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Study Biology in Leeds

By Charlie, published on 13/03/2019 Blog > Academia > Biology > Learn Biology: The Best Biology Courses in Leeds

There’s nothing like a good teacher to inspire you in a subject. That applies to whatever discipline you are studying. From science to the guitar, from history to painting, a teacher who knows their stuff – and who can share their passion for it with you – is indispensable.

And, in the study of all things biological, getting to grips with the theory and remembering the facts is crucial – and a teacher who knows and loves their subject is the best way to learn any of it.

This is why we have put together a selection of some of the best teachers, tutors, and classes around to help you in your journey through the biological sciences – no matter at what stage of your studies you are, no matter what qualification or topic you are aiming for.

So, if you are based in Leeds, quit struggling with your biology textbook and listen up. Whether you are an undergraduate looking for further help in your biology degree, or a GCSE student hoping to smash your exams – or else an adult learner approaching life science for the first time – there will be someone here for you.

(If you are not based in Leeds, however, we have some different articles that might be beneficial to your study of biology. Try out our piece on biology classes in Manchester, biology lessons in London, teachers of biology in Birmingham, and biology courses in Glasgow.

Why Study Biology?

Biology is a broad and diverse subject – and its breadth means there’s something for everyone. From the tiny things of cellular and molecular biology – including genetics and the study of bacteria – to the biological processes at the ecosystem level, in biodiversity, conservation, and animal behaviour, the biological science includes all the living things in the world.

As such, it is a fascinating science to grapple with – and studying it formally can take you anywhere you might want to go in life. If you want to be a laboratory researcher, you’ll need to study at least a bit of the subject – and if you are hoping to study medicine, you’ll definitely need it. Otherwise, you might want to go into sport, into a postgraduate research programme, or even work in a zoo. All of these things will require a bit of biology.

A lion against black background. Why not study biology? It’s wonderful!

Where to Study Biology in Leeds

So, no matter which path you are hoping to follow, these courses will have you covered – whether you want to study full time or if you want to be a bit more flexible, or if you just want to enhance your knowledge casually in spare moments. There are a huge number of options available for you in Leeds.

Revise Biology at Justin Craig Education

Justin Craig is a prestigious revision organisation that helps to train students studying for GCSEs and A Levels to excel in their exams. They operate all over the country, and, for people in Leeds, the centre in Harrogate is a short drive up the road.

The journey is well worth it, because Justin Craig has offered specialist revision courses for nearly forty years, and the small class sizes and experienced teaching provide a learning experience of incredibly quality and effectiveness.

With the majority of teachers being professionals in mainstream schools, and with class sizes limited to six people (with one-to-one tuition available), the school in Harrogate is guaranteed to have any student excelling in any subject from physics to the humanities, from chemistry to the social sciences. Each revision course is exam board specific too.

So, if you want to hone your knowledge of ecology or evolution – or if you want to refine your thoughts on microbes or the pathogen – this might be the place for you to come!

A classroom with a brick wall Find a biology revision class in Leeds.

Attend a Saturday Science Revision Centre at EducateFirst

EducateFirst run a number of revision centres across the north of England, providing supplementary education in mathematics, English, and the sciences to students up to GCSE and A Level in Leeds, Huddersfield, and Bradford.

The EducateFirst Tuition Centre in Leeds runs from the Bangladeshi Community Centre on Roundhay Road on Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 13:15 throughout the academic year. And at just over six quid an hour, it’s very unlikely that you will find tuition at a better value anywhere.

You will be put into different classes depending on your level and ability and then taught by one of the professional, specialised teachers alongside like-minded students.

EducateFirst’s philosophy is all about the community, as they seek out and work with communities in which educational support is below standard. They are doing really important work in Leeds, and may well help you to nail your biology course.

Check out our guide to biology learning opportunities across the UK. Check them out!)

Find a Private Biology Tutor with Superprof

If you want biology tuition that is one-to-one and perfectly tailored to suit your personal needs and aims, you might find a private tutor the best thing for you. Superprof is the best place to find one, as it links curious students to supportive, passionate, and knowledgeable tutors all over the world.

In Leeds, there are 87 biology tutors to choose from, offering classes at an average rate of £17 an hour. With so much choice, you are guaranteed to find the tutor that best suits your style of learning – and your busy schedule.

There’s no doubt that learning the ins and outs of biochemistry or microbiology is less easy when you are working alongside a class of students all with different educational requirements. A private biology tutor can smoothen out this process, providing you with independent research, tailored lesson content, and attention to the things that you need most.

Zoology, genomics, animal physiology, or cellular biology will never have been so easy.

Study for Biology A Level, or an Adult Learning Course, at Leeds City College

If you are not at the point at which you need to revise for your biology exams but are instead thinking about what course you want to join, you should consider Leeds City College as a place to study.

The City College offers A Levels in a broad range of subjects, which you will study on a full-time basis over two years. The biology A Level takes place on the Park Lane Campus and will have you studying things like population biology, human disease, biochemistry and molecular biology. The course will prepare you for admission to a biological sciences degree at university.

If you are not interested in studying for an A Level, there are other options available for you – from the Step-up Pathway, in which sixteen- to eighteen-year-olds can study GCSEs if they have not previously, to the part-time adult courses for those who want to develop their education further. Both offer opportunities to study in science labs, but the Combined Science: Synergy GCSE will prepare you for professional studies and opportunities in the sciences.

Take a Biology Degree at the University of Leeds

If you are prepared to go the whole hog and want to become a proper biologist, you’ll need to apply for an undergraduate degree in biology. The University of Leeds is a brilliant place to do just this.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Biology will teach you in all aspects of modern biology, from human biology to the study of life in all its forms. The curriculum is based around key biological themes, from immunology to organismal biology.

The fun thing about the biology course at the University of Leeds is that you have the opportunity to go straight into a graduate degree – a Master’s – in biology too, by adding an extra year to your course.

For those serious about biology, this will be an important step in your scientific career.

Rainforest from above. The rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse habitats in the world.

Study Online in Leeds with the Open University

Yet, studying a full-time degree at a university can be difficult for some in terms of time-tabling and juggling other commitments. That’s why there is a wonderful thing called the Open University, an institution that leads the way globally in terms of flexible, distance learning qualifications.

The Open University offers BAs and BScs in biology, with courses in Natural Sciences (with the option of specialising in biology), in Environmental Science, and in Health Sciences. These are full degrees, but you can study them at home, and they can prepare you for entrance to the world of work or for a progression in your career.

They offer Certificates and Diplomas in Higher Education too – for those who do not yet have the qualifications for admission to a degree course.

Experience Biology with Future Learn

The people of Leeds benefit from another great thing: FutureLearn, the partnership project between the University of Leeds and other universities across the world. This provides online educational videos to anyone who cares to watch them – on topics from human disease to skeletons.

Whilst the videos themselves are more for casual educational purposes, they can be combined to gain you credits from the University of Leeds.



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