Why Would You Want To Take Boxing Classes?

Liverpool is best known for the infamous band The Beatles, who hailed from the city, and not so much for negative reasons, like being a dangerous place where you might get a beating. That said, fights are always breaking out in the big cities so wouldn't it be nice to feel confident and prepared to defend yourself in the case of an unprovoked attack?

While boxing was never designed to be an aggressive sport that inflicts pain on other human beings, the body to body elements do allow for a certain amount of endurance and toleration to pain to be developed by individuals. Along with a strict training regime, boxers can make their bodies more powerful by adding mass and practising attack and defence skills.

All boxers, whether amateur or professional, will agree, that inside and outside the ring, a huge amount of mutual respect, discipline and self control are needed to be successful in the sport.

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Boxers are very respectful of one another whether they are just doing training or competing
While boxers may look aggressive, this is just for show as the sport requires a huge amount of mutual respect for one another. Photo credit: World Series Boxing on VisualHunt

What Are The Options For Boxing Novices?

While the area in which you live might be what you would call 'upmarket' and far from ominous, you can never know when a scary situation might occur. Some men and women are even faced with aggression behind closed doors so, while all may seem fine to outsiders, many could are battling with fears for their safety, as well as that if their family, in their own homes. For those unfortunate people, the gift of self-defence can be like give them a lifeline.

Whatver your reason for taking up boxing, whether it is to learn self-defence, attempt to relieve stress, build up your fitness, or to train to become a professional athlete, you have various options available to you. For example, you can train:

-In a club
-On a group course
-With a personal trainer or coach
-Against other competitors
-Using boxing training equipment like punch bags

Just some of the official combat sports include karate, kung fu, ju jitsu and krav maga. Furthermore, within the field of boxing alone, there’s various different forms to get to grips with: Savate (or French boxing), British boxing and kickboxing (or Thai boxing).

So, before you can even begin to look for a centre where you can practise your new hobby, you have to decide upon which type of boxing you want to do.

For the numerous boxing lessons in Edinburgh, you would have a hard time choosing which type of boxing to practise there, too!

Females In The Sport

The real cherry on the cake for many modern sporting enthusiasts is that boxing is no longer an exclusive club just for men; more and more women are taking up the sport. So much so in fact, that men’s boxing is close to becoming overtaken by women’s boxing when it comes to the number of athletes!

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Luckily for women, more and more boxing clubs are offering gender-neutral sessions.
Are you one if the women who has what it takes to become a champion? Photo credit: keith ellwood on VisualHunt.com

Keep reading to find out which clubs offer classes for both women and men in Liverpool.

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French Boxing Classes In Liverpool

French boxing is a body to body sport, which is made up of precise movements involving the arms and legs. In French boxing, unlike British boxing, you can legally kick your opponent in the head!

French boxing is one of the more challenging types of boxing as it combines a specific technique with all-over muscular strength.

However, there are factors to consider which might impact on your ability to perform well in the ring, and also how quickly you gain the required skills.

Finding a club that is nearby or at least easily accessible is very important as, let’s face it, you don’t want to be spending lots of money and time travelling, or tiring yourself out before you’ve even begun your training. Boxing is as much about the sharpness of the mind as it is about the strength of the body so you need to be as alert as possible.

It isn't always easy to find clubs near to you that offer exactly what you want though, and unless you are lucky enough to have the perfect boxing centre right on your doorstep, it can be tricky finding the information you need with only short descriptions of classes and what they entail found on gym websites.

As such, you may find it useful to consult the Great Britain Savate Federation - www.savate.org.uk - which lists member clubs of the federation across the country.

While not as renown as other combat sports, you can still take such classes in Cardiff...

British Boxing Classes In Liverpool

Are you ready to start your boxing training? Here’s what you will need: training shoes, training shorts and top, gloves, bandages, various body pads, a helmet, a sports bag and potentially a skipping rope.

British Boxing Vs French Boxing?

The main draw of French boxing, known also as Savate, boxe française, French kickboxing and French footfighting, is that it allows you to train and develop the lower part of your body (namely the legs) whilst also being able to use your lower and upper body to hit your opponent. Followers of this sport will know that you can also hit your opponent below the waist line.

In traditional British boxing, meanwhile, which we know as simply boxing, it is against the rules to punch your opponent below the waist.

Learning the ins and outs of British boxing is a great way to protect yourself from attackers or intruders, as the sport helps you to build up strong self-defence skills. There is always one road you walk down that makes you look over your shoulder at every noise, but while some of the back streets of Liverpool are a bit undesirable, the city certainly isn’t alone!

With a range of  boxing skills under your belt, you can build up the confidence to travel anywhere and everywhere, either alone or with others, in the knowledge that you can take care of yourself.

Here’s some Liverpudlian clubs offering British boxing classes:

No Limits Amateur Boxing Club: Based in the heart of Liverpool's City Centre, this gym offers classes for ages 8 upwards and includes all of the basics of boxing mixed with some fun activities.

Classes are mixed and cost £5.00 per session, but membership options are available too. Consult their website for more information. Boxing classes take place across the entire week so you are sure to find a class that fits around you!

Salisbury ABC is another option, a city-centre based club that boasts many achievements. They offer beginner, junior and senior sessions from Monday to Friday with most classes starting at 5.00pm. It is known locally as 'The Solly', so go and look it up!

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Thai Boxing Clubs In Liverpool

Sometimes referred to as Muay Thai, Thai boxing (or kickboxing as it’s widely known), is a type of martial art created by Thai military officers back in the 16th century. The sport actually helped them to gain much of their Thai territory over the years.

In spite of Belfast's deep ties with boxing, you can also find Thai boxing classes there...

Muay Thai originates in Thailand but there are many boxing clubs in Liverpool offering lessons
The Thai military introduced Muay Thai as a form of attack during wars to help them gain much of their territory. Photo credit: forum.linvoyage.com on Visual hunt

Nowadays, Thai boxing is a popular sporting activity undertaken by enthusiasts in Thailand and beyond. The discipline requires a very good level of fitness, and involves opponents punching one another, kicking eachother and using their elbows and knees too.

If you want to be the fittest, then Thai boxing can significantly help with your stamina and agility.

Thai boxing is a class offered by:

  • PRB Academy
  • The MMA Academy
  • Next Generation MMA Liverpool
  • Liverpool Kickboxing
  • The Martial Arts Studio

and many more.

The latter is a Stopgate Lane venue offering group or individual training. They have a full timetable of week-long events including White Collar Boxing, HIIT Circuit, Adult Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA. You can find more details on days, times and class availability by visiting www.themartialartstudio.co.uk.

Boxercise And Boxfit Classes In Liverpool

Boxercise and other derivatives of boxing offer a great way to keep fit whilst having lots of fun. If you aren't sure that boxing is for you, but like the idea of incorporating elements of the sport into your training then Boxercise, BoxFit or even BoxYoga might appeal to you.

Take a look at Paul Coshott's Boxercise sessions, a personal trainer who offers mixed and women's only classes in Liverpool, to help you to feel more confident, energetic and (dare we say) sexy.

Are there such breathtaking boxing classes in Nottingham, do you think?

Alternatively, Anfield & North Liverpool Boxing Club offers female Boxercise sessions on Thursdays from 6.00pm to 7.00pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7.15pm to 8.15pm. Classes are reserved for participants over the age of 15 and cost just £2.00 per session - what a bargain!

There is certainly no lack in classes designed to sculpt your body and highlight those pecks around Liverpool. Be sure, wherever you decide to train, to warm up before any class or session to avoid painful injuries, like tearing a muscle or ligament.

Remember, take your time and you will get fit in no time!

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