London is a city in which you can learn pretty much any subject or discipline you want. And in which, for whatever discipline you choose, you’ll find heaps and heaps of choice.

This applies to all subjects under the sun. However, it applies also to kickboxing, the style of martial art and self defense technique that is becoming ever more popular day by day.

That little fact really shouldn’t be particularly surprising. With over eight million people spread out over six hundred square miles, of course there are going to be plenty of opportunities to study and train in the discipline that inspires you.

Kickboxing, meanwhile, is a discipline that needs to have a whole load of different options available. Because kickboxing, in itself, is not a single, monolithic thing. Rather, it’s a catch-all term for lots of different martial arts and self-defense techniques – from Muay Thai kickboxing to Glory, from fitness kickboxing to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, even from karate and taekwondo to savate.

And for each of these micro-disciplines – with their different rules regarding punching, grappling, and full contact – usually has their own gym, studio, and professional trainers.

Hence the choice.

And if you want to get into the world of these most elegant of martial arts styles, you’re going to need to find a kickboxing club that works for you.

Here are some of the best clubs in London for kickboxing and for martial arts in general. We hope you find it helpful!

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Workout like a champion of kickboxing!

Why Join a Kickboxing Club?

The mixed martial arts – including kickboxing – have a bit of a bad reputation among parts of ‘polite’ society. Obviously, they are associated with violence – which doesn’t sit well with particular sectors of the population.

However, these people underestimate and ignore the simply wonderful benefits of kickboxing and martial arts training. It’s not all punches to the head, sparring, and bloody noses.

Rather, these sports do absolute wonders for your physical fitness, your self-confidence and self-discipline, and your self-respect. Alongside the work this high-intensity, dynamic sport does for your fat-burning, your muscle-building, and your cardio, the fighting techniques and defense skills it offers help your mental health, self-esteem, and your general sense of well-being.

However, the thing about kickboxing – and about any attempt to learn self-defense at all – is that you can’t really do it on your own. You can’t get to black belt by just punching a punchbag – and you probably won’t get in your best shape if you don’t find a martial arts instructor to train you in the science of fitness.

In the meantime, by the way, you’ll find martial arts classes to be super social, supportive, and incredibly enjoyable – benefits that you might not get when just training by yourself.

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The Best Kickboxing Clubs in London.

But let’s cut to the chase. Where in London are the best places to find kickboxing training? Where is best to go for Muay Thai or for American kickboxing? And how on earth would you choose between one and another?

Here, we’re showing you the best options in town. Among them, you’ll find a martial arts school near you and in the fighting styles that float your boat.

Find a Kickboxing Instructor at Urban Kings Kickboxing, London.

In central London, just near King’s Cross, you’ll find the Urban Kings Kickboxing gym. They are a professional and reliable outfit, offering a class schedule packed with different types of martial arts.

Alongside kickboxing – in which they specialise in Glory rules – they offer training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), capoeira, mixed martial arts in general, and disciplines like yoga, pilates, and animal flow.

Start at any level at all – and you’ll only begin sparring when you are ready.

Muay Thai kickboxing match
Different types of kickboxing have different rules - by the way

Join KO Combat Academy for Kickboxing Classes.

Just down the road from Stepney Green sits the KO Combat Academy, a martial arts gym focusing on MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and kickboxing – alongside general fitness, personal training, yoga, and nutritional advice.

With a range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes, there are plenty of opportunities to find a level that suits you – as we know that starting out in the martial arts can be a little intimidating.

You’re in safe hands here. They are accredited – and have produced a whole load of kickboxing champions.

Take Kickboxing Lessons at Xen-Do Kickboxing.

Xen-Do Martial Arts are really a big deal, with four gyms and training spaces across London – in Baker Street, Marylebone, Goodge Street, and Mayfair.

This is not the sort of intimidating martial arts gym that you’ll have seen in Rambo or similar films. It is a really welcoming environment for people of all levels, ages, and genders.

Xen-Do will help your martial arts skills whilst helping you to develop your self-control, to build confidence, and to get dead fit.

Try Fitness and Martial Arts at KB Kickboxing.

A specialist kickboxing gym in Euston – literally right next to the station – KB Kickboxing focuses on fitness and control, and on the spiritual or at least non-physical elements of kickboxing.

This isn’t as strange as it sounds: the martial arts aren’t simply about how hard you can kick or punch. Rather, they are about how you can control your body and the attitude that you bring to your sport.

Another gym that prides itself on its welcoming environment, it’s a great place to go if you don’t want to spar.

Check Out Boxe-Française / Savate at Savate London.

Savate London is based just a couple of minutes down the road from Bermondsey tube station.

These guys, obviously, do something a little different to the run of the mill kickboxing classes; Savate, really, is a different sport altogether.

Based on the French tradition of street-fighting, Savate is quite distinct from Muay Thai and other forms of martial arts. Its emphasis is on elegance and movement – and here at Savate London you’ll be training with some of the best fighters in the world.

Find a Private Kickboxing Instructor at Superprof.

If you don’t want to attend a gym, however, there’s a different way to learn kickboxing. That’s with your own private boxing instructor.

At Superprof, we connect students with enthusiastic, experienced, and friendly tutors of over a thousand different subjects. Kickboxing – including Savate, American kickboxing, and Muay Thai – is precisely one of those subjects.

Across London, there are three kickboxing tutors available for hire. All you have to do is search your subject, pick your tutor, and get in touch. The first session is free!

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kickboxing club gear
The things you'll need to make the most of your kickboxing lessons.

Try Muay Thai at the London Fight Factory.

If you are looking for Muay Thai specialist instructors, you could also check out the London Fight Factory just off Old Street.

These guys offer classes in this dynamic, full-contact sport for beginners, intermediate fighters, and the more advanced. Go along and check out what this ‘art of eight limbs’ is all about before you get started.

Learn Kickboxing at Paragon Gym, London.

The Paragon Gym is just a couple of minutes’ walk from Shoreditch High Street tube and is home to kickboxing and boxing training – in group sessions, private lessons, or sparring workshops.

You’ll find all the support here you’ll need to progress in your kickboxing style – and get really pretty ripped in the meantime.

Like all martial arts locations these days, they provide yoga sessions too – to help you warm down.

Start Beginner Kickboxing at Springhealth London.

Up in Camden, Springhealth London provides beginner kickboxing and fitness classes to anyone at all who is interested.

With courses in beginner kickboxing running over six weeks – but with the opportunity to train up to three times a week on top – Springhealth provide a great grounding in all things martial arts.

They are relaxed and welcoming bunch too – and they complement their kickboxing training with Tabata and other workout techniques.

Get in Shape with Kickboxing Classes at London Kickboxing.

London Kickboxing offer classes to kids and adults in Chiswick, Ealing, and Bedford Park – usually in schools and sports halls in the area.

Besides the knowledge of the kickboxing discipline itself, you’ll be learning key aspects of self-defense and personal training in general.

Get Fit with Kickboxing Exercise Classes at Flykick.

‘Inspired by kickboxing’ is the important thing to note about Euston Road’s Flykick. Rather than the strict martial art itself, Flykick offer exercises classes that borrow elements from the martial art.

That’s not to say anything bad about them at all – as their exercise regime and philosophy seems to be incredibly effective.

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