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Why take violin lessons in London?

Ah, Beethoven, Paganini, Lully: these are big names in music. Monteverdi was considered a great virtuoso, the greatest of his time, who started the idea of having a professional violin career in the 16th century. So what is the common point between all these celebrities? The UK capital of course! In London, you can learn the violin, but also discover the history of music, that of the violin, or attend an improvised concerto, even inside a London subway.

Moreover, it is also said that London is a music and cultural capital, where a quartet has every chance to succeed. It is possible to play the violin in the street, to make yourself known in a prestigious music school, in a conservatory, or on one of the most beautiful Londonian music halls.

Indeed, whichever is your favourite stringed instrument, London is a mecca for all violin knowledge, be it the alto violin or electric violin. This family of instruments has the beauty the soul longs for, which you can admire during a concert at the London Philharmonic Orchestra, or at the Royal College of Music. But this formal and classical music cannot be acquired overnight. If you want to become a virtuoso of the violin, then you must begin with the basics in London.

To inspire you, you will find the symphonies of some well-known string quartets, such as Stretto, Trifonics, or Giardino Strings playing in and around London. Whether they're playing the Four Seasons or Tchaikovsky, they will quickly inspire you to want to learn to play the violin!

Do you like chamber music in particular? Want to play in a symphony orchestra with your violin bow? Are you are a young violinist prodigy, who surpasses all musicians? In that case, you will no doubt enjoy studying the violin in London, the great international capital of music. Now let's look at how and where to take violin lessons and develop your knowledge.

Take violin lessons in London

It is a well-known fact: instrumentalists need to follow a rigorous training program, which requires passion and dedication. For example, to learn to play the violin, you will also have to go to a violin making workshop, so you can better understand the origins of this stringed musical instrument and to discover how a violin is made. Sometimes, this little detour in a violin shop can make it possible to readjust your violin strings, or to buy a violin quite simply. Stringers, founded by Maureen Stringer in Edinburgh, JP Guivier on Mortimer Street or Gareth Ballard at Ballard Violins are Londonian references: they can explain in detail how your violin was made, what is its history, and how to maximize its potential.

The best way to become a renowned musician is to take violin lessons. You will start by learning the basics: Vivaldi, Brahms, Prokofiev, Van Beethoven and Stravinsky will eventually reveal their secrets to you. You will also learn to play the violin, to know your strong hand (right hand or left hand), and develop your skills over time. When you're ready, you might even perform a violin concerto as a soloist, part of a group or with a conductor. The Philharmonic Orchestra is a unique Londonian experience.

Moreover, learning the violin in London will give you access to other opportunities, like getting to explore several types of violins. This is usually part of training, studying different violins such as the cello, alto violin, fiddle, Chinese violin ... It will also be important to learn how to tune your violin, without needing to go to a violin shop each time.

In London, you will find great advice on how to choose and buy your violin: which violin wood is best for you, what violin case or cello case you should buy, what beginner violin is the most utilized... In short, in a music store, you will find expert advice from professionals ready to explain the difference between a Stradivarius violin and a Del Gesu violin. FYI, the Kreutzer Stradivarius is the most expensive in the world: selling for no less than 1.5 million euros! You will be able to glean some information at Stringers in Lisson Grove, near Marylebone Station.

Depending on your musical and instrumental project, you will be able to narrow down the choices in London. But which violin lessons are the most suitable for you? Are there children's fiddle classes? How can you progress your technical skills and make your violin sing?

London and the violin

Do you know what characterizes the UK capital? Have you ever seen a violist perform at the foot of the London Eye, or a Celt play the fiddle not far from Big Ben? Many places in London are symbols of musicality and musical perfection, why not start by exploring them?

FYI there are many training opportunities for violin instruments. It is possible to apply for a prestigious training at the London Conservatory, where one might play both traditional and contemporary music. To prepare you for a national orchestra, you can also join a music school: the London Music Conservatory is the most famous. There is also the School of Music Arts (SMArts) and the London Yamaha Music School among others.

Taking violin lessons in the city of London also means choosing a city with a strong musical resonance, where older instruments mingle with modern instruments, such as the electric guitar or the saxophone.

Outside of schools, you also have associations offering violin lessons, such as the Beare's International Violin Society. The only downside: you'll have to follow set teaching hours.

This is why "in-home violin lessons" is one of the most popular options in London: whether you are in Camden Town, Kensington or Soho, there are tons of private violin teachers to choose from. They can help you to achieve your goals, whether it means guiding you on the purchase of a new instrument (such as which kind of wood to buy, for example), or guiding you in your chosen musical style (classical, folk, rhythmic, contemporary, etc.).

Find a violin teacher in London

In London, we like to value those who excel in the violin, especially if it is a child prodigy or a talented virtuoso violinist. But before looking for a teacher to begin your violin journey, you will need to equip yourself with the necessary items to learn the violin. This starts, of course, with purchasing or renting a violin, but also includes some musical accessories, such as: a metronome, a tuner, violin strings, violin music, wax and a shoulder strap.

To find the ideal violin teacher, there are several ways to do so: check out the various school and associations specialized in music and the stringed instruments, especially the violin. Teachers will explain the courses offered and the requirements to being accepted. Some schools even have an end-of-the-year music festival where you are given the chance to perform in front of an audience.

But if this type of class doesn't suit you, and you prefer to have one-on-one private violin lessons, you'll need to know where to look for the right professional. A music teacher conveys their knowledge as well as their passion: choosing a good teacher is essential!

Violin lessons in London: check out Superprof!

Summer courses, annual internships, private lessons: at Superprof, we know that every musical project is different, to which our private teachers willingly tailor their lessons! Our tutors can offer both an introduction to the double bass or a violin technical course, where you will learn about tablature and musical notation.

Do you need a refresher on what is a soundboard? Superprof is here for that. Want to know how to tune a violin on your own? Our teachers can show you. How does a sonnet or quartet work? You have opened the right website!

Many of our teachers have also studied or taught in London. They have graduated from a music school, have opened a violin association, or are themselves a bassist or violinist. D major and C minor, they know what that means! They can also teach you how to play in a chamber orchestra, or help you to advance your skills into possibly becoming known on an international stage.

In London alone, hundreds of teachers are ready to offer their help, at home or at a distance. Several types of courses are offered: classical music lessons, technical classes, practical classes, singing lessons... It's up to you to choose and define your goals with this teacher. What is your dream? Is it to become the next Wolfgang? Develop your vibrato? Be listed among the great musicians of your time?

It's true that whether at home or out and about in London, everything is conducive to learning the violin. Nothing is better than going to the banks of the Thames to delight your audience, or going to the British Museum to proclaim your love of this beautiful instrument, or to show your national pride by playing the violin near Buckingham Palace.

Your specialized violin teacher will be keen to take you wherever you want. So, are you ready to get started on your violin lessons in London?


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