As one of the many cities in the UK that lay claim to being Britain’s ‘second city’, Manchester is a city with a huge number of opportunities for learning, fun, and exercise. And, really, if the whole debate around the country’s ‘second city’ teaches us anything, it is that all over the UK these opportunities abound.

Yet, Manchester is a place that boasts more opportunities for the martial arts – from Muay Thai kickboxing to karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to American kickboxing, taekwondo to capoeira – than you might expect. Indeed, you might even say that the city punches above its weight (lol), as it competes with London for the sheer number and variety of kickboxing classes, martial arts training centres, and places to learn self-defense and sparring.

Really, if you are in Manchester and interested in learning the mixed martial arts, you’re lucky – because the chances are, no matter where you are, you’ll find the class that’ll suit you down to the tee.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the options available across the city and slightly further afield. From fitness kickboxing to self-defense techniques, from training for the total novice to professional, competitive black-belt kickboxing fighting techniques, we’ve got here whatever it is you are looking for.

So, let’s take a look – and we really hope you find it helpful.

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Everything you need to know about kickboxing clubs in Manchester!

Why Learn Kickboxing?

Martial arts aren’t just about hand-to-hand combat, cauliflower ears, and bloody noses. Perhaps, actually, they are the major sport in the world that is most understood, and most quickly dismissed by those who might otherwise be really interested in it.

Because, despite the obvious violence, the martial arts – including kickboxing – are really about self-control, the elegance of the striking techniques, precision, and real physical fitness. The punching, grappling, and the sparring in the bouts are not even about violence or the inflicting of pain. Rather, the most important elements are power and control, grace and dynamism.

So, whilst, yes, you may well get a couple of bruises, the things you’ll gain alongside them are priceless. You’ll get fit for sure – perhaps you’ll get to the best shape you’ve ever had in your life – and you’ll increase your self-confidence, your self-discipline, and your self-respect. You’ll learn how to use the body that you have – you’ll get to know it and feel much more comfortable in it.

But alongside physical fitness, kickboxing will help your mental health too. You’ll have better self-esteem, you’ll improve your focus and concentration, and you’ll be sure that you know how to defend yourself whenever that time comes.

Kickboxing is social, stress-relieving, and meditative – and you’ll be helping all parts of yourself by studying it.

The Importance of Martial Arts Classes.

And yet, all these benefits don’t really come about if you intend to do kickboxing on your own. The benefits of the sport are precisely in its socialness – and the martial arts techniques that you will learn will be learned best through the help of a martial arts instructor.

It can be dangerous to get these things wrong – and to optimise your skills, some professional guidance really is advised.

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Feel your health improve with kickboxing classes!

The Best Places to Find Kickboxing Lessons in Manchester.

So, without further ado, let’s check out these kickboxing classes, gyms, and instructors in Manchester. Whilst there are plenty that we have left out – because there are far too many to mention – here are some of the best.

So, whether it is Savate, Muay Thai, or Chinese kickboxing you are after, you are in the right place.

Join Kickboxing Manchester – and Learn a Martial Art.

Kickboxing Manchester is a refreshing departure from many of the martial arts organisations around the world. By this, we’re referring specifically to the fact that it is family run, directed by a British kickboxing champion and his wife and kids.

They run kickboxing classes all over the city and as far apart as Alderley Edge and Worsley.

The emphasis is on fun – and on fitness in all its form, for kids as much as for adults.

Try Kickboxing at the SGB Manchester.

SGB Manchester – or Straight Blast Gym – are one of the most prestigious mixed martial arts studios in Manchester, offering classes in kickboxing and boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and fitness, strength-building, and general self-defence.

They are committed to the fact that, first and foremost, they are a gym, where fitness comes first and the specific techniques and styles of the particular martial art come second. Go and see for yourself.

Find a Kickboxing Class at North West Chinese Kickboxing.

In Chorlton, you’ll find the home of North West Chinese Kickboxing, a style of martial arts that combines Kung Fu with kickboxing. The club has been going for over twenty years and it is one of the most highly regarded martial arts gyms in Manchester.

NWCKB has produced its fair share of world champions, and it offers classes to adults, to kids, and – as you’ll see below – to women only too.

For Women Only – Women’s Kickboxing Club.

As part of the growing popularity of kickboxing as a fitness strategy, a self-defense technique, and an art in itself, there are an ever increasing number of women’s only clubs across the city and the UK at large.

North West Chinese Kickboxing have a particularly well-advertised and prestigious club for women, which runs on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings and evenings.

They are a great and welcoming way of learning the martial art – without the too-common macho vibe of many kickboxing gyms.

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Get ready for your kickboxing training!

Get in Shape at Cheadle Kickboxing Club, Stockport.

Another part of the larger network of North West Chinese Kickboxing training gyms across the Manchester area is the Cheadle Kickboxing Club in Stockport.

With no enrolment fee required, this can be a pretty good way to learn the kickboxing discipline if you don’t want to trek into the city centre. Check them out!

Learn Kickboxing and Other Martial Arts at Fighting Fit Martial Arts Manchester.

The biggest martial arts centre teaching multiple disciplines in the centre of Manchester, Fighting Fit Martial Arts offers high-quality training from black belts, world champions, and world-class instructors in kickboxing, kobudo, boxing, and more.

The martial arts training itself is mixed with strength training and fitness classes, to ensure that you can become the best fighter you want to be.

Enrol on a Course at Union Academy Manchester.

Just off the Oldham Road, the Union Martial Arts Academy Manchester provides classes in Muay Thai and BJJ that prioritise fun and friendliness over competitiveness, and effort over immediate excellence. It’s a popular and enjoyable place to learn the basics of kickboxing.

Given their popularity, their classes often fill up quite quickly. However, get in touch with them, and you can find out how best to join.

Find a Private Kickboxing Trainer at Superprof.

A different way to get in shape and learn self-defence moves is with a private instructor. And the place to find one of these, in any city in the UK, is with Superprof.

At Superprof, we connect students to passionate tutors across the globe – in literally any subject you could imagine. Alongside face-to-face classes, you can learn online too – and every tutor gives the first session completely free so that you know what you are letting yourself in for.

Find your preferred tutor, get in touch, and book a lesson!

Learn to Kickbox at Predators MMA.

With classes in mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and kids’ martial arts, the Predators MMA and BJJ Academy offers a great array of options for people interested in learning the ropes of the martial arts.

They are based off the Cheetham Hill Road and offer the training you’ll need to get lightning fast reflexes, toned muscles, and a mean punch.

Check Out the Kickboxing and Boxing Classes at Elite Boxing Gym, Manchester.

Based in Bolton, the Elite Boxing Gym, Manchester – as it calls itself – is a martial arts training facility specialising in boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing, the famous ‘art of eight limbs’.

The gym is open fourteen hours a day, five days a week – only operating in the morning on a Saturday – and, in the sessions, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the art of Muay Thai.

Start Kickboxing Training at KMMA Freestyle, Oldham.

Affiliated with the World Kickboxing Organisation, KMMA Freestyle offers training in Muay Thai, freestyle kickboxing, and Krav Maga.

Whilst offering classes to adults, they specialise in teaching kids, with one-to-one training sessions and group classes.

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