If you live in Scotland and want to start learning more about arts and learn how to draw or paint or sculpt, then Edinburgh is a good place to be.

There are dozens of studios and galleries and schools offering fantastic art workshops and courses.

3 Reason To Take Art Classes

1 - To do away with the stress of your weekly routine

Drawing, painting and art, in general, can take your mind off of what’s stressing you, at least for a few minutes. It's challenging to keep ruminating on your problems when you're focused on creating, and if your issues remain with you, you can incorporate those into your creations. And when you’re finished admiring your sketches, you should have a clearer head with which to solve your problems again.

2 - To improve your motor skills

Gripping a paintbrush, drawing dots and lines, mixing colors, cutting with scissors, controlling a glue stick or squeezing a glue bottle, kneading and rolling playdough, tearing paper—all of these tasks require increasing amounts of dexterity and coordination, yet they are so fun and rewarding that children want to do them over and over. As kids engage in art activities over time, their excellent motor skills improve.

You may not realise it, but the control over finger movements used for clay modelling and finger painting is the same control the child needs to be able to grasp a pencil and write. Without well-developed excellent motor skills, a child may have difficulty learning to write or performing other critical tasks required in school, such as turning pages of books, cutting, drawing, and squeezing glue from a bottle.

3 - To increase your brain connectivity

A recent cognitive research from German researchers suggests that "the production of visual art improves effective interaction” between different parts of the brain.

The study, conducted on a small pool of freshly retired individuals (28 people between the ages of 62 and 70), concludes that participating in artistic activities could delay or even negate age-related decline of certain brain functions.

After comparing the before-and-after results, the team led by neurologists Dr. Anne Bolwerk and Dr. Christian Maihofner observed “a significant improvement in psychological resilience" as well higher amounts of "functional connectivity" in the brain parts involved, amongst participants of the visual art activity group.

The art-appreciation group fared worse on both.

Made of geometric forms from the subject
Cubism was created to break old ideas about art. Photo Source: Unsplash

The Edinburgh Art Club

The Edinburgh Art Club provides comprehensive art teachings for children and adults in our light and spacious studio in Canonmills.

From beginners to more advanced and experienced art practitioners, their small workshops give a perfect student to tutor ratio so that everyone can receive enough guidance and help needed to improve their technique and skills. Their classes are confidence-building with a personal and supportive approach.

The Art club host regular Saturday Paint & Wine evenings. Beginners are always welcome! They also host events for groups of friends of six or more who would like to try something original and creative.

Hen dos, birthday parties, team building workshops or just an excuse to get together and try something different, creative and fun!

Either for children or adults. The Art Club can provide coffee or wine for the occasion if required.

For those that have more of a sense of adventure and enjoy being inspired by their travel and exploring new places, the Art Club Adventure of Art holidays in Morocco and France will give you all you require for a beautiful experience.

Fancy accommodation, breathtaking landscapes, delicious eating in sunnier climes will help you unwind and awaken your senses. With tutored photography and sketching workshops, you can capture your adventure in your truely unique way.

Read our other posts about finding art classes in other UK cities such as; London, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.

The Edinburgh Drawing School

The Edinburgh Drawing School is a small, privately run drawing and painting teaching studio based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. They have three different studios in two locations in the city-centre: one in Thistle Street Lane, and two more on Great King Street.

Established in 2012, they pride themselves on their fantastic group of tutors, all practising artists, who have built the school's reputation over the years as fun yet a challenging environment for all levels of artists, including the completely terrified novices, to learn all aspects of drawing and painting and more.

As well as the full range of adults courses, they run children's classes for ages eight years + and advanced kids classes for ages 12 years +

They have a full timetable of classes each year - with three annual terms as well as an incredible Summer School during the month of July.

Beautifully highlighted figures fill the foreground
This painting is of a heroic woman called Judith, by Artemisia Gentileschi. Photo Source: Unsplash

Art & Design Classes At The University Of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is also a great place to practice your art or start to learn about it.

They offer a wide range of daytime and evening art and compact design classes.

Classical Art, Traditional Practices

This Traditional Art Practice class focuses on the basis of classic art using the human form to improve observational skills and manual dexterity, as seen in the most famous classical painting and sculpture. The aim of this class is to make an in-depth visual investigation of the subject, improving both drawing and modelling skills. This is an opportunity to benefit from the experience of an artistic exploration of the relationship between two and three-dimensions.

Explorations in Watercolour, Gouache and Ink

This two-day workshop introduces working with watercolours, gouache and inks as expressive and descriptive mediums. From ‘point of reference’, working on location and studio work; students will gain knowledge of these materials, from using them independently of each other to exploring the subtleties of fusing them together.

Street Photography

This other course of the University of Edinburgh in an introduction to street photography, It will engage students through some practical exercises and contextual view points of contemporary and historical street photography, and introduce learners to different trends and styles.

The teaching approach will be instructional, practical, reflective as well collaborative and is aimed at engaging the students to be investigative and experimental.

This workshop is organised around class-based lectures, short supported workshops on specific locations, working to a specific brief and support to select, edit and present a finalised project.

During the on-location exercises, the course will allow the students to use and develop their skills in-camera techniques, light, and capturing ‘on-the fly moments’ on the street. Back in the computer room, guided demonstrations and introduction in the editing process will be explained with Adobe Photoshop.

Although this is a non-credit course, students will have the chance to experience the practical bits and bobs of street photo as well as learning the context and meaning of images.

Photos will be made on location through a walking field trip around the city of Edinburgh and walking for a few miles over 3 hours. The end work will be digitally ‘processed’ in a computer lab equipped with software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge.

Find an art tutor on Superprof.

Art lessons for beginners
Learn to paint by starting to take art classes.

Sara Beevers Art Classes

All of Sara Beevers classes have a mixture of intriguing subjects including Life, Draped life, Dancer, Portrait sketching, Still life art, Colour, Architecture and Technical Methods. Some early day classes take place on location in Edinburgh. All aspects of drawing are approached, including measuring, tones, lights shading and proportions. All categories have a short demonstration before tackling the subject for yourself.

As well as running her own classes, Beevers have taught one-on-one and in groups for a variety of organisations, including art societies & clubs, galleries and corporate events.

One-day Weekend Art Workshops

This course is inspired by the variety of the beautiful greenery of Dr Neil's garden, where you will draw and use pastels or any other media you may bring along. The group will be ready for all weather conditions with sheltered, shady and wind-free locations, all with excellent views.

If the weather is overast, the greenhouse and high walls protect the class from wind and rain. A cushion in a plastic bag is convenient, so you can sit anywhere or a folding chair.

All-day Life Classes

An all-day life class, the day class allows everyone to produce a more complete piece either in pencil or colour. All levels are welcome. But make sure to bring along plenty of paper, A2 sketch pad, 2B, 4B and 6B pencils for the warm-up quick poses and erasers are always handy.

Beevers is always happy to teach different media and have watercolours and pastels or other paint to use in the class.

Arrival 15 to 20 mins before is recommended to allow time to set up.

The Edinburgh City Workshop

Whatever your interests are, the Edinburgh City Workshop have classes covering a wide range of arts and crafts.

So, whether you are looking for an enjoyable way to spend time with friends or you want to know more about a new technique, the Workshop has an option for you. Situated just minutes from Princes Street and with courses to suit every ages, abilities and skill, including children’s classes, you’ll find the course you want.

Their teachers have post-graduate teaching certifications, and they keep their classes numbers small to ensure that the teaching is suited to meet your needs. Their educators are experienced and highly knowledgeable; creating a fun, engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

They believe that everyone can create and practice art, and their classes will give you the self-confidence to make your own individual art and craft pieces.

There are many reasons to learn an artistic skill; whether you want to study classic skills or take off some of the pressures of life, they offer the perfect environment to try something different and original. There is nothing better than coming up with your own piece of art or craft, whether, for your own home or a gift for a loved one, you can proudly say 'I made that'!

Hire A Private Tutor On Superprof

If you would prefer to learn art skills in a more private setting, the perfect solution would be to hire a private art teacher. Either meeting at their studio or at your home, this one on one sessions will be the perfect environment to quickly pick up some great painting or drawing skills or to perfect what you may have previously learned.

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