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Home Tutoring in the UK: Find Personal Tutors Near You for Home and Online Tutoring

From Jon, published on 31/07/2017 Blog > Tutoring > Advice for Students > How to Find a Tutor for Private Tuition in the UK

From GCSE students hoping to improve their grades, or concerned parents paying for their child to plug gaps in their knowledge and understanding, finding a private tutor has never been easier!

Nowadays, as well, it is not uncommon to find adults who have long left education behind learning new subjects or improving on existing knowledge.

Whatever the reason, private tutoring will help you towards achieving your goal!

Want to learn a new language? Get a private tutor! Private tutoring can help us learn new languages. (Photo credit: AbdillahAbi via VisualHunt)

Not only does learning new things open ones mind and horizons; studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between higher levels of education and better mental functioning in old age. Scientists believe that regular mental activity helps to keep our memories strong and that by challenging ones brain through learning new skills and doing mental exercises, certain processes are activated which help to maintain individual brain cells and stimulate communication between brain cells.

Why Hire a Private Tutor?

Having a private tutor can help you:

  • Increase confidence
  • Improve subject knowledge
  • Attain required grades
  • Support learning for home education
  • Help with extra-curricular subjects such as drama or sports coaching

Tutoring is not just for pupils trying to improve their grades, it can also help students at the top end of the spectrum, gifted and talented pupils who may feel frustrated at not being stretched enough. Having a private tutor can help them reach their full potential.

Find a Private Tutor

Probably the easiest way of finding a personal tutor is by an internet search. There are many agencies which specialize in providing tutors directly, either locally or nationally.

The agencies keep a bank of tutors and then match them to students requests and requirements. Superprof offers tutoring for infants to professionals in academic subjects and extra curricular activities like music and sports coaching! With local and online tutoring you can learn practically anything wherever you are in the world.

Tutors kept on some agencies’ books will often be vetted by the agency as part of the application process so students will not have to worry about checks, qualifications and the like.

Other internet sites are used as a platform for tutors UK to advertise their services directly upon, for example, Care. Tutors pay a fee to the site to become a member which then allows them to create a profile and advertise their services. The student contacts and pays the tutor directly themselves. Although there are some checks carried out by the sites, they are probably not as rigorous as those done by agencies.

There are also internet sites such as gumtree, childcare and net mums which are a free platforms for tutors to advertise upon, although it is up to the student to verify their credentials. Finding lessons this way may be cheaper as the tutor is not being paid by an agency who take their commission but, there is no guarantee with regards to the tutor’s knowledge, experience and qualifications.

Check Local Papers for Private Tutors & Ask Around

Private tutors in the UK are not licensed or regulated by the local Authority. The exception to this is for music teachers who may be accessed through some County Council’s services but again, they are not employed by the County Council.

Many private tutors will, however put announcements in the classified section of local newspapers, put out flyers or advertise in local magazines and newsagents. Again, their legitimacy and qualifications need to be checked out by the student.

Verbal recommendation is often one of the best ways to find a good tutor, so ask around; other parents, teachers at the school, or even other local schools in the area.

Many agencies and associations offer individual one-to-one tutoring, tutoring in small groups or tutoring via the internet. This last option is becoming more and more popular, the tutor is ‘there’ at the same time, the lesson is just conducted over the internet. Lessons taken in this fashion tend to be less expensive as the tutor does not have to travel, so both time and travel expenses are saved. Learning in this way may not suit everybody, but lessons are logistically easier to conduct.

Personal tutors can help with exam prep Parents are often happy to delegate homework support to a tutor (Source: Flickr.com – Brad Flickinger)

Find a Tutor in London

As one would expect from the UK’s capital city, there is no shortage of tutors out there waiting to help you! Most of these are enrolled with an agency, of which there are dozens, including in Greater London and the home counties like Surrey tutors. Among the agencies there are;

Greater London Tutors (Whitchurch Road, W11 4AT). Based in the heart of the capital, this agency offers tutoring in every academic subject, from Hebrew to Verbal reasoning, with Maths and English in between. It covers all stages of the education system, from primary level to 11+, GCSE, A level and degree level. It also offers fully qualified tutors in SEN (Special Educational Needs) to help students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Autism, hearing impairment, ADD and ADHD. There is a one off registration fee which gives you family membership with Greater London Tutors for a whole academic year. This entitles you to request tutors for any member of your household, for any subject for the duration of your membership.

Deens Tutors is an organisation run by teachers. £25 will pay for a standard one hour lesson, carried out by a graduate or top undergraduate, £45 will pay for a specialist tutor for one hour (a qualified teacher, Russell Group or Oxbridge tutor). There is no registration fee and tutors can teach up to A level in all subjects along with coursework assistance and proofreading.

Keystone Tutors are based in London, although they do offer an online tutoring service for students outside of the city. They also run a series of holiday revision courses in London, ahead of key exams, for example the 11+. helping students to progress for crucial exams. Class sizes are limited to 8 students and they are taught by experienced tutors.

Find a Tutor in Manchester

Viewed by many as the UK’s second city and with a population of over half a million, finding a tutor in Manchester is not too difficult a task. As one would expect, prices per hour for a tutor are rather less than in London. The average price is £20 per hour, compared to around £25 for the capital.

Elite Home Tutors is a small tutoring agency based in the north of England. With offices in Manchester, they tutor children from the age of 6 upwards. There is no registration fee and tutoring is usually 1 to 1 although they can tutor groups of 2 or 3 students.

UniversityTutor is a quick and easy way to find a tutor. They have 112,823 tutors in 9,029 cities all over the world who you can contact for free. The tutors keep 100% of their earnings themselves and will travel to your home or another suitable location or give tutoring online. The individual tutors set their own rates of pay.

Find a Tutor in Birmingham

 The city of Birmingham is a major international commercial centre and also an important retail, transport, events and conference hub. Its has the second largest metropolitan economy in the United Kingdom and with six universities it is the largest centre of higher education in the country outside of London.

As one would expect therefore, there is a whole plethora of agencies offering private tuition in Birmingham, including many national ones as listed previously (Superprof, Tutora, Tutorhunt etc.)

JS Home Tutors is an agency based in Edgbaston in Birmingham. It offers one to one tuition or for small groups from Key Stage 1 up to A level. For new clients, 2 hours of A level tutoring in a small group, will cost £20.

Covering the regions of west midlands, Birmingham, Solihull, Kings Heath, Sutton Coldfield and Handsworth, Birmingham Tutors offers friendly, professional and affordable tuition up to A level standard. Prices start at £23 an hour for an individual lesson.

Montessori Birmingham Tuition Centre delivers quality private tuition, their aim being ‘ to provide children the best private tuition to prepare them to be future leaders’ . The breadth of subjects though is limited; they offer mainly Maths and English tuition from Key Stage 1 up to GCSE level, although the 11+, Grammar School preparation tuition is offered. This agency offers three types of package, each with a certain number of lessons a month at very competitive rates.

Private tutors can help improve Maths understanding Whatever maths level, a tutor can help! (Photo credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom via VisualHunt)

Find a Tutor in Glasgow

Scotland’s largest city, and the UK’s third largest, Glasgow is a major centre of higher and academic research, with four universities within 10 miles of the city centre. This makes tutoring a viable business in Glasgow.

Tutors Glasgow is one such tutoring agency, it’s motto being ‘building confidence, improving grades’. Their tutors go through a rigorous selection process, their ability to teach is tested, along with subject knowledge. Prices are £30 an hour regardless of age or subject (most lessons though are for 1 hour 30 minutes, so £45) and adult learners are welcome.

Orchard Tutorials, based in Gowanlea Drive, offer tutoring in the main subjects taught in schools and cover all aspects of the national curriculum from primary school to university.

Scholar Tutoring Agency, based in Glasgow, provide academic tutoring services covering Maths, English, Science, Languages and Business Studies. They will only recommend qualified teachers who are registered with the General Teaching Council.

Find a Tutor in Leeds

Based in West Yorkshire, the city of Leeds is the second largest legal and financial centre in the UK and it has four universities. With this many students and professionals, there is ample opportunity to find a tutor in Leeds.

Kip MaGrath Garforth is a private agency, established in 2011, offering Maths and English tuition. They only employ fully qualified teachers, at the moment they have six with various specialisms and experience. Adult learners are catered for too; from GCSE to professional qualifications such as QTS and Police Entrance Exams.

The internet site Personal Tutors will furnish you with a list of private tutors Based in Leeds and the surrounding areas. A simple search of level, subject and your postcode will furnish you with a free list of private tutors. This agency has been established since 1970 so it has built up a good reputation along with a good bank of private tutors.

Private tutoring can widen your world! Tutoring can help light up new things! (Photo via Visual Hunt)

At the end of the day, whichever tutoring method you choose, home tuition or online tutoring, you will notice the difference in your child’s knowledge and confidence. Learning can only be a good thing!

Find tutors on Superprof from Edinburgh to Bristol tutors.


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