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Learn How To Play The Violin In Edinburgh

By Lucy, published on 09/07/2019 Blog > Music > Violin > Violin Lessons Edinburgh

Learning an instrument can be so rewarding. Not only can it help you develop your confidence, but it can also provide an outlet in which you can improve your discipline and inspire your creativity. What’s more, it goes without saying that playing an instrument is a lot of fun!

If you’re looking to learn how to play a string instrument, such as the violin, in Edinburgh, then there are quite a few options open to you.

This article looks at how to go about finding a violin tutor in Edinburgh, and what you might expect from violin tuition.

What To Look For In A Tutor When You Want To Learn The Violin

You can find different tutors to help you learn the violin across Edinburgh. As there are so many tutors to choose from, it can sometimes feel overwhelming picking a tutor who you think will be a good fit for you.

Although you may not truly know how good a fit you and your tutor are before actually having lessons with them, there are a few things you can keep an eye out for:

  • How much experience your potential tutor has;
  • Whether the tutor has experience giving lessons to children, adults, or a mixture;
  • If your tutor is a professional musician, has formal qualifications such as a bachelor or master’s in music, or has completed the ABRSM exams.

Although none of these things on their own indicate a good tutor, it can be helpful to know that a potential tutor is sufficiently experienced with both the violin and with teaching students. If you can find a tutor that shares the same interests as you musically, then so much the better.

For example, if you want to play chamber music and the tutor that you’re researching is experienced in chamber music or performing in a symphony orchestra, then that could indicate a good match.

Another factor to consider is cost. Prices for violin lessons can vary, especially as tutors often charge different rates depending on how long your lesion is. Before committing to violin lessons with a tutor, whether that’s a single lesson or a block of lessons, try to check that the cost of your lessons is within your budget and that you can afford the lessons for as long as you aim to take them.

A close-up of a pegbox of a violin Regardless of whether you’re a young musician or an adult learner with no experience of the violin, you can find violin lessons in Edinburgh (Image Source: Pixabay)

Where Can I Find Violin Lessons In Edinburgh?

As mentioned previously, there’s no shortage of violin tutors in Edinburgh that you can reach out to. A selection of music schools and tutors are listed below.

Morningside School Of Music

This music school offers violin lessons to all ages, including children, teenagers, and adults, with violin tutor Bethany Coyle.

According to the Morningside School of Music’s website:

“This stringed instrument’s musical versatility is enjoyed by all, as well as its ability to be easily transported. Whether your interest lies in classical, jazz, pop or Scottish folk music, we guarantee that our experienced teachers will have a musical style perfect for you. Many clients learn for enjoyment, although we offer educational options such as completing ABRSM exams. “

When it comes to cost, an hour-long lesson at the music school costs £47, while a half-hour lesson costs £29. Cheaper rates are available for students.

If you also have your heart set on learning another instrument apart from the violin, then you can take different lessons in different musical instruments at the Morningside School of Music, including singing lessons, guitar lessons, saxophone lessons, clarinet lessons, and piano lessons, to name a few.

Beeston Arts Management

Beeston Arts Management and Beeston Arts String Quartet offer many services, including musician hire for weddings or for corporate or other special events.

In addition, they also offer violin and viola lessons, which are taught by Elizabeth Beeston, a “Professional violinist with over 20 years experience in string playing, coaching and teaching.”

On their website, Elizabeth Beeston talks about the kinds of students she currently teaches:

“At school, I have a wide range of pupils from beginners to post grade 8. Privately, I have a number of beginners (adults and children), some university music students. I also have a number of adult beginners who are extensively trained in other instruments.”

So, whether you’re a young or old learner, with a beginner or advanced ability level, you might find your next tutor with Beeston Arts!

A page of sheet music If you want to learn how to read music, you should be able to ask your violin tutor for help (Image Source: Pixabay)

Edinburgh School Of Music

Another music school that offers lessons for a variety of instruments (including singing lessons and piano lessons) is the Edinburgh School of Music.

The school offers string lessons in the violin, viola, and the cello, for all ages (from four years old and above).

As the music school states:

“We offer exciting string lessons covering a range of styles, whether that be jazz, classical, or popular music. Our highly experienced teachers are able to guide you through the ABRSM music exams or teach you your favourite pieces for fun whilst building on essential techniques to improve your playing ability and musical knowledge.”

In terms of pricing, the cost of an individual lesson depends on the lesson length. A half-hour lesson costs £18 and are described as “ideal for young children and for complete beginners”. A 45-minute lesson costs £27 and is described as “ideal students who have been playing for a year or 2, or for adult beginners.”

An hour-long lesson costs £35 and is described as “best for intermediate to advanced students who need to include additional aspects of music making in their lessons. Also, adult learners who would like to progress quickly.”

Portobello Music School

If you’re looking for a music school that caters specifically to the younger learner, then Portobello Music School may be an option, as it “provides comprehensive music education to over 350 children from across Edinburgh and the Lothians.”

The age range of the children taught ranges from babies to teenagers. Saturday classes are held at “CRE:8, the state of the art music facility at Edinburgh College’s Milton Road Campus.”

A violin tutor at the music school is Georgina Finlayson BMus (Hons) who “is a highly experienced classical violinist, fiddler player and teacher.”


Stringbabies is another option if you’re looking for string lessons for children. Sheena Ferguson is a Stringbabies tutor who teaches the violin and has experience “teaching a wide variety of ages and different standards from complete beginners to Grade 6 standard.

The Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland There are violin tutors across Edinburgh, so with any luck, you might be able to find a tutor near you! (Image Source: Pixabay)

What Might A Violin Lesson Look Like?

One violin lesson might look very different from another. This is because the content of violin lessons can vary depending on factors such as:

  • What ability level you are (whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player);
  • Whether your tutor prefers one learning style over another (for example, the Suzuki method versus the traditional method);
  • How long your lessons are; and
  • What styles of music you’d like to learn.

When it comes to how long your violin lesson might last, typically tutors offer sessions for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes. Sometimes, even longer lessons may be possible, but it’s unlikely that a tutor would offer a violin lesson for less than half an hour as it’s unlikely that you would get much out of the lesson as a student in the time given.

Additionally, when it comes to how often you can expect to have violin lessons, many tutors recommend regular weekly practice in order to keep on top of your skills and become a better violin player.

If you have a preference for a particular lesson length (whether that’s 30 minutes or an hour) or you don’t feel as though you can commit to weekly lessons, try to make your prospective tutor aware of your learning preferences to see if they would be able to accommodate you.

If you end up struggling to find a tutor that can meet your needs, then remember that there are other options out there, for example by going to a violin teacher through a tutoring website.

Superprof has tutors across the country that can give you lessons in different instruments, from the violin to the guitar and beyond. You can filter your search for a tutor according to subject and instrument, so it’s not difficult to find the different tutors specialising in violin tuition in your area.

So, if you are looking for a violin teacher, why not search through Superprof’s database of violin tutors in Edinburgh, and see whether there’s a tutor that can help you? Whether you’re looking for some extra practice, want to learn for fun, or would like to prepare for your ABRSM exams, hopefully, you can find a violin tutor who can help you achieve your goals.

Find more violin lessons in the UK:


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