If you are living in Wales, Cardiff as plenty of opportunities to learn about arts. It might be that you want to learn how to draw, paint or learn how to take amazing photographs.

There are dozens of amazing studios and workshops with certified and qualified tutors ready to help you.

3 Reasons To Take Art Classes

Inspire Your Creativity

Harbouring creativity won’t just increase your child’s odds of becoming the next Picasso. You’re also helping them developmentally, socially, and emotionally, according to Ecklund-Flores, a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from the City University of New York Graduate Center.

Creating art content may boost young children’s ability to analyse as well as problem-solve in a multitude of ways, according to Mary Ann F. Kohl, author of "Primary Art: It’s the Process, Not the Product". As kids manipulate a paintbrush, their excellent motor skills improve.

By counting pieces and colours, they acquire the basics of math. When a child experiment with different materials, they dabble in science for the first time. Even more important, perhaps, when kids feel good while they are creating, art helps boost self-confidence.

And children who feel able to experiment and to make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the craft room.

Even the greatest painters had to start somewhere! (Source: Visual Hunt)

Get Out Of Your Confort Zone

In most art classes, you have to do with critiques. You give and get feedback regularly, which will help you improve. This can be awkward, uncomfortable and intimidating, but at the end, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you.

From taking an art class, you will finally realise that it’s OK to ask for feedback or help when you feel you need it; it doesn’t mean you don’t have your own good ideas and it doesn’t mean you’re not smart or artistic.

Rather, it means you recognise there’s always room for improvement, and other people’s critics can inspire you to build on your own ideas.

Learn something new every day! Whether it’s a new technique, a new medium, or if art, in general, is something you’ve never done before – learning new things improve us and gives us more confidence.

Reduce Your Stress

Decades of scientific research have shown that in people with dementia and other progressive neurological ailments, the ability to create art remains well after speech and communication have diminished. Research has also demonstrated that creating visual art can reduce stress and promote relaxation in people who are hospitalised or bed-bound due to illness.

Megan Carleton, an art therapist at the Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital who like many art therapists is also a licensed mental health counsellor, uses a variety of media — from acrylic and oil paints to iPads — available to people who are going through cancer therapy at MGH.

She has also worked with veterans and people with Alzheimer's disease in other environments. "Once people engage, they often realise they are having fun and the time passes faster," she says.

Carlton says that art also has an essential role in helping people cope through particularly hard times, including facing the end of life. "Working with a certified art therapist can give them away to express themselves in a safe setting to help them get to the next stage more at peace."

She has seen people make necklaces to give to friends and relatives, make books and videos to memorialise their experiences, and even build boxes to contain their expressions of anger and frustration.

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How do you pin your own content on Pinterest?
Pinterest is a great way to show off your talent. (Source: bodobe)

The Cardiff Artspace

The Cardiff Artspace offers a range of art courses and workshops for adults. With tailored teaching and a relaxed environment, you'll always find taking an art class with us to be an enjoyable experience. Whether you're a complete beginner or already have some artistic skills, we can help you find your individual style and creative voice.

We provide exciting classes, relaxed spaces and expert teaching to nurture your creative side. A place to put paint and ink to canvas, experiment and make a big mess if you want!

Their art studio is based in Meanwhile House, just a 10-minute walk from Cardiff Central.

The Cardiff Artspace offers art courses as the perfect chance to develop skills week on week. You'll be supported every step of the way by your teacher. There is a range of painting classes, drawing courses and other creative workshops to choose from.

Courses are tailored to each group, so novices and experienced artists are always welcome.

The Cardiff Open Art School

The Cardiff Open Art School or COAS has an excellent reputation for its high-quality Art & Design short courses. Your passion, ideas and skills will be imrpoved and enhanced as you learn new skills, techniques and creative processes with new friends.

These courses may be the start of a new career for some, or may simply be a pastime that you've wanted to develop and learn more about on your free time, whatever your reasons for applying to COAS, you won't be disappointed, but will be enchanted by the range of work you make during your courses.

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced designer or artist, are preparing a portfolio to apply for a graduate program or if you've never picked up a brush before, they've got something to offer you, so the classes and workshops are a great way to try out new skills or for further developing your practice.

COAS is located in the heart of the Cardiff School of Art & Design, an Art School with a 150-year history laying firmly on the principle of artistic experimentation and practice.

Their studios and workshops are professionally equipped and accessible for their students to use under the expert supervision of a dynamic team of teachers, all of whom are practitioners with impressive reputations in their specialist areas of study.

Classes run throughout the year at their Llandaff campus, typically beginning each Autumn, Spring and Summer Term. The most up to date details about what they are doing and when will always be found on the courses section of the Cardiff Open Art School's website.

The Art Workshop

The Art Workshop was founded in 2012 by Genevieve Loxton and Martha Lowry to bring quality Fine Art tuition to the area in the North of Cardiff. Genevieve and Martha are artists in theit own rights; they both hold First Degrees in Fine Art specialising in painting and sculpture.

Previous to those awards they both achieved distinctions at Foundation. Working and training within Fine Art over many years they have accumulated a wide range of skills, techniques and resources.

Based in Rhiwbina, The Art Workshop offers a wide range of courses. Sessions are two hours per week, available in the morning and afternoon. Exploring a range of Fine Art skills each course covers a different area. Class sizes are kept small and ideal for beginner to advanced levels.

Joining The Art Workshop and you will benefit from a programme of courses from drawing and painting to sculpture and 3-Dimensional Design. Every workshop will focus on maximising your artistic creativity, bringing you new skills and inspiration and, most importantly, making your experience positive and fun.

Kate Lowry teaches their watercolour course. Kate Lowry is a qualified paintings conservator with more than forty years of experience of working in major UK museums.

Lowry has an in-depth knowledge of artists' materials and processes about which she has taught and published many resources. As an artist, she specialises in producing landscapes and still-life in mostly in watercolour and mixed media.

The Art Workshop is delighted to welcome artist and printmaking specialist Jackie Shackson to introduce you to Tetrapak Collagraph Printing.

Her work is mainly inspired by the study of Welsh identity through folklore, traits and customs. Jackie is an award-winning artist, broadly exhibited with in-depth knowledge of the numerous print-making skills and techniques.

Art materials and supplies.
Most art classes and workshops will supply the basic art materials you will need during the session. But you are always welcome to bring your own.

The Llanover Hall Arts Centre

Since the opening of the new The Llanover Hall Arts Centre building in 2000, the centre has run exciting classes in pottery, arts and crafts, printmaking, textiles, digital arts and photography, dance and drama as well as music. Young people and adults have been able to start and develop their artistic creativity.

Recently under new management, the centre has been improved, new workshops are being organised and work with schools and other creative partners is bringing new learners into the centre.

In their mission to bring arts to the local community, The Llanover Hall Arts Centre will continue to provide ‘An Open Door to Arts for All’.

Art Courses Wales

Art Courses Wales provides a variety of weekend courses in painting and drawing. These five subjects on offer Life classes, Portrait, Still-life, Colour, Monoprinting and Tutorial Workshops. The year starts in October and ends in June.

The studio is fully equipped with easels, work stations and drawing boards. There is a good supply of large pieces of paper and prepared surfaces to paint on.

If you have your own materials its an excellent idea to bring them. If not there is a supply of oil paints and drawing equipment which can be used at s small charge of £6 a day.

Hire A Private Tutor

If you prefer a more private environment, you might want to hire a private tutor. This options will offer you one-on-one tuition, perfect for you to learn whatever you would like to learn: sculpture, painting or drawing.

Thanks to Superprof, you will be able to find dozens of certified teachers ready to help you and share their passions.

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