Are you a student, having recently sat or preparing to sit your A Levels?

Are you what’s called a dislocated worker, one who has been let go and needs some new career path to embark on?

Are you in love with numbers and bored with your current, dead-end job, wishing for something with a future to it?

Are you a CPA looking for continuing education?

If you are in Birmingham, your Superprof is excited to tell you that opportunities for learning about accounting specialities and further education in accounting information systems abound!

No matter what your situation, if you are looking into accounting as a vocation, you could not be better situated.

Let’s go find the perfect course for you!

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Accounting Courses for the Public Accountant

Chartered accountants must undergo continuing education
No need to fret over your accountant continuing education classes Source: Pixabay Credit: Ciao Triana

Most likely, if you are already a CPA or a chartered accountant, you are privy to continuing education courses already.

In fact, if you are a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England, you must take part in continuing education courses in order for your membership to remain valid!

Nevertheless, you may be interested in taking courses outside of those offered by that institute; perhaps to practice a different type of accounting – managerial or financial accounting, for example.

If so, you may find the knowledge you seek at the University of Birmingham.

There, you can learn about international finance and accounting, corporate financial management, private sector investment and, of course, learn all about foreign exchange markets.

The entire course consists of six modules, and there are compulsory sets, such as financial accounting theory and the theory of financial management.

Naturally, if you’ve been working in the accounting field for any amount of time, you already know all about those facets of accounting, so perhaps you would be better suited to a masterclass in accounting.

This course lasts three days and covers the basics of accounting, such as how to use financial statements to make business decisions and uncovering the depths of managerial accounting.

Again, this may be too basic for the average certified public accountant... but, if you are a mid-level manager in a business, you might need to take this class!

How about a specialist course in financial instruments, then?

You will learn how to use derivative financial instruments to hedge risks like interest rates and foreign exchange.

This course covers:

  • Examples of hedges
  • categories of hedge and hedged items
  • hedge effectiveness
  • the mechanics of hedge accounting
  • discontinuing hedge accounting

Now, this is advanced accounting at its finest! This course is offered through BPP Professional Education, located at 32-34 Colmore Circus, Queensway, Birmingham B4 6BN.

There are similar accounting courses in Manchester and accounting classes in Edinburgh too; why not check them out?

A Career Change to Accounting

For those of you who need a change of scenery, from the drab office job you currently hold to the fascinating world of bookkeeping and accounting, Birmingham has something for you, too!

No, we’re not being facetious in saying that accounting can be fascinating; some accounting positions are very engaging!

Picture the forensic accountant, who conducts fraud examination on suspicious businesses’ financial report!

Or management accounting: full of risk and speculation, these number crunchers work to cut out financial excess and improve a business’ bottom line.

Should you want either one of those to be your area of specialisation, you will first need to acquire accounting skills and learn accounting principles, after which you may branch out into any intermediate accounting course you’d like.

You may start your accounting education at Hemsley Frasier’s 1-day offering, meant to introduce principles of accounting to the complete novice.

This will essentially be a seminar that demonstrates the accounting process and fundamental bookkeeping skills.

From there, you may consider a Level-2 apprenticeship at Birmingham Metropolitan College.

Through them, you will gain finance and accounting skills that would prepare you for accounting in any industry, anywhere in the world.

Find out also where you can take forensic accounting courses in London...

From maintaining the general ledger to producing financial reports, you can rest assured that this programme has plenty to offer you.

With its 5 campuses scattered across the city, surely you will find that your accounting aspirations are closer than you thought!

And, speaking of campuses...

As an A-levels student with an eye to University, you have a choice of accounting study programmes
As an undergraduate studying accounting in Birmingham, you have your choice of programmes at several Universities! Source: Pixabay Credit: Tero Vesalainen

Accounting Courses for the Undergraduate

Here is where Birmingham really shines!

Many of this city’s school offer programmes in accounting and finance; all you have to do is choose the one that is right for you!

Maybe Birmingham City Business School has your ticket...

Their 3-year, BA (Hons) programme will take you from basic accounting through taxation, all the way to business law and management information.

As this course is only open to home students and the job placement rate is high, this course may be just what you need to get started in public accounting or business accounting!

Besides, as an accounting major, this school gives you the option of working full-time during your third year or taking a part-time placement: the choice is yours.

If you already have a bit of knowledge in cost accounting and financial statement analysis, you may consider the advanced course in accounting and finance offered by Alperton College.

While it is true that this is not an established institute of higher learning with a long history or pedigree, nevertheless, their facilities are ever-expanding and improving.

Furthermore, they operate on an Open Entry basis; their only requirement is high scores on your GCSEs. And the ability to pay for your classes, of course.

Did you know that there are accounting courses held all over the country for people just like you?

If you have no time, or your personal situation is not such that your life can stop while you study accounting, you may benefit from Midlands College Certified Accounting Technician programme.

This accounting program gives you an overview of accounting practices, combining the theoretical and practical aspects of the discipline to prepare you for an entry-level position as an accountant.

If time is pressing and you need your new job now, they offer the added bonus of designating yourself as a Certified Accounting Technician as soon as you complete their certification programme – that could be before, during and after you sit their final exams.

They are located at 327 Moseley Road, Birmingham B12 0DX

Fretting over exams is not helpful; contact Superprof for your tutoring needs
No need to fret over your CPA exam; Superprof tutors are here to help you! Source: Pixabay Credit: Jeshoots

A-Levels Prep and Other Independent Study Opportunities

If you are a student preparing for your A-Levels, you are surely under the guidance of a teacher or tutor knowledgeable on the subject of accounting.

Still, during your second study year, nothing is stopping you from seeking other sources of knowledge, which you might find at the Open College.

Their As/A2 level accounting curriculum covers everything you need to know for a successful A-Levels ordeal, from accounting standards to a full understanding of the generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP.

This study programme even goes deep into financial and managerial accounting for your best understanding of those accounting concepts, which would lead to your best chance at a lucrative career!

Tuition for this all-inclusive course is £295, and they emphasise their guarantee that, if you are not satisfied with the course – maybe enrollment does not suit your schedule at that particular time, they will refund your money, no questions asked.

They also guarantee that, upon completing their course, you will be ready to ace your A-Levels!

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Birmingham Metropolitan College offers A-Level students a similar study programme.

However, it differs from the aforementioned general accounting principles course at Open College in that it focuses more on private accounting.

All aspects of accounting are nevertheless covered: every principle of accountancy and auditing, as well as accounting systems and the steps that comprise the accounting cycle.

If you are aiming for an accounting degree or hope to switch to a career in accounting, the knowledge and skills you would gain through either of these programmes would certainly boost your efforts!

Private Studies Toward the CPA Examination

For those of you who have a family to support, you most likely are not in a position to simply quit your job and take on two years of education with the goal of a attaining more rewarding career.

That is why night courses are full of people learning new skills in the hope of a better life for themselves and their families.

Your Superprof commends you and supports your efforts!

For instance, you might need someone to help you revise prior to your CPA exam or to earn your accounting certificate.

Superprof has no fewer than 14 tutors for accounting in Birmingham, and they all teach at various levels. Find your finance tutor here.

Some also teach either in person or by webcam! Find accounting tuition online here.

On every profile page, you will see that tutor’s area of speciality, whether s/he will meet you in person or online, and how much s/he charges per hour of instruction.

Most importantly, you will be able to read what other accounting business students had to say about them!

For example, Andrew, who is currently working in accountancy and marketing, has glowing testimonials from seven different students; yet he only charges £10 per hour of instruction!

Working toward your degree in accounting under his tutelage would make very good fiscal sense, wouldn’t it?

Why not head to Superprof’s tutor page now, to see who else might be good for you to work with?

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