Love her or loathe her, you have to admit that our Prime Minister announcing that the end of austerity is near is indeed good news. You don’t have to love her dancing to appreciate that news, either!

One question rings overwhelmingly loud: what are austerity measures?

To us citizens, those measures mean higher taxes and potentially fewer benefits derived from our tax monies.

The bigger picture suggests budget deficits and spending imbalance which has put our country’s credit rating at risk on the global financial markets.

How could this come to pass?

In the aftermath of the global economic downturn, many countries suffered similar cash shortages and, like us, turned to fiscal stringency; some to a much greater degree than our country had to.

Imagine being a tax accountant or government auditor at a time when the global economy was on the verge of collapse!

Of course, that situation was an outlier; accountants of all types are seldom at the forefront of catastrophic happenings. They are more behind-the-scenes workers; crunching numbers so that dramatic financial events do not happen.

Makes you wonder about the accountants who worked at Primera, the airline that left passengers stranded as their business collapsed...

Yes, that is another dramatic example of the need for accurate accountancy. It also demonstrates the urgent need for more qualified people in the finance and accounting field.

Are you an A-Levels student preparing to sit your exams? Are you a dislocated worker – someone who’s been let go because of budget cuts, and you need to find a new career path?

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, or have recently gotten promoted to mid-level manager and feel it is incumbent upon you to understand the financial operations of the company you work for.

Perhaps you aspire to a promotion and, in preparation for that chance, intend to learn about financial accounting...

No matter what your situation, Superprof now investigates educational opportunities in Leeds and around England so that you can be most prepared when your chance at grabbing your brass ring comes around.

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What Type of Accountant Would You Be?

As an accountant, you should be able to interpret financial statements
The ability to interpret financial statements is integral to accountants Source: Pixabay Credit: The Digital Way

For anyone going into accounting via the traditional path – earning your accounting degree through an undergraduate programme, say, from Leeds University Business School, you probably already have in mind what type of accountant you’d like to be.

For everyone else, the ones who come to that career path later in life and the manager who wants to know more about finance and accounting, here is a breakdown of specialities accountants may practise:

  • The financial accountant works within a company or corporation to record transactions and provide reports to shareholders, tax authorities and other entities external to the company.
    • They practice double entry bookkeeping and are masters at maintaining the general ledger.
  • The managerial accountant also produces reports, but for use exclusively within the company
    • This type of accountant specialises in cost accounting and might take on project work such as budgeting for company expansion or streamlining operations for optimal financial performance.
  • The tax accountant: as the title indicates, this accountant is well-versed in the tax code and works to ensure individuals and businesses stay in compliance with it by meeting their tax burden.
  • An auditor routinely examines a taxpayer’s books in order to ensure compliance with all relevant laws.
    • One may be flagged for an audit if a remarkable change of status occurs, such as a dramatic reduction or fantastic increase in income, or if a large amount of money moves in or out of one’s accounts
  • The forensic accountant is the one who, upon suspicion of erroneous or fraudulent financial moves – generally large-scale, examines that entity’s books in an effort to find evidence of said wrongdoing.

The public accountant, also known as a CPA or chartered accountant generally multitasks in: taxing and financial planning, providing financial consulting services to businesses and individuals, and may even be engaged as a forensic accountant.

Of all the types of accountants listed here, only the certified public accountant is likely to freelance or establish him/herself as the sole owner of an accounting business.

Chartered accountants, although they fulfill the same function as a public accountant, works in an office with other accountants – hence the designation ‘chartered’.

Did you know that the chartered accountant is one of the oldest professions to maintain a royal charter today?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland predates the one in England and Wales by about 30 years and is the world’s first body of chartered accountants.

You may want to take accounting courses Glasgow or accounting classes in Edinburgh so you can become a member of that illustrious body!

Needless to say, CPAs have their associations, too, The Institute of Management Accountants among them.

Did you know that the accounting profession had so much variety?

Some accountants earn so handomely they laugh all the way to the bank!
You too will smile once you see how easy it is to become an accountant! Source: Pixabay Credit: Tumisu

How to Become an Accountant

Obviously, one needs a measure of knowledge and skills to become an accountant.

Unless you are trudging the traditional path – GCSEs, A-Levels, BA (Hons) and maybe even an MBA, you might want to know where you can find such accounting education.

For those of you already employed in a corporation, with an eye toward promotion, you may be encouraged to know that many accounting courses go hand in hand with business administration courses.

You could take managerial accounting classes or a finance class for non-financial managers.

This course is held in a classroom learning environment through which you could earn a certificate of completion.

Through these Courtney teachers you will learn a series of accounting-related terms and phrases, such as accrual, balance sheet, job order costing and depreciation.

Also, you would be introduced to accounting theory and the generally accepted accounting principles – two of the most important aspects of accounting today.

If you know absolutely nothing about business accounting, let alone intermediate accounting or advanced accounting, yet you have an interest in learning, this may well be the perfect course for you.

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How to Become a CPA

One may think that earning a CPA certification entails merely satisfactorily sitting a CPA exam.

However, before you can register for that exam, you have to have credentials – a bit of education that says you are prepared to make the leap into a career in accounting.

Luckily for you, the Association of Accounting Technicians have prepared an entire curriculum expressly to help those who’ve not earned a degree in accounting to take part in an accounting program.

You may start with basic bookkeeping and move on to their foundation course, taking each progressive step through their curriculum until you are ready to sit your CPA exam.

The best part about becoming a public accountant is that you can take your career in any direction you choose!

You may go into management accounting, forensic accounting; auditing and taxation. You could even become an accounting tutor if you've taken accounting courses in London!

No need to search long and hard for a tutor in accounting
Finding a tutor for your accounting learning needs is not a difficult task! Source: Pixabay Credit: Totum Revolution

Finding a Tutor for Your Accounting Coursework

For all of your fire and enthusiasm, we have to aver: nobody ever said that learning principles of accounting would be easy work.

If you are studying accounting and are having trouble understanding accounting information systems, perhaps a bit of tutoring would help.

You may find accounting tutors just about anywhere, from Gumtree to a recommendation from your teacher, but how can you ensure the quality of instruction you would get?

That is why we recommend a Superprof tutor to help you hone your accounting skills.

Superprof has eight accounting tutors in and around Leeds. Now, we introduce you to three of them:

  • Natasha will reinforce what you have learned about accounting concepts for only £15 per hour
  • For just £3 more per hour, you may choose to work with Kuhan, currently an accounting major at Leeds University
  • Or you could work with Moneeb, who has 8 years of experience as a lecturer at the Open University

Furthermore, if you are interested in online accounting lessons, we have more than 5,000 tutors qualified to teach you about financial statement analysis and public accounting, from just about anywhere in the country.

Two of the best aspects of engaging a Superprof tutor is that 1. most of them offer their first hour of instruction for free and 2. their profile page details their level of experience, their teaching methodology and, most crucially, testimonials from other students!

So, if you wanted to learn all about financial and managerial accounting, or whether you wanted to investigate your chances at earning your certificate in accounting, you would know exactly which Superprof you need!

What about entrepreneurship, as we mentioned at the start of this article?

If you have an accounting certificate and know about accounting and business, becoming an independent tutor is one way to achieve that dream.

If that idea doesn’t quite get it for you – you see yourself as a different type of entrepreneur, you should still at least learn how to be a bookkeeper and all about financial reporting – before auditors chase you down and tackle your books!

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