In Cardiff, you can find kickboxing classes wherever you care to look – in fitness centres, specialist martial arts schools, and even mosques.

Kickboxing is becoming one of the most popular styles of exercise and fitness class around, with classes popping up all over the place – and with long-established martial arts programs in designated centres opening their doors to many more people.

The same applies in Wales’s capital, where more and more people are choosing a more active lifestyle. And alongside kickboxing – including Muay Thai kickboxing and the mixed martial arts (MMA) – other martial arts are increasing in popularity too.

That’s not just the strict disciplines of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, and the like – but fitness kickboxing, boxercise, and martial arts fitness regimes too.

Honestly, it’s time that you joined in too. And we’re here to try and make that happen.

We’ve drawn up some of the best options for kickboxing training in Cardiff – from self-defense classes to classes designed to help you get in shape, from hand-to-hand combat and sparring training to the fighting techniques and defense techniques of the traditional martial arts.

We hope you find it helpful!

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Kickboxing can be a pretty brutal sport - so be prepared!

Why is Everyone Joining Kickboxing Classes?

People all over the world are joining kickboxing and martial art training sessions. And that’s not just because they want to throw punches around or get their hands on a black belt.

Rather, people are starting to see the benefits of intense, full-body exercise and physical fitness. They are starting to see that with attempts to get fit comes self-confidence. And they are starting to realise that the best shape physically is not actually impossible to achieve.

Kickboxing is one of the best exercise regimes around – and one of the best martial arts around for physical training. Not only will it help you burn calories – some say up to one thousand an hour – but it will help to develop your cardiovascular capacity, it will help you to tone muscles, and it will boost your stamina, your hand-eye coordination, and your strength.

The thing about kickboxing is that it is so intense – and it works on your body at so many levels, from the strength training of punching to the focus and reaction required by self-defense techniques. Leaving the gym, you’ll be exhausted, in just the most beautiful way.

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And Why Classes in Particular?

But the other thing about kickboxing is that, really, it relies a lot on technique. Sure, you can go to a gym and punch and kick a heavy bag until you’re dripping with sweat. But really, if you want to feel the extent of the benefits of this sport, you need to do it properly.

This means getting the technique right: the turn of the fist when you punch, the posture and movements, the balance and grace of every kick. This is where the benefits are felt – and, actually, where the risks are averted. Professional martial artists don’t really just punch at random – because you can do real damage to yourself in the process.

Having someone to be there alongside you showing you the right movements and fighting styles is really important – as you’ll be assured that you are doing everything properly. You’ll have some to be accountable to, you’ll have the right psychological support, and you’ll build the self-confidence, the self-discipline, and the self-control that are really integral to the sport.

Meanwhile, you’ll feel the benefit of training alongside others. Going to the gym solo is great, sure. But having a team of people all reaching their goals together is much more fun. And fighting, really, is a social activity – in which you’ll learn self-respect and respect for others too. Don’t underestimate this.

The Best Places for Kickboxing Training in Cardiff.

It’s important to know what you are letting yourself in for – and it is really crucial to have the knowledge of this wonderful, too-long overlooked sport.

But now let’s take a look at the different options available for you. The places in which you can learn and the people you can learn with.

Here are the top places for kickboxing coaching in Cardiff – and with kickboxing usually comes a whole host of other martial arts too.

Let’s get started!

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Do kickboxing and workout like a hero!

Take Kickboxing Classes at the Ultimate Fitness Centre, Cardiff.

The Ultimate Fitness Centre is a fairly massive gym, dojo, and martial arts school on Penlline Street.

Offering classes in kickboxing, kids martial arts, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu, there are an awful lot of options on offer. They’re all guaranteed to get you improving in your chosen discipline – with world-class trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, and a really great community spirit.

For all ages and abilities, it’s a convenient option right in the city centre.

Students, Try the Cardiff University’s Kickboxing Club.

Yes, lots of people complain about the students having it far too easy – and this is generally not actually very fair. However, in the field of sports and exercise, you might say that there’s a little bit of truth in it.

Students at the University of Cardiff can join a kickboxing club for sixty quid a year – with training four times a week. That’s a pretty good deal.

So, if you are at Cardiff Uni and you want to start getting in shape through kickboxing, this is hands-down your best option. You’ll be sparring, working on your fitness and technique, and having loads of socials – as is inevitable for any student club.

Everyone else reading this will be dead jealous.

Start Training in Krav Maga and Kickboxing at the WKMKA.

The Wales Krav Maga and Kickboxing Association might be one of the best spots to learn the sport for those unlucky souls who aren’t still students.

Run by the same bloke who manages the Ladies Box4Fitness (below) – Jason Orchard, a second dan black belt in kickboxing – the WKMKA is a really professional group that promises a great service and a formidable workout.

Jason offers private sessions too, in which you can learn directly from one of the Krav Maga instructors. But whether it is the intensity of the one-to-one or the fun of group sessions you want, the WKMKA will change the way you work out.

A Spot for Women Only: Kickboxing Training at Ladies Box4Fitness.

As we said before, there are loads of different options for learners of the martial arts these days. And what used to be the exclusive remit of the hench macho man has been popularised a little.

Women are getting involved in the martial arts like never before – and, as a result, the services for women-only kickboxing are booming.

In Cardiff, the Ladies Box4Fitness is perhaps the best place to go for women seeking martial arts training. Despite its name, this isn’t just a fitness or ‘boxercise’ class. Rather, it’s a place that offers martial arts classes and serious one-to-one training in kickboxing, Krav Maga, and hard workout strategies.

They are based in Cardiff Bay, just west of the Atlantic Wharf. With lessons for kids too, this is a cracking place to go to learn kickboxing.

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Train at kickboxing and see your health improve!

Get in Shape with the Evolution Kickboxing Academy, Cardiff.

The Evolution Kickboxing Academy in Rumney is another great option for those looking for kickboxing classes in Cardiff.

Offering junior, adult, and women-only classes – as well as private sessions and group privates – they have a range of options to ensure you get the most out of your kickboxing training.

They are incredibly supportive of their members, celebrating all of their victories and successes. Generally, it’s a wonderful place to learn the martial art. There might not be a nicer place to learn kickboxing in Cardiff.

Find a Private Kickboxing or Martial Arts Instructor at Superprof.

Whilst the martial arts scene is dominated by discipline-specific gyms and academies, there is a different way to learn.

That’s with a private kickboxing coach or instructor, who can guide you personally to meet your specific goals.

And that’s what we provide at Superprof, a platform that connects budding students to private tutors and instructors around the globe. All our kickboxing instructors are experienced, enthusiastic, and committed, and are available at a time and place that suits you.

Finding a kickboxing coach is easy peasy with Superprof. Whether you want them in your own home, your local gym, or even online – all you need to do is get in touch and book a lesson. Most instructors offer their first lesson free – so you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for.


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