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Computer Programming is a hobby or passion for many but it can be difficult to know how to take this interest from your own computer to doing it for other people on a professional basis. Computer Programming classes are a great way to get started in Computer Programming and to prepare you for a Computer Science degree.

There are many establishments at which you can enroll for Computer Programming courses in and around Manchester, but you might like to hire a personal tutor who can give you tailored, private tuition and prepare you for exams, university applications, professional opportunities, and so on.

Private computer programming tutors in Manchester

Pick your own coach to help you learn computer programming and develop a hobby into a career. Superprof will help you to find the most relevant tutor: we put together all the teachers skilled in computer programming in London and listed ll the information you need to know about. Now, you can filter the relevant tutors using your own criteria and discover the best Computer Programming tutor for you, near you!

There are 28 tutors in the Manchester area covering Computer Programming and prices start at just £7 an hour. Those in the region of £30+ an hour are often highly qualified with many years of experience in coding behind them.

It is, of course, up to you who you choose, but you won't be disappointed with our choice of tutors for you! Your first hour of tuition is free so that you can assess whether you have picked the right tutor and can proceed with confidence.

Private computer programming lessons brings faster progress

Whether at your Manchester base or in a classroom, take advantage of the close supervision of an experienced tutor. Tutors will normally come with years of official training or relevant qualifications and can therefore improve your grades or your performance in the area and enable you to find your dream career in the field. They will help you to stand out against your competition when applying for undergraduate or postgraduate courses or for jobs in the industry.

About Computer Programming

Computer Programming describes the process of telling a computer to do something, giving it a set of instructions which dictates how an application or piece of software should perform.

Computer Programmers are not necessarily needed by all companies in their tech department, as it is more about the creation stages of software and websites, however, they might be outsourced to fulfil projects.

Computer Programmers are mostly found in business sectors but can also be employed by government departments and educational establishments, for instance.

The majority of Programmers will be office-based and work in the computer science industry, like in design agencies, for example.

Computer Programming Career Opportunities

Computer Programmers might build software for a shop, work in cybersecurity for large law firms, or they might be involved in top-secret governmental activities. The roles that they take on are often very varied and no two projects will be the same, yet some of their ideas can be applied to other jobs. Another thing that might create variety is the different coding that is used for different jobs, as there are various coding languages in the industry.

Computer Programming, although anticipated to decline over the next decade, is a career that offers many benefits. The work can often be done from almost anywhere in the world, so you are not limited to local clients. It is also something that is now required by most large-scale businesses. This offers variety in workload and, at times, travel opportunities for those meeting with overseas clients to discuss projects.

You must be qualified to work as a Computer Programmer, but there are opportunities to train and grow during your employment. The entry salary of a Computer Programmer is said to be just under £24k, dependant on factors like location. The average salary of a computer programmer in the UK is just over 30k.

Since Computer Programmers often work at studios or agencies, there are many opportunities to be promoted and you could, one day, run your own successful company offering computer science solutions.

Transferrable Skills of Computer Programming

There are some quite specific areas of knowledge required by a computer programmer, such as the different programming languages (Java, SQL, etc...) but many will specialise in a certain one. Moreover, there are a number of skills that a Computer Programmer must possess that are also useful in many other professions. These include problem-solving, mathematics, communication, writing, organisation and attention to detail, to name but a few.

Being a good listener is also a very important quality to have, as you will often be working to a very specific brief for a client.

Computer Programming Qualifications

Computer Programmers ideally need to have a Bachelor Degree in a related subject such as Computer Science or Mathematics and also prove that they know the programming language they will be working with/in. That doesn't mean that people without these qualifications can't make it. Some with a different degree or certificate with the right aptitude may be able to get their skills recognised and work their way into the industry through their performance alone.

Whatever level you are, it's always a good idea to hire a tutor to take your skills to the next level. A tutor could help you to advance your career, change career paths or just give you some extra skills to add to your CV. Private tutors are especially useful for those studying towards a GCSE or A Level in Computer Science and wanting to get ahead and have an edge on their peers when applying for courses or work opportunities.

Finally, work experience in a Computer Science environment can be very attractive to prospective employers.

Manchester is said to have the country's fourth-highest total digital turnover and is a huge tech hub boasting thousands of jobs, so it's certainly a great career to be in in this city.


💸 How much will I be charged for programming lessons in Manchester and surrounds?

The average price of computer programming lessons per hour in Manchester is £17.


Tutoring rates for computer programming lessons will differ depending on:


  • The experience of your computer programming tutor
  • Where your lessons will be held (online or an outside location)
  • The number of lessons and the duration of each class
  • The goal of your lessons.
  • The programming language you are using - are you learning python, java, or C ++?


Most of our instructors offer their 1st lesson free.


Check out the rates of our computer programming teachers in your region.

👨🏽‍💻 How many private teachers are available in Manchester to teach computer programming one-on-one?

In Manchester and the surrounding areas, 32 tutors are available to give lessons.


To find your private tutor, read their advert to find out more information about their classes.


Choose your computer programming lesson from our range of 32 computer programming tutors.

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Programming is difficult to learn. Many pupils struggle with programming throughout the learning journey, whether at a beginner level, intermediate or advanced level. This is why additional coding tuition is so highly sought after.


With the help of a private programming tutor many students are able to excel in this subject.


All programming courses with a competent private tutor offers you the opportunity to master the different coding languages more quickly.


You simply just have to choose your private tutor and book your lessons from home or at an outside location


A messaging system is in place to allow you to exchange with your teacher to schedule your lessons whether you want to learn from the comfort of your home or at an outside location.


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