On the heels of the horrific fire that destroyed the Glasgow School of Art earlier this year, we pay tribute to those whose art works were consumed by those flames.

And to those who, perhaps enviously, visited that institute's gallery to enjoy said art.

Indeed we can never recoup what was lost but Superprof can help you, and every artist you know – in your family and in your community to find studios and classes where you can continue to refine your art.

Whether you paint, sketch, or sculpt; even if you are looking for new ways to express yourself, Superprof now lists studios and schools where you can further your development as an artist.

All while giving a nod of thanks to other schools that opened their doors to The Mack’s displaced students.

The Wealth of Art Classes in Glesga

Most people who are not art students think of art strictly as drawing and painting, but there is so much more to art than those two disciplines!

Fine art includes painting and drawing, but that label goes on to encompass a variety of art forms:

  • Mosaics

  • calligraphy

  • sculpture

  • photography

Those are all representations of aesthetics – the very definition of the term fine art.

Fine art is rendered for the purpose of beautifying the environment and the human experience.

However, examples of fine art melded with applied art, what is called functional artwork, are evident everywhere: in buildings (architecture), in crockery (pottery) and just about anything metal, from statues to shovels.

You might wonder about the fine designation.

It has nothing to do with the level of social refinement that art enthusiasts are pegged at or the quality of the artwork itself.

It reflects the purity of standards in creating art in accordance with those established by the Old Masters.

Because Da Vinci and others of his ilk never threw a pot or made a quilt, those decorative arts - pottery and quilting dwelled under the title of crafts until recently, when the definition of fine art was expanded to include sewing, pottery and other means of artistic expression.

Mosaics are also considered fine art; you can learn how to tile in art classes in Leeds!

After all, there are some beautiful quilts out there, and the Terracotta Army is considered a masterpiece of funerary art!

Like it or not, whether you sew, sculpt, paint or photograph: if your work is primarily meant to be decorative, you are a creator of fine art!

Let us now find classes you can cultivate your artistic style in... 

Or if your looking for art classes in Edinburgh or Belfast click here.

Glasgow is famous for its sculpture
Scotland has a long history of exquisite sculpture, such as this Queen Victoria statue Source: Pixabay Credit: Skeeze

Art Courses in Sculpting

If three-dimensional art is your passion, Glasgow is the place to be!

Sculpture has a long history in Scotland, with the earliest examples of stone sculpture dating back to 3000BCE.

Might you want to continue that proud heritage? These classes, among others, may help you to do so!

You could also learn sculpting  in London...

Glasgow Sculpture Studios is a concern that works on contract, providing sculpted art for businesses and commissioned by the city.

But it is also a facility where students can hone their creative skills while working with and learning from resident artists.

Besides a full range of machines for working wood, metal and clay, their schedule boasts a full range of online art courses for beginner and intermediate artists.

As if that weren’t enough, they also host workshops on weekends!

Their classes last around four weeks and cost around £145, materials included.

Whether you are enroled in a university art and design program or preparing to sit your A-Levels in preparation for enroling in art school, Sculpture Studios has a place for you to get hands-on with your art.

You may drop in on them at 2 Dawson Rd (the Whiskey Bond), Glasgow G4 9SS

On the other hand, perhaps their fully equipped workshop would not suit your temperament: you might have no desire to learn to run a mitre saw or a giant router.

You may have been looking to create sculptures that can be displayed on a tabletop or fireplace mantle, not become a tabletop or mantle!

Should that be the case, you may be interested in the long list of classes and courses offered by the Scottish Potters Association.

For £195 including materials and the use of tools, you will learn how to throw, glaze, fire and more: learn coil-building using traditional methods, and different ways to create surface decoration on your vessels.

Their latest offering, a ceramics course, will be held each Thursday morning; the course runs for five weeks.

Throwing a pot is a relaxing creative activity
If you're of a mind, you could learn how to throw a pot! Source: Pixabay Credit: Enricsagarra

Art Courses in Painting and Drawing

Naturally, we have to touch on the cornerstone of fine art: from watercolors and oils to sketches and charcoal, Glasgow’s drawing and painting reputation is as strong, if not as durable as its legendary sculptures.

Whether you are seeking an art education to make a career out of portrait painting or figure drawing, or if you are a parent looking for an introduction to painting techniques in support of your art student, you may find just the curriculum you need at Art Classes in the Botanics.

Discover also the wealth of classes offered to GCSE art students in Birmingham!

The Botanical Gardens’ Hopkirk Building offers bright spaces drenched in natural light, an absolutely necessary quality for artists to render their visions!

That is why the highest point in Paris, Montmartre, was once home to Picasso, Monet, Renoir and other great names in fine art!

You might take advantage of such conditions yourself, all without having to travel to Paris or starve, as it was rumoured many of those great painters did.

What we liked best about the Garden’s programme is that they frequently host open art sessions.

If indeed you are already enrolled in an art program at school, you may further your works and projects through this initiative.

Whatever your medium or subject, you will find responsive, knowledgeable art tutors at the ready: to discuss and demonstrate drawing technique, perspective, proportion, shading and colouring.

A six-week engagement costs £80, and you should bring all of your materials with you.

On the other hand, if you just can’t seem to execute a credible human form – the hands always look disproportionate or the head gives you fits, you may select their life drawing class.

Ideal for beginners and more advanced art students, this Tuesday evening class furnishes a different model every week, along with tips and instruction on how best to capture his/her likeness.

It is recommended that you bring an A3 sketchpad and pencils or charcoal, as you prefer.

For only £10 per session, these classes are ideal for A-Levels candidates as well as adults looking for a creative outlet!

Should you feel ready to move beyond the pencil – add the title painter to your artistic palette, you may sign up for their oil painting classes, held on Wednesday evenings.

In case your midweek is booked up, Art Classes in the Botanics graciously extends the invitation for either Saturday morning or afternoon.

Manchester also offers open art classes you could participate in!

As mentioned earlier in this article: art classes, lessons and venues abound in Glasgow! We could write more about classes at this fab facility and others, but we’d like to touch on one more art form.

However, for your convenience, we list in the table below the addresses of several other art schools where you could take lessons in drawing, painting, printmaking and other art workshops.

If you are based in Cardiff you can find art classes here.

Chinese calligraphy can help you develop brush control
You may learn exquisite brush control by practising Sho calligraphy! Source: Pixabay Credit: Delo

Art Courses in Calligraphy

Quite fortunately for us, handwriting and cursive writing is still a vital skill, taught in schools across the country – unlike in the US, where handwriting is no longer taught at all!

If you have received compliments on your penmanship, you may pursue courses in calligraphy, that unique yet entirely ubiquitous and oft-overlooked art.

Surely you’ve seen examples of calligraphy: on wedding invitations and birth announcements; even our Prince Louis’ official birth announcement was partially calligraphed!

Whether you choose to learn Chinese-style calligraphy using a brush and ink or our more common type, that calls for a pen and assorted nibs, this discipline would call to your meticulous nature and attention to detail.

Where can you learn and practice calligraphy?

It depends on what type you wish to master: pen and nib – the most common style of calligraphy in the western hemisphere, or Sho calligraphy: most often called Chinese calligraphy, done with brushes of varying thicknesses.

You can learn fundamental techniques of both styles by first attending the Sho workshop at the Drawing and Painting Studio (address below) on August 18th, for a cost of £30.

And then, you may meet up with the Glasgow Scribes on Wednesdays, starting on August 22nd and lasting eight weeks, for a fee of £128.

You will have mastered calligraphy in time to send out your holiday greeting cards!

Find art courses near me now.

Whether you are a beginner or well advanced in your art training, a student enrolled in school or someone who has never picked up a paintbrush: rest assured that there are adult classes, kid classes; there are art classes for all ages in Glasgow.

Or, if not in Glasgow, you could do an Internet search for art classes near me! 

If you are looking to unleash your creativity, discover your artistic abilities through tuition from any of the arts education classes in this table!

Name of SchoolWhat you can learnPhysical Address
Art4Yousketching, painting, sculpting, portraits, watercolour, landscape, calligraphy107 Buchanan Street, G63 0TW, Balfron
Karin HepburnAdult and kids art and painting classesMearns Castle Golf Academy,
Newton Mearns
Kids Art AcademyArts and crafts classes for 5 to 12 year oldsMelrose Music School
30 Cumbernauld Rd, Glasgow G33 6EW
Crowhill Academy of Music Limited
Adam House, 25, Auchinairn Rd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 1RX, UK
Drawing and Painting Studiotutoring for the burgeoning artists6 Claddens Holdings
Lindsaybeg Road
G66 5LJ
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