A percentage is a ratio where the consequent is 100.

It is denoted by the % symbol and 25% is read as 25 percent which is equal to 25/100 or 0.25.


A motor bike which originally cost $5,000 now costs $250 more. What is the percentage of increase?

5% increase in price

Percentage Decrease

When purchasing a vehicle priced at $8,800, the sales clerk awards a discount of 7.5% to the customer. How much will the final cost of the vehicle be?

100 − 7.5 = 92.5

It can also be calculated as follows:

$8,800 − $660 = $8,140

Percentage Increase

The price of a computer is $1,200. How much will a customer need to pay in total if the tax is 16%?

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