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equation: 23-4x=-9 ——- 2

23-4x=-18 is the next step then -4x=18-23 -4x=-18-23 -4x=-41 can i get a step by step answer on how to conver this into x=41/4

-4*x = -41, from here we have to make "x" the subject of the equation. What we do to one side of the equation we have to do to the other. From -4*x = -41.1) multiply both sides by -1  :  4*x = 412) divide both sides by 4 to make x the subject : x = 41 /4.Hope this helps,Seb.
Seb A.
16 February 2019
Negative sign is on both side so it gets cancleSo we get 4x=41 then to find x , divide by 4 on both side you will get answer.
24 February 2019
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