Manchester is a city full of educational opportunities for any type of learner. Whether you are a secondary school kid looking for a leg up before your exams, an adult learner returning to studies after a break, or else a prospective undergraduate looking for the best place to conduct research on your chosen discipline, you will find what you need in Manchester.

For those hoping to study biology, the opportunities are just as diverse, with a range of institutions offering courses in the life sciences. There’s the famous University of Manchester, one of England’s major research hubs. There’s a range of further education colleges, that either prepare you for admission to undergraduate education or for vocational work in the sciences. And there’s a range of private tuition options and museum education courses for those who like their program of study a little more tailored to them.

If you don’t live in Manchester but want to pursue studies in biology, we have a number of other articles about studying sciences across the UK: biology classes in Leeds, studying biology in Glasgow, biology courses in Birmingham, and science classes in London. We hope you find them helpful.

Why Study Biology?

Biology is a subject that covers everything from the genetics and genomics of cell biology to the ecology and biodiversity of organisms and their environment. It spreads from the chemistry and physics of microorganisms to the conservation processes we use to manage the natural world.

As such, the options for careers in biology are broad, stretching from medicine and veterinary science to teaching, sport, environmental policy, and professional research opportunities. By nailing your biology exams as a school student, you can open a world of opportunities in your future life.

This is alongside the fact that the biological sciences are wonderfully interesting subjects in their own right, with all aspects of the curriculum offering up thought-provoking delights.

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Get studying biology - it is well worth the effort!

Options for Studying Biology in Manchester

Your choice of course and institution will change depending on what you want to get out of your subject.

We don’t consider schools here – focusing more on the extra-curricular and further education opportunities, where you actually have a bit of choice about where you can study.

Attend a Study Day with Biology in Action

The Training Partnership runs a range of educational days training students of A Levels, GCSEs, BTECs, and Key Stage 3 programmes to both excel in their exams and find inspiration in their subject. They run all over the country, and, luckily, there is a centre based in Manchester.

The days run for five hours and feature a number of expert speakers – whether academics, educators, or science presenters. Last year’s featured talks on the biome, microbiology, and themes from biomedical science from hugely enthusiastic scientists.

They are hugely popular events, and the aim is to get students excited about science – a hugely laudable goal! Try it out for yourself.

Join a Biology Revision Course with A Level Revision UK

If Biology in Action aims to be inspirational, A Level Revision UK is really informative and geared towards your exams. They offer similar courses, but their intention – as their name suggests – is to get you revising for your A Levels.

They run revision courses, in Manchester Metropolitan University, throughout Easter, which aim to fill your head with as much information about the life science so that you can ace the breadth of your biology topics. From evolutionary biology to plant and animal physiology, you will cover, over a week, all aspects of your biology A Level.

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Find a Private Biology Tutor with Superprof

If you’d rather have some guidance with biology on a one-to-one basis, a private biology tutor might be more up your street. The best place to find one is on Superprof, a platform that hosts over one hundred private biology tutors in Manchester. On average, they charge £16 an hour, and your biology teacher can come to your home or even tutor you online.

What private tuition offers that group courses do not is the ability to take your time over issues and theories that interest you more or that you struggle with personally. That option is not always available when you are in group classes.

Superprof’s private tutors are qualified, experienced, and friendly, and they have the knowledge and the teaching experience to get you through your studies – at whatever level that might be.

Study for A Levels, Diplomas, or HNCs at the Manchester College

The Manchester College is one of the many further education institutions in the city, offering a range of courses designed for those seeking qualifications other than degrees.

There is a range of A Levels – in the familiar subjects from mathematics to the humanities and, of course, general biology – which, as you will know, are the highest qualification you can get in school in anticipation for university education.

Otherwise, they offer Access to Higher Education diplomas, Higher National Certificates, and BTECs, as well as degrees in Sport Science and Applied Psychology.

Access to Higher Education courses are for those who would like to go to university but who left school before gaining the required qualifications. In the AHE in Combined Science, you’ll look at a range of topics from across the three sciences – in biochemical science, organic chemistry, and human physiology. And after a year, you’ll be able to apply to the university of your choice.

A spider in a web in a garden.
Biology is as much about spiders as it is about cells, chemicals, or anatomy.

Take a Remote Biology Course at the Open University

If you’re life isn’t so flexible to enrol in a full-time course, the Open University can provide you with the freedom that you need. With Higher Education Certificates and Diplomas available in subjects including Natural Sciences and Health Sciences, you can study biology remotely and in the schedule that suits you.

The really radical thing about the Open University – which is the leading remote learning platform in the UK – is that they offer distance-learning degrees. This means that you can study and achieve an undergraduate degree from your own home, a possibility that can be really really helpful for some.

From Environmental Science degrees to those specialising in Biology, you’ll find something to satisfy your yearning for biological learning.

Study for a BTEC in Biology at Trafford College

Trafford College is another further education college in Greater Manchester offering A Levels, vocational qualifications, apprenticeships, adult learning opportunities, and Access to Higher Education qualifications.

The adult learning opportunities at Trafford College are great and include two BTECs – at Level 2 and Level 3 – in Applied Science. Both will have you working in chemistry and biology laboratories, working with scientific equipment, and studying ideas including genetic engineering, chemical reactions, and human physiology.

BTECs are an internationally recognised qualification that can either prepare you to attend university or to study for A Levels. In Manchester, Trafford College is one of the best places to study for one.

Aim for a Career in Biology at the University of Manchester

If you have completed all the prerequisite stages of your studies, maybe it’s time to think about whether you want to be a proper scientist – a biologist or researcher – and join the ranks of undergraduates studying for a Bachelor degree.

The University of Manchester is a great place to study for a degree, Master’s, or a doctoral programme – and people come from all over the country (and the world!) to study sciences here.

The biology course covers everything from molecular science to the world’s larger ecosystem, and it will prepare you, over three years, to enter into the world of work with a thorough understanding of issues in biological science and a solid academic qualification.

Take this course if you are really serious about going all the way with biology – and make sure you fulfil the entry requirements before you apply!

Or Take a Short Course in Biology

The University of Manchester also offer a load of Continuing Professional Development courses, for those people looking to go to the next level in their work. From dentistry to epidemiology, you’ll find a course that suits you and that can take your career to the next stage.

A road in Redwood National Park
Biology courses are your route into knowledge of nature.

Take a Class at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum

The Science and Industry Museum is Manchester’s best museum for learning about what science means today in the real world. It has a range of educational opportunities for those from early ages to Key Stage 3.

Workshops cover topics as weird and wacky as synaesthesia, engines, and rockets, and they are pretty much guaranteed to make kids very very excited.

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