Let’s say your favourite hangout is Chamberlain Square, and that every proposed visit there poses a quandary: should you visit the museum or Aston Hall? Or maybe Blakesley Hall, for their dynamic installations.

At the very least, it is a good idea to get indoors, out of this beastly heat!

While you’re at it, why shouldn’t you take in some beautiful art?

Birmingham is home to several artists, among them Ian Andrews. You may have caught his exhibition a couple of years back, in our museum...

If he can, why can’t you? Why shouldn’t you also practice art?

Whether you would like to try your hand at drawing, painting, pottery or sculpting, there is an art class meant for you.

If you are an art student at Birmingham City University, you might be looking for a studio off campus or perhaps a bit of tutelage, apart from your classmates, so that you can focus more intently on your creations.

If you are enroled in Manchester University, you might want to look for extracurricular art classes in that city! 

Superprof will now help you find art classes to uncover, discover and develop your talent as an artist – in whatever form of visual art you will express yourself in.

Discover online art courses for free here.

Art and Design Teacher
1st lesson free!
Art and Design Teacher
4.80 4.80 (2) £25/h
1st lesson free!
Art and Design Teacher
1st lesson free!
Art and Design Teacher
5.00 5.00 (5) £75/h
1st lesson free!
Art and Design Teacher
5.00 5.00 (4) £20/h
1st lesson free!
Art and Design Teacher
5.00 5.00 (8) £40/h
1st lesson free!
Art and Design Teacher
4.94 4.94 (5) £20/h
1st lesson free!
Art and Design Teacher
1st lesson free!

Art Lessons in Drawing and Painting

Art is not merely painting and drawing!
Most people's common definition of art is paint or drawing Source: Pixabay Credit: Bookarelovely

Let us start off by emphasising that art includes many disciplines, from photography to... well, the martial arts – which has the word art built right in!

Nevertheless, the first thought that generally springs to mind when thinking of art is works by Van Gogh, Goya, Monet and others; great artists whose work adorn the history of humankind.

That is why we start our search for classes here, among paint brushes and pastels, to help you define and refine your keen eye and artistic ability.

Unless you’re a natural with charcoal and pencil, you’ve got to start somewhere, and a beginner’s course at Mac Birmingham could be just the ticket!

You may also pick up on other art-related topics such as:

  • Introduction to art techniques

  • Introduction to oil painting

  • Introduction to portraiture

  • Introduction to Photorealism

  • Life drawing and painting

  • Painting and drawing to music

  • Painting with watercolours

Any of these courses, tailored to the adult artist, is meant to provide you with the basics of drawing and then take you beyond art fundamentals, all while boosting your confidence, which will, in turn, permit you to unlock your creativity!

You may then go further, exploring the other art classes on offer there: those difficult-to-master aspects such as drawing a human head or hand. Or, you may go even further and sign up for Saturday classes.

You should note that prices vary by course, and each of these classes is taught by a different instructor.

You may learn more about your prospective art teacher and the classes they facilitate by visiting the Mac's web page, listed in the table at the end of this article.

Located at Cannon Hill Park, they welcome beginners, intermediate and advanced artists.

Art classes in Glasgow are also particularly welcoming...

If the price of those workshops seems a bit steep, you may instead enrol at The Independent Art School.

Rather than participating in individual weekend sessions on the basics of pencil drawing, you may attend their drawing class, held every Monday night from 6:30 to 8:30.

Registering online costs you nothing and the monthly fee is only £49.

As an extra incentive, you need not provide any supplies (save maybe that apron, lest your clothes get ruined); this art school provides you with everything you need to learn to draw with.

If your Monday nights are already crowded, why not sign up for one of their Saturday classes, instead?

You may participate in their Creative Drawing class, open to beginners and intermediates, or their painting class, open to all!

These sessions would be ideal for art students enroled in the art program at a local art school or uni, to get a bit of a boost in technique!

This art school is located in the Custard Factory, on Gibb Street.

Get creative with your artwork!
Creative art adds a dimension of imagination to artistic inclination Source: Pixabay Credit: Susana Wildner-Fox

Art Classes for Other Media

Despite people thinking that art is synonymous with painting and drawing, there are other ways you can unlock your creativity in Birmingham, should you deem yourself no good with watercolour or figure drawing.

Or if it simply doesn’t call to you.

You may also find ways to unlock your creativity through art classes in London!

The term throwing a pot conjures up images of angry squabbles during which cookware gets tossed about but, in reality, it means to create pottery, the seemingly violent phrase describing that act from start to finish.

Throwing a pot has been found to be quite a relaxing activity; not only do you get to unleash your creative side but you literally get hands-on: your medium is clay and your basic tools are your hands.

Should you like to try your hand(s) at creating pottery, you could investigate the Sundragon Pottery Group, a division of Midlands Potters.

A rather social bunch, they are nevertheless serious about their art and happily host classes and workshops on how to throw a pot and work with ceramic.

You might join them with your annual membership of £35, which will provide you with newsletters, entry to pottery shows and discounts at various pottery craft stores.

They are located at The Old Print Works, Balsall Heath.

If three-dimensional art truly is your bailiwick but you have no inclination to throw a pot, you might try your hand at sculpting.

Here again, the Independent Art School provides!

For £55 per month, beginners will be provided with basic materials and fundamental instruction in the art of sculpture.

Check out "art classes near me" now.

You would be welcome too if you’ve spent a bit time of sculpting but wish to refine your skill at calling forth lifelike impressions.

Although clay is the material of choice for these lessons, you may carry the idea generation and development skills you learn in those classes over to any other materials you might want to sculpt with.

These classes meet on Wednesdays, in the evening, from 6:30 to 8:30.

You might help your detail minded child with sculpting lessons
You may enroll your young students into art classes, which could include sculpting Source: Pixabay Credit: Severyanka

Art Courses for GCSE and A-Level Students

Practising just about any form of art has proven itself to be relaxing and healthful – benefits anyone in the working world needs from time to time!

Little kids also benefit from creating colour splashes and figures out of modelling clay, and exposing preschoolers to art creation makes them more likely to pursue art studies at higher levels.

If you believe you are parenting a future architect or civil engineer – an engineer of any type! you should know that s/he must be able to draw to realise those ambitions.

The Alkhami Arts Academy accepts students as young as six, all the way up to age 14.

You may find kids' art classes in Leeds, as well!

There, your child(ren) may learn to work with pottery and clay, as well as mosaic and mask-making.

Considering the current popularity of superheroes, the mask-making class is a fav among the young students!

Going beyond those, your young Rembrandt might enjoy designing T-shirts or learning the finer points of street art – that vibrant type of graffiti that is more nuanced and socially acceptable.

What about making jewellery?

Your pre-teen or teenager might enjoy working with silver and precision tools to bend, shape and create unique, wearable designs.

Did you know that the Museum in the Jewellery Quarter is hosting a jewellery making workshop for adults next month? Wouldn’t you like to attend?

Or are you just now contemplating doing a search for art classes near me?

What about your A-Levels artist in residence, in full exploration of his/her artistic abilities?

True, s/he has a lot of text to cover: history and theory of art, but... wouldn’t it be great if s/he could get a bit of hands-on practice? Conduct a bit of experimentation and learn painting techniques prior to sitting exams?

If so, you may be interested in this online art techniques course offered by the National Extension College, which covers how to draw and paint still lifes, the human form and other assorted themes.

In fact, this art education course might be one you could undertake with your young artists because it also covers basic skills – an aspect of art education s/he might help you learn!

At £375 it is a bit pricey, but if it helps your budding artist gain scholarship into the arts school of his/her choice, the expense would most definitely be worth it!

If you are the type of person who likes to linger in galleries, gazing at timeless (or timely) artwork, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give drawing and/or painting, or even sculpting and jewellery making a go!

As you can see, there are plenty of adult classes that you could engage in; making art is not just for kids!

But if you, like so many other parents, see to your children’s development before your own continuous learning, there are plenty of kids classes you could scout out, too!

Read our other posts about finding art classes in other UK cities such as, Edinburgh Belfast and Cardiff.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled all of the web addresses for every facility mentioned in this article in the table below.

School or Facility NamePhysical AddressWebsite
Mac BirminghamCannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QHhttps://macbirmingham.co.uk/painting-drawing
The Independent Art School
in the Custard Factory
Gibb Street
B9 4AA
The Independent Art School
Sundragon Pottery506 Moseley Road
Balsall Heath
B12 9AH
the Alkhami Arts Academyhttp://www.arts.alkhami.com
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