Learning kickboxing is one of the most exciting things you can do – and Birmingham is a great place to do it.

Why? Because this second-biggest of British cities is heaving with different opportunities for learning the martial arts – from local gyms to specialist kickboxing centres, from kids martial arts trainers to world and national champions in Muay Thai kickboxing and experts in the traditional martial arts.

It is indeed a great place to dive into this world – with training facilities in every nook and cranny of the city. You just need to decide where in Birmingham suits you best, as not every place offers the same services, class schedule, and training regime.

Here, we’re going to share with you some of the best options for kickboxing available to you in Birmingham. But then it becomes your decision which works for you.

So, here we go. From the martial arts school to the boxing gym, from the fitness centre to the private tutor, there are so many places for you to learn kickboxing locally in your city.

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Try out a kickboxing class in Birmingham!

What are the Benefits of Kickboxing?

There are so many reasons to learn a sport like kickboxing. And whilst many people see the martial arts as something a little scary and violent, clearly you know much better – otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Kickboxing is a sport that combines power, grace, and dynamism, in which the precision of your attack is mixed with a disciplined defence, an intelligence of strategy, and a quickness of feet. All of this requires training, thought, and self-control – not just a gung-ho aggression and power.

It’s really these things that make the martial arts so special – and so beguiling to watch. Because you don’t just need muscles, but you need a solid head, patience, and a respect for your opponent.

So, why should you take kickboxing classes? Firstly, you’re inevitably going to get fit. With kickboxing training, you’re going to be in the best shape of your life, building muscle, developing your cardio-vascular health, and improving your stamina, strength, and general physical fitness.

Yet, alongside all this, the psychological benefits need to be mentioned too. Your self-confidence, your self-respect, and your self-discipline will all benefit from the sport. Exercise does wonders for your brain. But a style of exercise that combines hard physical exertion with intense focus and concentration is even better.

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The Importance of the Martial Arts Training.

The thing about a martial art is that you can’t really do it on your own. If you’re only interested in throwing punches at a bag, or burning some calories in fitness kickboxing, then, sure, you can. But if you actually want to get the most out of your martial arts classes, then you need to do it with a sparring or training partner.

In this case, the benefits keep piling up. Because one of the most often cited benefits of kickboxing is that it’s a fundamentally social sport: you’re working and moving alongside another and feeling the benefits of the exercise together.

Meanwhile, if you attend proper training, you are sure to be doing it safely. Even when just doing martial arts fitness, you can cause yourself some damage: overextending your arms when punching, failing to connect properly, and straining yourself when working out.

As a beginner, it is really important that you know what you are doing in the gym. Otherwise, those self-defense techniques can turn into something a little more like self-harm.

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Train at kickboxing and see your health improve!

The Best Places for Kickboxing Lessons in Birmingham.

Now, let’s find you the place where you can reap all these benefits. However, remember, whichever place you choose, the quality of the training is only half the battle. The rest comes from your determination, your drive, and your commitment.

Let’s check out these best places to learn kickboxing in Birmingham.

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Try a Kickboxing Class at The Eagle Kickboxing Academy, Birmingham.

The Eagle Kickboxing Academy, in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, is an incredibly professional kickboxing gym.

It’s a training centre in which some of the national and world champions train – whilst the director of the gym is a referee for international competitions.

Despite the high calibre of the staff, it is a really welcoming space, where beginners and pros can train alongside each other. If you are serious about kickboxing training – or if you just want to get in shape – this may well be one of the best places to come in the city.

Learn to Kickbox in Birmingham at the Aero-Kick Community Boxing Gym.

The Aero-Kick Community Gym in Digbeth provides training in kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), mixed martial arts, and general fitness – for the whole family.

The emphasis here is on fun – a fun that keeps you coming back to training. This is an often-overlooked aspect of martial arts training, honestly – with many gyms committed a bit too much to the macho style – and it makes Aero-Kick really refreshing.

If you are interested in a workout that is enjoyable, intense, and social, then this might be your place.

Join a Kickboxing Self-Defense Class at Kash the Flash.

Perhaps the most famous of British kickboxers, Kash the Flash is a four-times world champion and black belt in karate.

Luckily enough for you Brummies, he now runs a gym just north of the Edgbaston Reservoir. With classes in kickboxing, MMA, and karate – alongside general fitness and stamina – the training centre provides really a world-class training in all things martial arts.

Open seven days a week and offering kids’ and women-only classes too, it is another great option.

Practise Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts at Black Widow Martial Arts Birmingham.

For those who are after something a little different from regular kickboxing, you could Muay Thai a try. The full contact ‘art of eight limbs’ – in which you can use shins and elbows as well as punches and kicks – Muay Thai is a serious martial art, not just a fitness regime.

Black Widow Martial Arts on the Washwood Heath Road is perhaps the best place to learn the Thai art in Birmingham. Run by a British champion, it offers rigorous training in a safe and welcoming environment.

Train in Kickboxing at the Birmingham Martial Arts Centre.

On the Stratford Road, just a couple minutes’ walk from Robin Hood Island, there is the Solihull and South Birmingham Martial Arts Centre. This place offers kickboxing training alongside adult and kids karate, wrestling, MMA, and sambo.

With the opportunity to start fighting competitively, the kickboxing classes are focussed primarily on strength training, fitness, and self-defence.

This centre is one of the few places in the city to offer martial arts training to infants from four to seven.

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Kickboxing is really excellent exercise.

Women, Get in Shape with Hailey Hanson’s Kickboxing Training.

Hailey Hanson Kickboxing Training takes place in two venues in Birmingham: on the Highfield Road and on Rea Street in Bordesley.

Hailey herself is a kickboxing champion, dancer, and actress, and she runs this training academy through her passion for teaching the martial arts. With her immense talent and her handpicked training team, she promises a really exceptional experience.

The training centres offer women’s classes too – something that is becoming increasingly common across the martial arts circuit.

Get Yourself a Kickboxing Instructor at Ghost Fighter Central.

Ghost Fighter Central is based in Solihull and Perry Barr and offers one of the few dedicated kickboxing spaces in the city. And, providing kickboxing classes to adults and kids, their training in Ghost – an innovative style of kickboxing – will get you fit and confident in your abilities to take care of yourself.

They have some deals on enrolment fees, so get over there and check them out.

Find a Private Kickboxing Tutor at Superprof.

If you are after something a little different, why not get in touch a private kickboxing instructor through Superprof?

Superprof is a platform that connects students of any subject to the tutor that they need to excel – in sport, academia, music, or professional development. Whether online, at home, or in your local gym, our kickboxing instructors will show you the things you need to improve your fitness, technique, and your skill.

It’s super easy. Just search through the tutors, pick the one that looks right for you, and get in touch. The first lesson is free – so you know exactly what you are getting.



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