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On Superprof, there are 15 violin teachers available for violin classes in Edinburgh.


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In Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, there are 15 violin instructors available to teach private lessons


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In Edinburgh, violin instructors charge £27 for violin classes per hour.


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On Superprof, many of our violin instructors also offer online tuition. About 80% of tutors across our platform give violin lessons via Skype.


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“Where words fail, music speaks.” -Hans Christian Andersen

Music has such a powerful effect on our lives. It can cause us to feel so many emotions at the same time and there is simply nothing quite like it in the universe. By listening to a melody with distinct notes and a few chord changes, a person can go through the sentiments of sadness, joy, desperation, triumph, and hope. Musicians spend their entire life dedicated to their instruments and to the constant exploration of finding new combinations of notes to entertain the masses. Instruments such as the piano, the guitar, and the drums are played by millions of people worldwide, but what about other beautiful instruments? There is no shortage of instruments available and that is why we also encourage our readers to learn how to play the cello, the flute, and the violin. Did you know that you can actually learn the violin with a private teacher in Edinburgh? Let’s find out more!

The Violin: A String Instrument

Since there are so many instruments, it is very wise that they are separated into categories such as percussion, woodwind, string, brass, and keyboard. By having a brief knowledge of the five major musical instrument families, an aspiring musician can make a choice as to what type of instrument they would like to play. For instance, those who always envisioned themselves playing with strings, might be interested in playing instruments such as the guitar, the bass, the harp, the cello, the viola, or the violin. String instruments make beautiful sounds in a simple way: by plucking the strings with their fingers. Of the string instruments, by far the most popular is the guitar but that doesn’t mean that the others aren’t worthy. For instance, the violin, viola, and the cello are orchestra instruments that have created some of the most captivating melodies of all time. If you aren’t convinced, look up the fantastic work of famous violinists such as Itzhak Perlman, Fritz Kreisler, Sarah Chang, and Midori. And, although a bit more expensive than an acoustic guitar, the violin is diverse and highly recommended for all types of learners at any age.

Why Learn the Violin

When there are so many other instruments out there to learn, a person might ask themself, why the violin? Why should I spend SO MUCH time acquiring the basics of the violin? Very fair question. Well, other than being completely brilliant and majestic to the ears, the violin has a lot of advantages that will convince potential learners. Such as? Well, the violin is a stringed instrument that boasts various pros depending on which age group is learning. For instance, children who are learning the violin improve many abilities such as an improved memory right now and, in the future, and a better attention span; which is worth its weight in gold for distracted kids! Also, it has been proven that youngsters who practice the violin more quickly develop sensory skills that are necessary for better hearing, touch, and sight. On the other hand, adolescents who start to play the violin hone skills and develop themselves emotionally while also realizing that they have a sense of belonging by being part of a band of choir. In addition, teens who engage in various extracurricular activities to acquire talents such as playing the violin, are much more attractive to admissions offices at prestigious universities. And, what about adults? Are there any benefits for them when choosing to play the violin? But, of course! It has been proven that adults who play the violin are less stressed and have better posture since they are actually doing something worthwhile instead of slouching over their desk. All in all, the benefits of playing the violin outweigh all of the cons and the only question you’ll be asking yourself is, why didn’t I start learning sooner?

You can Even Learn the Violin Online

Learning to master the violin at an observatory, music school, or through an in-person lesson with a music tutor are all traditional methods that have been used for years and are to be expected. With the constant rise of online tutoring, anything from rock climbing to drawing and cooking to violin playing can be learned virtually and it’s a beautiful thing. Tech savvy users are impressed and attracted to online violin courses since they are flexible, adaptable, and extremely affordable. While some aspiring violinists use resources such as YouTube or IMSLP to hone their skills, we highly recommend seeking the assistance of a professional tutor that can hear your playing and see your movements. Because although you can copy the posture and read the music notes on a pre-recorded YouTube video, there is nothing greater than having a remote yet live class with a professional on a reputable tutoring website such as Superprof. The coaching received for an online violin coach is invaluable and extremely engaging; you won’t even have to leave your home!

Violin Lessons in the City of Edinburgh

So, are you looking for a private violin tutor in and around the city of Edinburgh? If so, look no further than the Superprof website. With so many tutoring companies available online, it is quite distracting to choose the right one; nonetheless, Superprof is the best and you needn’t keep looking since you will find all the help you need with a professional violin tutor on our site. According to the Superprof website, in the Edinburgh area, there are currently 17 violin teachers offering classes either online or in-person. The average rate for an hour lesson is £27 and the tutors boast wonderful reviews from past students. And, did you know that the majority of violin Superprofs offer their first lesson 100% free of charge? Sign me up now! All in all, we are certain that you will greatly enjoy your violin lessons with the Superprof tutors. You’ll sound like a pro in no time!

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