When you are studying for a different subject, your greatest asset is your teacher. Whether you succeed or fail can often be down to this person – to how inspiring or passionate they are, how knowledgeable, how well they communicate, engage, and encourage. This is not to say that they are entirely responsible for your grades (as you have to study, apply yourself, and find your own inspiration), but their role is kind of crucial.

So, here, we have tracked down some of the best options for studying biology in London, with some of the best teachers in the UK’s capital city. Whether you are revising for high school biology exams or learning the courses for the first time; whether you are searching for a university biology course to attend or you are looking to return to education after a break as an adult; whatever it is you are looking to do with the discipline, you will find the best opportunity for you here.

And if you don’t live in London, we have plenty of articles on biology opportunities in the rest of the country. You can find advice on biology courses in Leeds, biology classes in Birmingham, learning biology in Glasgow, and studying biology in Manchester.

Why Study Biology?

A good biology teacher should unlock the joy of their subject – and the biological science, or life science as it is sometimes known, is packed with potential for joy.

You’ll learn all about the diversity of life – from the massive communities of microbes on your skin to the planet’s ecosystem of plants, animals, and other living things. You’ll learn about cell structure and genomics – or what happens at a microscopic level. And you’ll learn about the ways in which governments and agencies try to preserve and manage all these things, in what we call conservation biology.

The breadth and diversity of the subject makes it something fascinating potentially for everyone. And your teacher should be able to harness this fascination – whether that be in ecology and evolution, genetics, or molecular biology – and direct it towards achieving the best grades that you can. 

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Representation of a DNA double helix
Study DNA in one of London's biology courses.

Studying in London

London, of course, is a great place to study biology. It has some of the most important biological institutions in the world, including the Royal Society of Biology and the prestigious university, Imperial College.

But it also has great educational bodies for every level of study – from schools to further education colleges – and plenty of private tutors. Regardless of what you want to get out of your studies, you’ll find it in this brilliant city.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options for you here.

Revise Biology at MPW London

Mander Portman Woodward – or MPW – is a group of independent schools with institutions in London, Birmingham, and Cambridge. They’ve been going for about forty years and, in this time, they have developed a great reputation for both mainstream school success and the extra-curricular courses they open for students from different schools.

The Easter Revision sessions are one of the most popular of these, involving over a thousand students across the three locations. Throughout April, MPW runs GCSE and A Level revision courses in all subjects from chemistry and physics to the humanities and social sciences. They are intensive and fast-paced, with up to nine students in each group, but they are rewarding and are guaranteed to boost your grades.

The biology courses are tailored towards all the different exam boards and, over the week, you will study everything from biochemistry to evolutionary theory – and all the rest that is in your exam.

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Or Brush Up on Your Studies with PMT and IntoUniversity

PMT Courses offer a similar concept: intensive revision courses over a week during the Easter break. These guys work in association with IntoUniversity, a UK charity that helps those who would not conventionally think of attending university to do exactly that. That’s why PMT offer five spaces on each course free, for those who might need a hand to fund their studies.

PMT run their courses from Imperial College, just south of Hyde Park. And whilst they offer GCSE and A Level revision in all sorts of different science subjects, the biology courses cover the Edexcel, AQA, and OCR exam boards.

So, rock up for four days and cover everything about biodiversity, human physiology, and microbiology. And leave, after jam-packed study days, ready to rock the exam.

Read our article on the best biology courses across the UK. In each, we cover the best teachers of biology around – so we hope you find it helpful.

Women studying together.
Study biology in a group!

Find a Private Biology Tutor at Superprof

If you would rather do your revision one-to-one with a private biology tutor, Superprof might be the best place for you to look.

With nearly six hundred tutors of biology in London – charging an average of £22 per hour – you will be sure to find an experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate biologist to guide you through the ins and outs of the biological sciences. With any luck, there might be one right around the corner from you.

The benefit of a private tutor is simple. Maybe in a class you focus more on zoology, when you really want help with cell biology; maybe you’re desperate to go over the process of photosynthesis again but today’s class is a lecture on evolutionary biology. With a private tutor you can avoid this, as they will tailor their teaching to suit whatever it is that you need.

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So, check out Superprof to find a tutor who will work for you.

Take a Biology GCSE as an Adult at City of Westminster College

But, if you’re an adult who previously missed the opportunity to study a GCSE, or if you have changed your mind about your profession and you want to go back and learn something new from the beginning, you might find a great GCSE course, designed for adults, at the City of Westminster College.

In the biology GCSE, which is studied in the evenings over thirty-one weeks, you will study all aspects of the curriculum, from animal behaviour to cellular and molecular biology. You will be expected to sit three exams in June, as well as an internally assessed piece of coursework.

If you fancy being a primary teacher, or are looking at careers in biology, it will be fairly crucial to get yourself a biology GCSE. This might be the place to do it.

Or Pursue a Different Biology Qualification at the City and Islington College

However, if a GCSE is not your thing, check out the different options available at the City and Islington College.

Here, the courses are a little more practical, with plenty of opportunities to study for the Access to Higher Education Diplomas. These prepare you for academic study, such as an undergraduate degree, or professional study, and are often geared towards those who do not have formal qualifications just yet.

You could take the Medicine and Medical Biosciences diploma, or one in Health and Human Sciences or Forensic Science. All last about thirty-five weeks and are all aimed at adults over the age of nineteen.

Depending on which course you pick, your course will focus mainly on health and you will move between laboratory and seminar, completing coursework and preparing for end of year exams.

Apply for a Degree in Biology at Imperial College London

If you are serious about pursuing your passion for biology to the highest levels, why not apply for an undergrad degree at Imperial College London, one of the best places for undergraduate research and graduate study in science in the world?

In the college’s biology department, you will focus on all aspects of the study of life, from the smallest microorganisms through the organism to the study of populations and biological systems and populations.

The Bachelor of Science degree takes three years, and, after that, you will have the chance to apply for different research opportunities and graduate degrees. 

A rabbit in grass
Unlock the beauty of biology with a science teacher.

Try Distance Learning with the Open University’s Biology Degrees

Like many people in the UK, you might find it a little difficult to find the time to fit in a full-time biology degree in amongst other commitments. That’s why the Open University was founded, so that prospective students could study at the schedule that suits them.

This is a brilliant opportunity for studying biology, as the Open University’s online biology degree is well respected and equivalent to a conventionally studied biology qualification.

Choose from those in Natural Sciences, Environmental Science, or Health Sciences.

Attend a Science Event at the Royal Society of Biology

If you are more interested in developing your biology knowledge casually, without the pressure of a qualification, you may find the Royal Society of Biology an appealing choice.

With events on all subjects in biology across London and the wider country, it’s a great option for those who are looking to learn without any commitments at all.

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