When people think of fitness regimens, few would think of the ancient combat sport that is boxing or any of its hybrids. Why?

People tend to correlate boxing with violence; an animalistic means of determining who is stronger, better and faster in the ring.

They tend to think that anyone can beat the daylights out of an opponent if they are provoked.

It’s thinking along those lines that generally leads to most of the bare-knuckle fighting in the streets, an aspect of fighting that has nothing to do with the noble art of boxing.

Films such as Million Dollar Baby and the Rocky franchise have done much to educate the general public about the mental toughness and physical endurance one must cultivate to achieve success in the ring.

The City of Nottingham is doing its part to put the spotlight on boxing; not by showing any films but by promoting the benefits of boxing one’s way to health, fitness and self-confidence.

Superprof is also doing its part, travelling around the country to gyms, dojos and boxing clubs to find the best boxing lessons, kickboxing classes and martial arts training.

What follows is what we found in Nottingham.

Get out-of-the-box boxing classes here.

Take Boxing Lessons with JJBBA

Boxing no longer has a seamy underside
The dark undertones of professional boxing are mostly gone; it is once again a noble art Image by Dave Felts from Pixabay

Your first question might be: what does that acronym stand for? We’re so glad you asked; let us introduce you to the Jon Jepson Black Belt Academy.

First: who is Jon Jepson?

The man himself is rather obscure, apparently preferring his work in the martial arts and the community to speak for him.

Nevertheless, it is relatively easy to find out that he has dedicated his life and efforts to promoting healthy living, especially for UK youths.

To that end, he has lent his name to several fitness centres in and around Nottingham, albeit obscurely – hence the acronym at the head of this segment.

At the JJBBA Martial Arts Supercentre, you can find classes in the martial arts including karate, boxing and kickboxing and general fitness workouts.

Unusually, they offer family martial arts classes; Mum, Dad and any child over the age of three can have fun and get fit together.

You know what they say about a family that plays together...

Naturally, when it comes to sparring, competitors are matched by size and body weight; it wouldn’t do for little ones to get pounded on by their parents, would it?

To help children develop martial art skills at their own rate, JJBBA hosts ‘kids only’ classes, divided into age groups: 3-6 year of age, 7-11 and classes for children aged 12 and older.

Finally, if you are a boxing purist, meaning you are only interested in learning boxing techniques, you can work the bags and your feet by signing up for boxing lessons.

Why would anyone choose to box when kickboxing is so much more popular and is so much more physically demanding?

  • Working the heavy bag helps to improve hand-eye coordination and rhythm
  • focus mitts go further to perfect your aim
  • The speed bag also develops rhythm while enforcing proper stance, movement and accuracy in aiming
  • A boxer’s workout does wonders for your cardiovascular system

From the jump rope to high-intensity interval training, every aspect of a boxer’s workout is designed to get you ultimately fit.

Training as a boxer does not mean you have to step in the ring and fight.

The fitness coaches at JJBBA do not automatically assume you want to be a prizefighter when you sign up for lessons. They, like you, believe that a great workout does great things for a person.

Could you find that brand of personal training anywhere else in the UK?

Male or female, youth or adult: it pays to discover what is on tap at JJBBA fitness centres. You may find them at any of these locations:

NameAddressPhone Number
Martial Arts Super Centre700 Woodborough Road
0115 962 2698
Kimberley Leisure CentreNewdigate Street
NG16 2NJ
0755 785 7508
The Rutland Tennis CentreWest End Drive
0755 785 7508

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Female boxers are getting more attention
As the stigma against females in combat sports lifts, more women are finding joy in boxing Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Women and Boxing in Nottingham

Oddly enough, sports enthusiasts seldom wonder why there aren’t more boxers who are women.

Not to discount Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields but, it is true that, for many years, it was thought that the female physique was too delicate... too weak to fight.

These days, thankfully, there is a new mentality regarding women in combat sports.

It is not uncommon to find female MMA classes, ladies boxfit classes and, thanks to Ms Shields – the undisputed female middleweight champion of the world, more boxing events headlined by women.

Still, most women who step into the ring have no inclination for professional boxing; they simply want to get and stay fit.

Martin Gooden, director of the Million-Dollar Boxing-fit Camp, knows exactly how you feel.

‘... the thought of getting a punch in the mouth...’

His idea was to give clients ‘all of the boxing gains without the boxing pain’, meaning that he could appreciate how people would want to get fit like a boxer but not necessarily expose themselves to getting punched.

Glaswegians don’t like people punching them, either. Find out where they go to learn self-defense while getting fit.

Perhaps inspired by the 2004 Hilary Swank film – he borrowed a part of the title to name his club, he developed a training regimen to rival a professional boxer’s and threw his doors open to the public.

What really brings them through the door is his 6-week boxing and conditioning programme.

During that time, you will work both the heavy bag and the speed bag, develop your footwork and punches and, all the while, build endurance and resiliency.

Both men and women are welcome to this rigorous, demanding workout programme but, oddly enough, most of his clients seem to be female...

If you too want to be a million-dollar boxing enthusiast, you can join the crowds at 42 Mafeking Street in Colwick, N24AW.

Is there such a centre dedicated to helping women learn how to box in Birmingham?

Other Venues Where You Can Learn to Box

Throughout of tour of Nottingham, we couldn’t help notice that there are several boxing clubs; perhaps even more than in Belfast, a city dedicated to boxing...

Now we give you a run-down of boxing clubs and mixed martial arts dojos in and around the city.

We will feature all of their contact information at the end of this segment.

The KK School of Boxing

Have you long dreamed of being an amateur boxer, competing for titles throughout the region? If so, KK is the school for you.

There, you would have your choice of packages, from a membership that permits irregular dropping in for a class to a personal trainer who will work with you on your form and your footwork.

Their gym is fully equipped with all that you might need to use for your workout, from headguards to hand wraps and from skipping ropes to sparring gloves.

They also have a shop where you can buy such equipment, something they recommend if you intend to be more than a casual attendee.

They have regularly scheduled boxing classes for kids and adults, as well as boxing circuit sessions.

Where do kids in Leeds go to get their boxing on?

Some boxers only box for fitness
Not everyone at the boxing gym wants to be a prizefighter Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Learn how to Box with Ultra Boxing

Here, the focus is more on fitness than the competitive combat sport so, if you’re looking for a full-body workout that borrows heavily from boxing, this is the gym for you.

Boxing can be intimidating; after all, the idea of getting punched in the face and chest is not exactly appealing.

In light of that, Ultra coaches do their best to create a safe, productive and friendly atmosphere while still working you hard towards your fitness goals.

If you have no experience with boxing (or it’s been a while since you’ve concerned yourself with fitness), you may start out taking private lessons. Once your conditioning improves, you could switch to their adult classes.

They also have kids’ boxing lessons...

Interestingly enough, Ultra conducts corporate team building events; something we’ve not seen in many boxing clubs.

We found no such offerings in boxing clubs in Manchester.

Kickboxing for Everyone

While we are quite happy that Nottingham is a relatively peaceful area, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a bit of self-defence, would it?

The primary goal of learning how to kickbox is not to protect oneself so much as to get fit.

Kickbox UK is well aware of that and those coaches do their best to help everyone in their fitness regimen... even kids! It’s never too early to start living healthy, is it?

In fact, if your child needs a boost to their self-confidence – maybe to stave off a school bully, you could hardly do better than getting him/her physically engaged in an empowering activity like kickboxing.

FYI: kickboxing is great for stress relief, too!

These gyms stand out as ones that will treat you to a free trial class so that you can see for yourself if mixed martial arts and/or kickboxing is for you.

How many boxing gyms in Cardiff do you think give free trials?

While most of the classes focus on the non-combat elements of kick boxing, if you are interested in developing as a competitive kickboxer, you will certainly find a coach to guide you.

As with so many other cities across the UK, boxing has strong ties to Nottingham.

The city was named the Home of Sport by our country’s official tourist board, for her contributions to all sports including boxing.

Not even Liverpool, with her high profile football club, can outshine our dedication to sports!

Whether you want to box to get in shape or aim to box opposite of world champions, there are boxing lessons for you.

Aren’t you glad we found them all?

NameAddressPhone number
KK School of BoxingCarlton Road
0115 950 5147
Ultra BoxingPeveril Street Community Centre
Perveril Street
NG15 7DG
0787 569 0496
Kickboxing for Everyone
also known as Kickbox UK
Several clubs throughout Nottinghamshire 0797 996 5404

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