Talking honestly, where would we be without our teachers? When they are good, they inspire, entertain, and encourage – as well as educating. They can be some of the most memorable people in our lives, helping to form us at our most formative moments and encouraging us to excel.

We love teachers of any form – in the classroom, the lecture hall, or at your kitchen table. And for this reason, we wanted to connect you to some of the best teachers where you are – to people who can share their passion with you and guide you to the next stage in your life.

If you are in Birmingham, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have tracked down some of the best biology tutors in the city who can help you at whatever stage you’re at in life. So, whether you are a high school student aiming to get the best marks you can in your GCSEs or A Levels, a prospective undergraduate in the biological sciences, or an adult hoping to add a biological string to your bow, we’ll help you find what you need in Birmingham.

(If you are not in Birmingham, don’t fret! We have articles on biology courses in Leeds, biology classes in Manchester, learning biology in London, and studying biology in Glasgow.

Two ladybirds on a leaf.
From the smallest bugs (and smaller) to the world's great ecosystems, biology covers everything.

Why Study Biology?

When you begin to notice it, you’ll start seeing biology in action all around you. You have a cold? You’ll study this in topics on human disease. You’re eating a cheese sandwich? This food is the direct product of microbial activity. You’re staring absent-mindedly at a bird or a plant whilst reading this? You’ll understand more about them if you study zoology or botany, evolution, ecology, or biodiversity.

What you study in biology happens all around you at all times. This discipline clarifies the processes and phenomena that shape what you are seeing and tries to explain the beauty and diversity of life on Earth. Seen this way, it’s a little more interesting than diagrams of cell structure. It rather seeks to make sense of why the world’s living organisms – including us! – behave the way they do.

And with a biology qualification or two, the world is your oyster. A biology course can set you up as a doctor or physio, a biologist, scientist, or laboratory researcher, or a teacher yourself – and a qualification in the subject (one of the harder ones around) proves to the world that you are an able and committed person.

Check for A level biology courses for adults here.

Where to Study Biology in Birmingham?

Luckily for you guys in Birmingham, the city is overwhelmed with learning opportunities for those looking to study the biological science. If you want to study a science degree or attend a revision class to get your head around those biological processes, we’ve got something for you here! We hope it’s helpful.

Attend a Biology Revision Course at MPW

Mander Portman Woodward is a group of independent schools based in Birmingham, London, and Cambridge. They are a prestigious organisation committed to excellence, with an average of 64% of students achieving A*-B at A Level, and, in Birmingham, they are based close to Five Ways Station.

Besides their opportunities for full-time schooling, each of the locations runs Easter revision classes in GCSE and A Level throughout April. These encourage and prepare you to achieve excellent grades – and they cover all exam boards.

The biology courses will cover everything from cellular and molecular biology to genetics, evolutionary theory, and plant physiology – and the course content will be combined with exam technique, practice questions, and general exam advice over the course of the week.

And if this goes well for you, you can attend a week-long course in another subject the following week – from chemistry to physics, from the humanities to the social sciences.

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Study biology in one Birmingham's many schools and universities.

Find a Private Biology Tutor at Superprof

If you would prefer not to attend a class, you may find that a private tutor of biology might be more up your street. These can offer personally tailored tuition in anything from biochemistry to microbiology and genomics, at the pace you need and in the style of teaching you require.

The best place to find a private biology teacher is Superprof, an online platform with over five million tutors worldwide. In Birmingham, there are 96 qualified, experienced, and friendly private tutors, offering lessons at an average rate of eighteen pounds an hour.

Find private biology tutors now.

From a private tutor, you are much more able to get the information and attention that you personally need. So, if you need a little hand grasping the intricacies of evolutionary biology or the ins and outs of immunology – or indeed help with any part of the biology curriculum – one of Superprof’s biology tutors will give you the time and tips that you require.

Check out our piece on biology courses across the UK for more!)

Bag Yourself a Biology A Level at the South and City College Birmingham

If you have not yet enrolled in a biology course but are hoping to study the life science at a higher level, you may want to consider applying for an A Level at Birmingham’s South and City College.

This is a further education college that offers courses in a huge variety of subjects, with some up to undergraduate degree level. The College has thousands of students and eight campuses across Birmingham.

The A Level in biology is designed to prepare you for admission to an undergrad degree in any subject and, in following the OCR course, it will give you a thorough grounding in all things biology. Learn everything from organismal biology to ecology and evolution, over a period of two years, and then apply to your degree course for undergraduates.

Or Find All Sorts of Biology Qualifications at Halesowen College

Like all major cities in the UK, Birmingham has more than just the one further education college. For those of you who do not want to study for an A Level, Halesowen College offers a number of different qualifications in science.

The College – based in the suburban zone to the south-west of the city centre – offers Higher National Diplomas and Higher National Certificates in Applied Biology, Applied Chemistry, and Engineering. These qualifications are focused primarily on practical learning (hence the ‘applied’ aspect of the course), yet they are prestigious and widely-recognised higher education qualifications which prepare you for the world of work or for further study.

In the Applied Biology HND, for example, you will be studying everything from human biology to molecular and cellular biology, and you will be taking a hands-on approach that will set you up nicely for any of the careers in biology.

Join Other Adults Studying Biology at the Birmingham Adult Education Service

For those who have taken an unconventional educational pathway and would like to study for a GCSE as an adult, this can be a little tricky. Fortunately, the Birmingham Adult Education Service provides lots of opportunities for people in this position.

Alongside other GCSEs in mathematics, IT, and English as a Second Language, the BAES offers a GCSE in biology. In this, over thirty-two weeks, you will learn about the main parts of the human organism, about conservation biology, about behavioural ecology, and much more.

It’s worth pointing out that a GCSE usually takes place over two years, so this is a very quick – and therefore quite demanding – course!

A representation of a virus.
Study viruses in a biology course.

Study for a Biology Degree at the University of Birmingham

For those of you who are quite serious about biology, you might want to consider studying for a Bachelor of Science degree – or an undergraduate course in science.

The University of Birmingham offers the full breadth of undergraduate degrees, and for the budding biologist there is the opportunity to study Biological Sciences there. As one of the Russell Group universities, it is a hugely prestigious institution, with famous alumni and some of the best scientists in the world.

As part of this degree, you will cover cell and molecular biology, biotechnology, and population genetics, and you will have the opportunity – once you have completed it – to join graduate courses in more specific subjects.

This is an option for those considering research opportunities in the sciences, or those who merely want to study at university!

Enrol on a Remote Degree in Biology at the Open University

And if you do not have the time in amongst jobs or family commitments to study a full-time degree programme, you may consider the possibility of studying with the Open University, the world leader for distance learning.

The prospective student will find a range of different biology options here, with courses in Environmental Science, Natural Science, or Health Science – the latter of which will prepare you for work in the health professions.

The Environmental Science degree, for example, is an interdisciplinary course with aspects of biology and aspects of geography. It focuses on the study of life and its environment.

The Open University excels at remote learning opportunities, so if you want to study with a little bit of flexibility, this is the opportunity for you.

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