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Where to Find the Best Accounting Courses in Glasgow

By Sophia, published on 23/10/2018 Blog > Professional Development > Accounting > Accounting Courses in Glasgow

Perhaps you’ve never thought of accounting as your metier: who wants to reflect the stereotypical number cruncher?

Rail-thin and bespectacled, sporting a mock-inducing pocket protector, waving financial statements about…

For one, we can honestly say that accountants are severely misrepresented in the media. For two, accountants come in all shapes and sizes; they are not all thin, they don’t all wear glasses and they don’t go around perpetually waving balance sheets.

In fact, the average accountant may look very much like you, and embody the same desires: for a stable, lucrative career; one that depends heavily on ethics and the ability to analyse.

And there’s another popular misconception!

While number crunchers do deal with numbers all day, adding and subtracting, so much of their work is in analysis and forecasting based on trends.

There is even one accounting speciality that is based entirely on risk!

The managerial accountant works with businesses to optimise the financial performance of their company. They do so by employing strategic focus on market trends to capitalise on acceptable risks.

That doesn’t mean that they are company executives, just that they provide vital financial information of the company’s assets and liabilities so that the executives can make decisions.

There! Did that make accounting sound rather exciting? But wait! There’s more…

You might choose to become a forensic accountant, reviewing financial records in search of fraud. Or you could be a tax accountant who knows tax law inside and out and finds the best ways to spare clients a heavy tax burden.

Donald Trump is currently embroiled in such a potential scandal: imagine being the auditor of his tax records!

Now that you’re motivated to explore accounting as a vocation, your Superprof will endeavour to find the best education in accounting and finance available to Glaswegians.

What is Accounting, Really?

The father of accounting wrote the book on double entry bookkeeping Friar Luca Pacioli literally wrote the book on double entry bookkeeping! Source: Pixabay Credit: PC Dazero

Believe it or not, accounting is an age-old discipline that involves measuring, processing and communicating financial information about businesses.

The accounting principles we know today were established in 1494 by a mathematician named Luca Pacioli, now acknowledged as the Father of Accounting.

However, the discipline goes way back to ancient Mesopotamia, where the first forays into civilisation – writing as well as money, were made.

By the time of Emperor Augustus’ reign, the Roman government had been keeping detailed financial records for years.

As trading expanded to new shores, new systems of accounting were needed. The Middle East Jewish communities pioneered the double entry bookkeeping system around that time.

Centuries later, the venerable Mr Pacioli refined the method and published it for wider dissemination, forever immortalising this Franciscan friar.

Because of his published work on the subject, accounting books travelled far and wide, ultimately leading accountants to form professional bodies, so that they might share knowledge and skills, and educate the next generation of accountants.

Find out about accounting courses in Manchester

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales is one of the oldest accounting bodies in the world still existent today.

They were established by royal charter in 1880 because of the growing complexity of conducting business, among them international trade and the growing trend toward limited liability companies.

However, the oldest known chartered accountants societies were established in Scotland: the Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh Chartered Accountants societies predate those of England by about 30 years!

It seems so many of us are rooted in a Dickensian view of accountancy à la Bob Cratchit, we fail to realise the world has moved on since then… and so have accountants!

These days, such professionals may specialise in:

  • financial accounting – preparing financial statements for external reporting to shareholders and investors
  • management accounting: making the best of a company’s assets to improve financial performance
  • CPA or Chartered accountant, also known as a public accountant: the person you engage to figure out your taxes and estate.
    • A tax accountant would also serve to do your taxes
  • Auditing is the verification of one’s financial claims, be it a company or individual
    • a managerial accountant may conduct an internal audit, for example; or an entire company may be audited by an external body
  • Accounting information systems: here, the accountant’s experience and skill are especially pertinent
    • a single, incorrect entry of data can skew the entire financial profile of a company, potentially sending global financial markets into chaos!

Naturally, you wouldn’t want that to happen; nobody would! That is why accounting classes in Leeds are so well attended.

Let us now discover schools where you may pick up on the accounting skills that will open professional doors for you.

These days, plenty of people learn new skills so they can change jobs You may decide to change jobs or gain more skills to earn a promotion Source: Pixabay Credit: Geralt

Accounting Classes for the Job Changer

There are plenty of good reasons for anyone to change jobs: your current position is no longer satisfying, you like your work but no longer see the point of a dead-end job; you’ve been let go of and need to retrain into a viable career field…

Whatever your reason, rest assured that there are further education options open to you so that you may become an accountant.

Discover how you might become an accountant in London…

A prime example of such further education would be Acudemy’s Foundation in Accounting course.

Whether you know anything about bookkeeping, ledgers, trial balance or even management, you will be treated to an introduction to accountancy before getting into the meat of the subject.

And then, things will really start grooving…

You will learn all about principles of accounting, including the generally accepted accounting principles (also called GAAP); the set of ‘rules’ that govern the accounting world.

You will learn how to read and interpret a financial statement, and all about cost accounting.

Journals and ledgers, trial balance and profit & loss: the intricacies of financial reporting and how all of those factors affect the bottom line can be yours in this 15-hour course.

This certificate program will then enable you to delve further, into intermediate accounting or even in advanced accounting!

Although they are based in London, they offer courses everywhere in the UK, and even offer online accounting courses!

If you quite like your job but are looking for continuing education with an eye toward promotion, you might consider a Finance for Non-Finance Managers course, held in Lanarkshire.

Specifically meant for the entry-level or mid-level manager (but suitable for executives!), those instructors will cultivate an appreciation for the work of the financial accountant, take you through financial statement analysis and give a comprehensive overview of revenue recognition.

Their curriculum will not earn you an accounting certificate, but you will certainly gain a new appreciation for managerial accounting and underscore the importance of accounting and business.

This is a one-day class and Consensa, the organisation that sponsors this course, will make tutors available to you, as needed.

Speaking of tutors…

Whether you are working towards your degree in accounting as an undergraduate, a student sharpening skills for your Highers or whether you are striving to pass your CPA exam, a tutor in accounting always comes in handy.

Let’s also find where in Birmingham you could get an education in accounting!

No need for intensive searches to find the right accounting tutors It is not difficult to find an accounting tutor in Glasgow! Source: Pixabay Credit: Free-Fotos

Finding an Accounting Tutor in Glasgow

A simple Internet search would reveal all types of accounting tutors: ranged by price or level of accountancy, by area of speciality – accounting theory, business accounting or academic support, if you are an accounting major.

However, if you are looking to understand accounting concepts at a fundamental level, you could not do better than a Superprof accounting tutor.

In Glasgow, you will find four Superprof accounting tutors, with an average price of £20 per hour of instruction.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to those four!

If you are willing to take instruction online, you could choose from any of Superprof’s 5,000 accounting tutors in the country to help you learn about accounting practices and accounting systems!

On every Superprof tutoring page, you will be able to see an in-depth profile of their experience and area(s) of accounting speciality, whether your chosen tutor gives lessons via webcam or strictly in his/her region.

And, most importantly, you will be able to see feedback and testimonials left by other students!

  • Mike worked with several companies as a financial controller and finance director; he now teaches corporate finance
    • He charges £35 per hour and has glowing reviews!
  • Devansh holds an accounting degree – a Masters in Commerce and has been teaching for the past 2 years.
    • His rate is also £35 per hour. He offers lessons via Skype, having led plenty of accounting students to their undergraduate certificate.
  • Dorothy is based in London and tutors in economics as well as accounting.
    • She has vast experience in corporate accounting and accounting management. She charges £40 per hour.

All of these Superprofs – in fact, most Superprof’s give their first hour of instruction for free; an added bonus to the cost-conscious student seeking a career in accounting.

In fact, you may find a Superprof tutor for your accounting courses anywhere in the country!

Whether you are still searching for an accounting program to study with or have already obtained your certification in public accounting, there is always more to learn and these organisations are standing by to offer you the latest in accounting information.

So is Superprof!


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