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Where to Find Art Courses Nearby?

By Sophia, published on 06/08/2018 Blog > Arts and Hobbies > School Art > Art Classes Near Me

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, the Royal Collection will exhibit 12 of his drawings in 12 cities across the country, starting in February of next year.

There will be a subsequent display, 200 drawings in all, shown at Buckingham Palace, starting in May.

And then, in November, 80 drawings will be exhibited at Holyroodhouse.

One could say that history’s most renown polymath will be well-celebrated in the UK!

Leonardo Da Vinci, the quintessential Renaissance man – some say the father of the Italian Renaissance, was a painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, engineer… surely we needn’t go on!

With this article, Superprof celebrates da Vinci’s accomplishments, and our country’s diversity, by finding art classes around the land that will help you round out your portfolio.

If you are a student, soon to graduate from art school, you must know how valuable mastery of multiple disciplines is.

If you are not enroled in any school but are seeking to unlock your creativity, and/or provide your child with a creative outlet, there are lessons and workshops for all of you, too.

Let us tarry no longer! Off we go, in the spirit of da Vinci, to discover and create!

Art Courses for Sculpture in Glasgow

No more on the outside listening in; why not join the art class? No need to eavesdrop on instruction! You too can attend an art class! Sourcce: Pixabay Credit: Couleur

Sculpture has a long history in Scotland; some of the earliest examples of such work date back to around 3000 BCE.

Thus it would be natural to continue that heritage by taking sculpting courses in Glasgow, a city in itself a hotbed of art creation.

Traditional processes involved in sculpting include carving – the chiselling away of unwanted material, and modelling: the addition of material.

Today, we include under the header of sculpture three-dimensional pieces that have been welded, moulded or cast, alongside chiselled and modelled work.

So, where can Glaswegians master sculpting?

A good place to start would be Sorenzo Workshops.

Their general focus is on prop-making for stage and screen, but they also host intriguing courses in moulding and casting.

You may start with their afternoon workshop for beginner moulding and casting or, if you have a bit of experience, you could attend their two-day session, which goes much deeper into technique and materials.

All materials will be provided, as will coffee, tea and snacks be – even for the short afternoon course!

These sessions are held in small groups, only 10 participants, so that everyone can get the necessary time and attention from the instructor.

You may also be interested in their Life Casting course, in which you will replicate your face, your hands or feet; even your whole head if you so desire!

Sadly, none of Leonardo da Vinci’s sculptures has survived; perhaps if he had had plaster to work with, he could have made his elusive horse and rider concept a reality!

Manchester Art Lessons in Sketching

Da Vinci must have been a visual learner: the wealth of pencil sketches he left behind attests to the fact that, for him, seeing must have been believing.

The exquisite detail captured in his anatomy sketches lends credence to the story that he would exhume freshly buried cadavers in order to perfect his illustration (and understanding) of the human body.

No Mancunian who wishes to execute a life drawing need rob a grave today!

If you are simply dying to put pencil to sketchpad, head over to the Independent Art School on Wednesdays, in the evening, and take your place in front of the model.

For a monthly fee of £59, you will have access to an experienced art teacher who will provide one to one instruction as needed, and basic art supplies.

Whether beginner, intermediate or more advanced, every artist is welcome at these sessions.

That means that, if you are a student at Manchester School of Art who seeks a bit of extra guidance for his/her art program, know that this art studio will provide the help you need.

By no means is this facility limited to pencil sketching. They also teach drawing and painting – with watercolours, acrylics and oils; and ceramics and pottery, both to adults and through kids classes.

Where else can you find art classes in Manchester?

How would you feel about collaborating on an art project? You may take on collaborative project in your art classes Source: Pixabay Credit: StockSnap

Local Art Classes for Adults in Leeds

Were a polymath of da Vinci’s calibre alive today, s/he would most likely live in Leeds – not because of the city’s long history or diverse economy, but because of its penchant for celebrating art!

Leeds was most recently voted the most cultural city in Britain; ahead of our capital city, even!

Where this Yorkshire metropolis is concerned, the question is not so much which art to learn but, of all of the art instruction available, which one to learn first?

A visit to Inkwell Arts may help you decide.

There, you will find an open art class that meets every Tuesday and an abstract painting class, in session every second Saturday of the month.

Basic materials are provided for each lesson so, even if you are a beginner and don’t quite know where your talent or aspiration lies, you may try working with pencils, charcoal, pen or paint.

Although these courses are all adult classes, if you are preparing for your A-levels with an eye on matriculating at the University of Leeds, you would be welcome, too. You may bring your own materials, if you’d like.

You should also bring your portfolio so that artists working there may critique your painting technique ahead of your audition!

From printmaking to pottery and sketching to sculpting; through sewing and salsa dancing: Inkwell can give you exposure to everything art!

Can you imagine da Vinci, salsa dancing with wanton abandon?

Find more art classes in Leeds.

Pottery Art Courses in Birmingham

Midway through his life, da Vinci had already earned such a reputation that he was commissioned to create a statue, intended to be the largest equestrian statue in the world.

For that purpose, our favourite artist studied horses.

He made fine sketches of said beasts and even built a life-sized clay model, which the invading French subsequently used as target practice, completely demolishing his work.

Should you learn the art of pottery from Midland Potters, rest assured that your clay work will not suffer from hordes of attackers!

Members of this association work in concert with various studios in and around Birmingham to teach anyone interested in moulding and firing clay.

You will find their addresses, along with every other concern mentioned in this article, in the table below.

You needn’t know anything about throwing a pot or how to work a potter’s wheel to join them. All you need is a desire to learn and a willingness to get a bit dirty!

Courses vary according to the studio and artist you work with, so we urge you to make inquiries soon so that you might present everyone on your Christmas list with a unique gift, made by your own hand.

Find out where you can take art classes in Birmingham.

You can learn to paint with your child in art class Children of all ages can enjoy art classes in London! Source: Pixabay Credit: Betina Suarez

Painting and Drawing Art Classes in London

In an episode of classic Dr Who titled City of Death, The Doctor travels back in time to talk with Leonardo da Vinci.

In fact, there have been plenty of da Vinci representations of him in his time but, to our knowledge, none of him brought forward in time, to see the modern marvels we live alongside, as a matter of course.

Wouldn’t it be astounding if he were to suddenly materialise in the open studio of University of the Arts?

Just imagine that relentlessly curious mind, experiencing public transportation – the tube and double-decker buses, and indoor plumbing, for the first time!

If your mind is equally relentless and curious, yearning for discovery, perhaps you too could set yourself to sketching, sculpting and painting.

In fact, if you were looking for painting classes, art workshops or cartooning classes for children, you would most certainly find them in London.

Take, for example, the London School of Arts.

You may enrol your child as young as four years for lessons in drawing, colour mixing, and simple watercolour painting.

Should your young artists be a bit older, they will study the concepts of light and shadow, and receive an introduction to abstract art.

In fact, all of that art education facility’s drawing classes cover fundamentals of fine art:

  • how to draw and paint

    • painting techniques are emphasised!

  • refining drawing skills

  • exploration of media and working with mixed media

  • the composition of a masterpiece

What about classes for you?

Of course, there are adult classes at the School of Arts. Enrolling there, you will learn to explore your imagination and express yourself creatively in whichever medium you choose.

And, in London, you would definitely have a choice of media to express yourself in!

If you could travel back in time, who would you most like to meet?

My unwavering answer is: Leonardo da Vinci.

The prolificacy of his mind, the dedication to his work, the advancements he made in science, art, medicine…

Is it true that one should never meet their heroes?

And why hasn’t Dr Who brought Leonardo into today’s England?

Well, in a sense… have you seen Peter Capaldi Inside the Mind of Leonardo?

Perhaps that is the closest we’ll get to The Doctor ushering the man widely thought to be the most creative of all time into the 21st century.

Oh, well! At least, we have next year’s planned exhibits to look forward to.

In the meantime, you can find your new art school in the table below: 

Facility's NamePhysical AddressWhat You Can LearnWeb Address
Sorenzo WorkshopsDesign Hub R-12, 100 Borron Street, Glasgow, G4 9XG moulding,casting, lifecastinghttp://www.sorenzoworkshops.com
The Independent Art SchoolCentral Buildings, Oldham St, Manchester M1 1JQ life drawing, drawing and painting, pottery and ceramicshttp://theindependentartschool.com/manchester
Inkwell Arts31 Potternewton Lane Chapel Allerton Leeds LS7 3LW drawing painting jewellery making feltinghttp://www.inkwellarts.org.uk
Midlands Potters Various addresses in and around BirminghamCeramics and potteryhttp://www.midlandspotters.co.uk
London School of Arts30 The Town, Enfield EN2 6LU kids and adult painting drawing http://londonschoolofarts.com

Find out more about the different art classes in London.


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