of Management Accountants.

There are no prerequisites required for this course; it is ideal whether you have any knowledge and skills related to accounting or not.

Please note that this is their Level 2 course; if you have absolutely no knowledge of accounting, you may select their foundation course before exposure to this expanded version of accounting skills.

At this level, you will become more familiar with generally accepted accounting principles, basic costing procedures and the many forms of a computerized accounting system.

Because this course is considered intermediate accounting, you may also discover the phases of the accounting cycle, accounting standards and other aspects of the discipline related to public accounting.

Although you would not earn an accounting degree through them, as you would at university, should you continue this training program, maybe move on to advanced accounting, nothing says you can’t become a certified public accountant.

And what of those who pursue a degree in accounting at university?

As it turns out, the University of Manchester does have a business accounting programme.

Theirs is a three-year programme and, should you opt for the fourth year, you would be placed in a full-time employment position as an accountant.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn all about financial accounting, management accounting, forensic accounting, international accounting; taxation or auditing, you could not do better than a bachelor’s degree from this school.

There is an accounting program for anyone who wants to learn the accounting business in Manchester.

As you learn to crunch those numbers, know that your Superprof is behind you all the way, even if you are taking accounting courses in Leeds: with tutoring help or just moral support!

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