Boxing and the capital city of Wales have enjoyed a long, mutually beneficial relationship.

A few of her native sons have established boxing records that remain unbroken to this day. In turn, the sport has ‘repaid’ the city by holding several high-profile fights there, helping to put the spotlight on Cardiffians’ abiding love of the sport.

Are you among those numbers?

Did you perhaps catch Joe Calzaghe’s last event and, since then, have been on fire with the need to box? Or do you want to box your way to fitness? That is entirely possible, you know...

Whatever your reason for seeking boxing lessons, your Superprof outlines some of the best boxing classes in Cardiff.

Women’s Boxing Lessons

more women are turning to martial arts
More and more women are discovering the limits of traditional fitness programs Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

You don’t have to dream of stepping in the ring to fight Regina Halmich to want to learn how to box.

Women’s boxing is currently enjoying a surge in popularity – and why not? Boxing is a great way to tone up and get fit. It can help improve your coordination and stamina, even your ability to focus.

That is why the boxing classes at Ladies Box 4 Fitness are so popular. To kick off your new fitness regime, you could sign up for their Fitness Bootcamp.

Birmingham has gone further to establish the Modern Association of Combat & Kickboxing...

During these intensive sessions, you would cycle your body through cardio workouts and conditioning routines, followed by stretches to cool down.

Bring protein bars and plenty of water... you’re going to need them!

Now that you’ve tested your endurance in boot camp, you and your boxing coach know where you stand from a fitness perspective. You may choose either their 6-day body makeover for fast results, or their two-week transformation plan.

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While both plans are effective, if you’re into fitness for the long haul, perhaps it would be better to choose the longer programme.

To get things started off right, you would receive a nutrition plan and exercise schedule, along with advice on what to do and not do to reach your goals.

Getting and staying fit is a lifestyle, not something you can accomplish by putting on boxing gloves and sparring a couple of times a week.

If you are already there – you’re reasonably fit and/or have made all of the lifestyle changes and you’re ready to box, you could work with a boxing coach one to one or drop in on their kickboxing classes.

They have a kickboxing class for kids, too!

If your child is filled with restless energy this summer, you might take them to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays so they can get their boxing on!

You only need to check their schedule for class times, and then head on over to Dragonfit on Curran Road.

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Boxing Lessons for Kids

It is hard to keep kids active during their summer break from school; lying around like a slugabed and playing video games seem to be their focus.

It doesn’t have to be.

Enrolling your youngsters in a boxing class over the summer would help them keep optimal physical conditioning (or get them there), give them something productive to focus on and help build self-discipline.

At UFC Gym, your child will get a workout that includes cardio exercises, callisthenics and core strengthening.

Once properly warmed up, they will start learning boxing techniques:

  • jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts: different types of punches
  • movement: besides the punches, the steps and positions that reflect the fighter’s rhythm
  • stance: the proper body positions to maximise power and minimise impact on oneself
  • guarding and blocking: protecting oneself from hits and deflecting blows

Much of the rhythm needed to succeed at boxing is learned by working the bags; in these youth classes, the focus is on the heavy bag.

Working out with heavy bags helps develop accuracy in aiming punches, trains the feet – footwork is extremely important. It also builds endurance.

If your child shows no interest in boxing, perhaps muay thai would appeal more.

Thai boxing, intriguingly nicknamed ‘the art of eight limbs’ is a combat sport that has recently gained popularity in western fighting circles.

It involves the use of knees, shins and elbows along with the fists. Combatants wear no padding save for standard boxing protection such as mouth guards and gloves.

Naturally, while your child trains, s/he will wear shin guards and elbow pads.

UFC Gym provides training in a wide array of combat sports including Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts, for youths as well as adults.

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Martial arts classes are a great way to help your kids stay fit and healthy
This summer, help your kids learn discipline and stay fit with kids' martial arts Image by Marvin Rheinheimer from Pixabay

Cardiff University Amateur Boxing Club

Cardiff University’s Student Union is the sponsor of this rather fun group and you are welcome to join, whether you are a student, alumnus or have never attended that university at all.

At this point, you should ask yourself what your boxing aspirations are: do you intend to step into the ring to fight competitively or do you just want to spar your way to fitness?

You would be welcome either way but how you answer those questions will determine if you will gain a place on their official boxing squad.

They hold regular training and sparring sessions, either at their newly-redone Y-Stiwdio or in partnership with the Ultimate Fitness Centre in town.

They provide nearly all of the protective equipment you will need but they do ask that you bring your own mouthpiece and hand wraps.

We did say that they are a rather fun group, right?

After a high-intensity session at the gym, you may join them for a social outing; perhaps you might even attend a boxing event together.

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White-Collar Boxing

Let’s face it: constantly getting battered about the face and body is punishing, no matter how well you guard yourself.

The nature of the sport allows even the best boxers only a relatively short career, and even then only after having trained for years.

If you are jumping into boxing in your mid-twenties, it would be difficult to project a lucrative career as a prizefighter and even harder to imagine you might win a title.

Not impossible, just hard to imagine, especially with the concerns of everyday life to contend with: still mired in academia or just beginning a burgeoning career, family obligations, possibly a steady partner...

Rocky Balboas do not stand on every street corner... but there is a bit of a fighter in all of us, isn’t there?

For these reasons, white-collar boxing is becoming a spectacle in boxing gyms everywhere.

It all started in the 1980s, in New York City, when the owner of Gleason’s Gym organised informal fights between regular gym members.

Both men and women competed and the event was such a success that it became a monthly contest.

As word of the matches spread, boxing promoter Alan Lacey took over the sport’s organisation and scheduling and the rest, as they say, is history.

Did you know Leeds has a history of bare knuckle fighting?

White-collar boxing made its way to the UK when a group of Wall Street bankers competed at the Broadgate Arena in London.

Is that the only place you could see professional boxing in London?

Extensive press coverage of the event generated massive interest on our shores; so much so that, today, white-collar boxing is indeed a thing, with gyms across the country promoting events.

Have you always harboured dreams of being a professional boxer... and has life gotten in the way?

Through white-collar boxing, you can at least satisfy your desire to enter the boxing ring and go a few rounds in front of frenzied spectators.

The best place to train and compete is Noble Art Boxing.

They have scheduled their next event for November and, in anticipation of a great turnout, they are offering free boxing training to anyone interested in competing in the event, starting in September.

How would that work?

First, your personal trainer will engage you in a total body workout and interval training so you can attain peak fitness and endurance.

Next, you will learn boxing techniques: footwork, self defense skills and delivering quality punches.

Speed, rhythm, timing and style – these are all skills that you will hone the more you train under the watchful eye of your boxing mentor. Interested?

If you have long been a fan of the film Fight Club and can see the point of venting stress and tension in a healthy way, it is time to turn the DVD player off and turn yourself into a fighting machine!

Did you know that Nottingham has a history with white-collar boxing?

You have to have a degree of mental toughness to box
Developing mental toughness is a key part of boxer training Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Nothing but Boxing, Please

A lot of gyms, fitness centres and dojos promote a lot of fitness training related to boxing, such as kickboxing, martial arts training and krav maga – a highly effective self-defence discipline.

You can’t really blame them for capitalising on today’s personal fitness craze...

But if you are a boxing purist, meaning you only want to learn and practise the ancient art of boxing, there is only one place for you: the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association.

Their website deals exclusively in boxing: amateur boxing guidelines and rule changes, profiles of their elite boxers and where you can find a boxing club near you.

What you will not find is a list of fitness classes, places to buy protective gear or tips on how to throw a punch.

For all of its seeming savagery, boxing, in its purest form, is an ancient art that, still today enjoys consistent popularity.

Variations of boxing such as kickboxing and fitness boxing serve to heighten the sport’s profile among fighters who wouldn’t normally be associated with it, such as women, children and general fitness enthusiasts.

If you’ve been playing with group fitness classes but they don’t quite do it for you, you might consider finding a boxing trainer.

As you learn how to box, you’ll find that you’re working muscle groups that don’t normally get much attention in a standard aerobic workout. In fact, you'll find your boxing workout will maximise core strength without having to do a bunch of situps or planks.

Private training in a boxing gym will provide you with individualised instruction tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals. It will also provide you with a healthy boost of self-confidence.

Having to give up on being Floyd Mayweather might be difficult but finding boxing workouts in Cardiff is not.

Now, let’s see that left hook... And so, the boxing fitness craze sweeps around the country.

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