Are You The Next Boxing Superstar?

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Rocky Balboa? Sylvester Stallone played probably the most famous fictional boxer in the 1980s and still boasts a number of loyal followers to this day. Is there a more iconic scene than Balboa running up the art museum steps in Philadelphia? Or a more compelling theme tune than Survivor's 'The Eye Of The Tiger'?

Rocky is one of the most famous fictional boxing champs.
Will you follow in Rocky Balboa's footsteps to become a boxing champion? Photo credit: on Visual hunt

The various forms of boxing each bring a number of physical and mental benefits. Whether you choose to start British boxing, French boxing, Thai boxing or a martial art, you will quickly learn that all of them involve lots of cardio training which is great for the heart. You will therefore need good stamina as well as strong muscles to be successful in the boxing family! Moreover, you will need willpower and a competitive attitude.

If you really want to up your game and develop or improve on your boxing technique, then make boxing training a part of your life. There is no better way to implement this change than signing up to a boxing class.

Please note: Most sports centres will insist you produce a medical certificate before you join to ensure that you are fit and healthy.

Do boxing clubs in Nottingham also require prospective boxers to produce a health certificate?

What Can I Expect From Boxing Training?

During training, you might practise using a punchbag to take hits from your uppercut swings or to block your high kicks. A popular activity is also skipping with a rope; this not only gets your heart racing but it also helps you to improve on your footwork. Finally, you might be requested to use a speedball to develop faster reactions and more precise movements.

As a newbie to the sport, all of this might sound like a piece of cake. Rest assured though, that boxing training is fun and stimulating but is also highly challenging psychologically and physically, so it’s something you will need to work hard on and enjoy doing.

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Finding Boxing Classes In Leeds For You Or Others

Leeds is known for its contemporary culture, with sport included. Boxing is a sport well-adapted for people of all ages looking to find a friendly and supportive form of relieving stress built up as a result of a hectic lifestyle.

Boxing clubs in Leeds, or most cities for that matter, have no place for thugs or bandits, and are professional centres offering suitable equipment and expert trainers.

Do you have a dream to become the next boxing superstar? Have you seen signs of a champion in your son or daughter? Do you want to train in order to better yourself? Either way, we have put together a list of some of the places you might like to train at.

Find boxing classes near me.

Boxing classes are a great way for teaching kids self discipline.
If you're looking for a sporting hobby for your kids then remember that children's classes are available at most boxing gyms. Photo credit: The Bearmaiden on Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

French Boxing Clubs In Leeds

French boxing is a body combat sport that has often been likened to a percussion instrument. The two opponents repeatedly punch and kick one another with their hands in gloves. If you have ever watched a boxing match in the flesh, you will know what we mean by the beating sounds!

This type of boxing has been so named because it is makes up a part of French heritage.

It isn't always easy to find clubs near to you that offer exactly what you want though, and unless you are lucky enough to have the perfect boxing centre right on your doorstep, it can be tricky finding the information you need with only short descriptions of classes and what they entail found on gym websites.

As such, you may find it useful to consult the Great Britain Savate Federation - - which lists member clubs of the federation across the country.

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British Boxing Clubs In Leeds

Boxing was already being played in the 6th century before Jesus Christ, when it was described as a 'noble art'. They saw the principles of boxing for what they really are: precise, respectful and technical.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t had a punch bag in their room and pretended to be Muhammed Ali competing for the title, or joked about being able to take the invincible Anthony Joshua in a punch up?

British boxing, of course, was born in the UK but has evolved into the sport we know and love today over the last 200 years. With respect always at its core, boxing is governed by strict rules and demands mutual respect from its two competitors.

Since it is the most common type of boxing in the country, it is not hard to find boxing classes in the larger cities like Leeds. Here are just some:

  • Alliance Boxing Club
  • Bethlehem Boxing Club
  • Raging Bull Boxing Club
  • Gipton Amateur Boxing Club

and more.

Among the above, Alliance Boxing Club is highly recommended by its customers. The relatively new centre is based in Cross Gates and offers boxing fitness classes designed for all levels. Sessions run every evening (fitness circuits at 5.30pm and boxing at 6.30pm). Female only and juniors sessions run on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings (10.30am for women and 11.30am for juniors).

Their instructors have many years of experience under their belts and are welcoming to all participants, regardless of age or gender. Advanced one-to-one training is also available, so feel free to get in touch with them to find out more.

Cardiff has some fantastic boxing lessons for women and children!

Thai Boxing Clubs In Leeds

Thai boxing or kickboxing is perhaps one of the most violent but elegant extremes of combat sports, sharing many similarities with mixed martial arts. The pace of this type of boxing means that, if you aren’t already blessed with lightning speed or precise reactions, then you will be in no time!

Here are some of the Leeds-based clubs specialising in Thai boxing:

  • Bad Company Thai Boxing Gym
  • Golden Team Thai Boxing Gym Ltd
  • Elemental Kickboxing Leeds
  • Monty's School of Kickboxing

The first on this list features regular classes for beginners, intermediates and more running each day of the week. They offer daytime classes too but most of the sessions start at around 6.15pm, to cater for those working in the inner city.

In addition to offering a full timetable of group classes, Bad Company also has the ability to give private lessons with one of their trained instructors. You can contact the team by calling, emailing or dropping in to find out more about prices and what to expect from a one-to-one training session.

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Boxercise And Boxfit Classes In Leeds

It's that time of year again where everyone seems to be on a health kick. So if you want a class that will help you shed the pounds or at least keep them off until next December, then Boxercise or BoxFit classes are a fun and effective way of doing this.

Boxing is indeed an excellent way to stay fit, as boxers in Belfast would attest to.

You can burn a considerable number of calories without even knowing it at a BoxFit class!
Group Boxercise classes or similar are way more fun than training in the gym alone. Photo credit: MilitaryHealth on Visual hunt / CC BYO

Boxercise classes are held at Leeds' Training Cave, where introductory classes offer a safe and effective way of learning about the world of boxing. Based on HIT circuit training, the class (dubbed 'the Rocky Workout'!) gives you a full body workout.

Sessions cost £5.00 each and can be attended on Tuesdays at 6.00pm, or Saturdays at 10.00am. Classes last one hour and are welcome to anyone over the age of 16.

BoxFit classes, meanwhile, are offered by The Hunslet Club whereby you can join in a toning, conditioning, strengthening and fat-busting exercise workout. Perfect for releasing tension from the day, or mentally preparing for the week ahead, this class is great if you want to push yourself a little bit harder without paying for daunting boxing lessons.

There really is nothing like 'punching the lights out' of a punchbag after a particularly bad day!

If fitness classes like the above are what are seeking, then Leeds Council have done a heap of preparation work for you so that you don't have to. Their Active Leeds page on the council's website offers a list of all sorts of classes activities taking place across the city, including timetables for swimming, keep fit and sports classes.

Visit to find out more about how you can stay fit and healthy in 2018!

Living around the UK? Here are some of the best Boxing Classes in London. Alternatively, check out these Birmingham-based Boxing Classes or discover where you can learn to box in Manchester.

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