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Linear equation.

If george is 378 of the age of his brother, and in 4 years he will be 1/2 of the age of his brother. What is the age of the brother?

Let george's current âge = g and his brother's current age = b.If he is currently 378th of the age of his brother then:g = b/378in 4 years when his age will be (g+4) and his brother's (b+4) he will  be half the age of his brother so:(g+4) = (b+4)/2so we have a pair of simultaneous equations:1) 378g = b 2) 2g + 8 = b+4do 1) - 2)(378 - 2)g -8 = -4so 376g = 4g = 4/376so b = 378 * 4/376so George is a newborn and his brother is a little over 4 :) (You can put the numbers through the calculator yourself to get the exact answer).
31 January 2014
let us consider x is age of brother and y is the age of george the age of george is  378 (may be percent ) of brother so  y=3.78x in four years the age of  geroge is half of his brother so y+4= 0.5(x+4)y= 0.5x-2 3.78x=0.5x-23.28x=-2 x= -2/3.28so the age of x is  -0.6097 years ...(which is not valid but the result of the problem )
31 January 2014
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