"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." -B.B King

The learning process is an enlighting one. Every single day gives us the possibility of learning something new. Throughout primary and secondary school students learn the basic skills to prepare them for higher education.

Postsecondary studies are where individuals truly take advantage of superior learning and become equipped for their future career. The learning possibilities are endless but so are the struggles and difficulties.

Attending university and obtaining a degree is rewarding but also extremely challenging. 

In order to deal with the challenges and ensure success university students are enlisting the help of professional tutors. It would be especially wise for law students to seek the guidance of experienced law tutors since legal studies are one of the most demanding university subjects.

The private tutoring industry has been booming in the past decade and law tutors are finding themselves having more work than ever. 

Law tutors are experts in the field of law and possess many different qualities such as perception, passion and patience which are all essential to instil a love for legal studies in the student. Students who greatly enjoy what they are learning are proven to excel more in the given subject.

It is not uncommon to find practicing solicitors or barristers, law professors and students of law offering remedial classes when scrolling through tutoring websites looking for a law tutor. 

Personal law instructors are able to identify a student's strengths and weaknesses right away and subsequently plan tutoring sessions that are tailored to the difficulties of the pupil. Whether the law student needs help organizing his busy schedule, study tips, assistance writing essays or preparing for exams law tutors are happy to help and their advice is invaluable!

Superprof is here to show citizens of the United Kingdom where they can find city law tutors in the principal cities of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Manchester.

Where to Find Law Tutors in London

in the library
Law tutors help students conduct effective research and find the books they need to study. (Source: Visual Hunt)

London is the capital of England and also the most populous city in the United Kingdom and Europe with an estimated population of 8.7 million inhabitants. Home to people, cultures and languages from all over the world, London is a historically,  economically and culturally rich city.

With over 120,000 pupils studying higher education in London, it is well known for its various universities teaching a wide range of postsecondary education subjects to students from all over the United Kingdom. Of these well-known universities, there are a few were legal studies are conducted such as The City Law School, The University of Law and the BPP just to name a few.

Therefore, with the increasing amount of law students, there is more of a need than ever before for law tutors. Here are a few places to find experienced law instructors in the Greater London area:

  • Bloomsbury Law Tutors: with over 100 postgraduate academics and professionals specializing in the field of law, this company located in the Drury Lane Teaching Centre in London Covert's Garden is an extremely attractive option for all students. The tutors conduct law courses in over 150 law subjects.
  • London Law Tutor LTD: widely regarded as having the most talented law tutors in the city. Tutoring sessions are conducted to help struggling LLB, LLM, LSAT and PhD law students write essays, test prep, organize coursework and conduct effective research. This company offers a special feature that makes it different from the rest which is the possibility to view free lectures and access free notes using their London Tutors app which is available for download on all devices. Learning on the go has never been so interesting!

Since London is such a massive city there are a variety of options for law tutors. The aforementioned alternatives are just suggestions that come highly recommended from many past individuals.

Find law tutor London now.

Where to Find Law Tutors in Birmingham

Birmingham is known as the "second city" to many British citizens due to the fact that it is the second most populous city in the United Kingdom with an estimated 3.7 million people living in the wider Birmingham metro area. Brummies are highly educated individuals with six universities making it the most important higher education hub outside of London.

Of the various universities in Birmingham, there are the major campuses of the University of Law and BPP University. Wherever there are law students, professional law tutors will have a great deal of work.

Many of the private tutors are available to conduct classes in the comfort of your home, the university library or online in an area that is convenient for you. Here are some of the best websites and online resources to find a tutor specializing in law near the city of Birmingham:

  • Tutorful: according to the website there are nine law tutors working in the Greater Birmingham area. Many of the tutors have previous experience teaching and qualifications to back up their expertise such as a Bachelor's of Law (LLB) or Master's of Law (LLM). The prices are very competitive ranging from £15 to £25 an hour. Tutors offer helpful feedback during one on one classes to see their students blossom into successful law students.
  • Law Tutor Birmingham: tutoring sessions are conducted by Vivek Khanna, a registered barrister with over nine years of experience practising the law. Remedial help is offered as private tuition for students who wish to study privately with the tutor or as a group with other struggling law students. Mr Khanna helps students with a variety of law topics such as debating, mooting, dissertation support, essay writing skills and exam preparation. Check out his website to see all of the glowing testimonials from past students.

Finding a law tutor in the Birmingham area that is tailored to your specific needs has never been so easy thanks to these useful online resources!

Where to Find Law Tutors in Leeds

having classes on internet
The world of technology makes it possible for students to receive tutoring sessions remotely via Skype. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Leeds is one the United Kingdom's most important cities boasting an urban population of over 2.6 million people. After London, Leeds is considered as being the largest legal and financial centre in Britain.

Since there is so much going on in the city of Leeds, there are many job opportunities available to its citizens. Like many of the major cities in England, Leeds has a few universities where students can study pretty much anything they want.

Among the many universities and higher education centres is The University of Leeds that has about 31,000 students, the Leeds Beckett University with approximately 25,805 students and The University of Law where students can undertake legal studies and become professionally working solicitors and barristers.

Here are some of Superprof's suggestions of websites where you can find professional law tutors in Leeds:

  • First Tutors United Kingdom: a very reputable website known all across the United Kingdom offering self-employed tutors in all academic subjects. As stated by the website, there are three qualified law tutors in the Leeds area. The most recommended tutor on this online resource offers new tutees the option of a two-hour lesson for the price of a one-hour session. Now that's money well spent because as a university student you constantly need to cut corners to avoid blowing your tight budget.
  • Spires: an incredible online resource offering hand-picked, interviewed and trained law tutors to fit your needs. Classes are conducted with the academic tutor online via Spires award-winning online classroom. Prices range from £20 to £40 an hour. They work with law students all over the country helping them with law assignments, dissertation and coursework. This is a highly recommended online tutoring service because all tutors have university-level degrees in their chosen field.

Whether you want classes online or in person, Leeds has many different law tutors to choose from. Law school is extremely challenging. Don't be afraid to ask for the help of a private law instructor to see your grades soar.

Where to Find Law Tutors in Glasgow

best law tutors
The best law tutors offer practical tips on essay writing. Knowing how to write efficiently can save a lot of time. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Glasgow is the most populated city in Scotland with an estimated 1.8 million inhabitants living in the metropolitan area. Not only a great place to visit with a unique culture but also a very well educated town. This is said because, in 2011, there were over 53,000 Glaswegians studying in one of the city's universities.

There are quite a few post-secondary education centres and universities offering legal studies as a course subject. This is to meet the growing demand for jobs in the legal field. According to the latest Robert Walters UK Jobs Index, legal jobs in the United Kingdom are up by 12% in comparison to the previous year.

There are many reasons why jobs in the legal field have risen, nevertheless, pupils studying law at Glasgow universities should view this as good news and continue on with their studies knowing that a secure job is waiting for them. 

Nonetheless, positive statistics do not make graduating law school any easier. Here are some websites offering private law tutors in Glasgow to ensure your success:

  • University Tutor: the site currently promotes 14 experienced law tutors working in the Glasgow area. Tutors offer help with exam preparation, coursework, research proposals, dissertations and essays. There is no need to worry that you will spend money without seeing results because all academic instructors are qualified and have a great knowledge of the legal system.
  • My Law Tutors: an amazing company offering online law tutoring sessions via Skype. Students of law can either choose to have private or group lessons. Pricing is competitive with other remedial support platforms and the academic instructors are all required to have at least an LLB. The website also offers free learning resources and occasional tips.

Glaswegians have no need to worry about failing examinations during law school when they a qualified law tutor guiding them during private tutoring sessions.

Where to Find Law Tutors in Manchester

getting work done
Personal law instructors offer positive feedback to their students after exams and completing coursework. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Being the third most populous city in the United Kingdom makes Manchester an important area economically, culturally and educationally. Manchester has long been known for its famous football clubs and music exports such as the Gallagher brothers from Oasis.

Mancunians are not just football and music fanatics rather they are highly educated individuals largely due to the many universities and educational centres in the area. The University of Law has a campus in Manchester and is regarded as the largest provider of vocational law studies in Europe. This is due to the fact that the UK is in a strategic location for those who want to participate in International Law.

Undergraduate Mancunians who are studying law should not fret over passing grades because as a result of Manchester being one of the most populated cities in England, there are a variety of law tutors to choose from. Here are a few online resources where you can find tutors working near you:

  • Tutor Hunt: a brilliant resource to use in order to find law tutors near your campus or place of residence. According to the website, there are 62 law tutors working in the Manchester area charging between £15 and £40 per hour. The tutors are highly experienced possessing university degrees and some having six years of previous experience tutoring on the website.
  • The Profs: a perfect resource for those who cannot leave campus and travel to the personal tutor's home due to an intense amount of coursework or lack of car. The law tutors working on this website are carefully chosen with only the top 4% of all applicants being chosen. A free academic consultation is available for first-time tutees in order to identify what needs to be worked on and improved. Private educators offer online tutoring services in different areas of law such as Business Law, Civil Litigation, Trade Law, Criminal Law etc.

Thanks to the professional guidance of experienced law tutors, legal studies can be accomplished without having a nervous breakdown and while having fun. Hiring a private law tutor is the smartest investment a young student can make. There is no greater feeling than receiving your law degree and graduating with honours!

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