To understand complex equations, you need to understand the basic operations of mathematics and addition is one of the basic operations of mathematics. Addition means to add two or more things together. For example, you have three pencils and your friend gifted you three more pencils, altogether you have six pencils now. What you just did is apply the addition operation to find the total pencils. At this point, you know what is natural numbers and their importance but the question is whether the addition operation is affected by this? Keep on reading to find the answer.

The answer is a little bit. Natural numbers are positive numbers this means that if you won't be seeing a negative number in this domain. In simple words, the overall operation will remain the same just the addends will be affected.

a + b = c

The terms of the addition, a and b, are called addends and the result, c is the sum. This means if you add a and b, this will result in a new number which will be c. Although this statement is not true in all cases, however, it is considered truth in the case of natural numbers. The reason is that when you add any number to zero, the sum will never change, it will remain the same. In the case of natural numbers, zero is not a natural number hence it will be some other positive number and when you add two positive numbers, it will always result in a new positive number. You can add more than two positive numbers like this a + b + c + d + e = f, it will still result in a new positive number.

Properties of the Addition of Natural Numbers

Property No.1: Closure

This property tells that if you add two natural numbers this will result in a new number which will also be a natural number.

a + b \in N

3 + 5 \in N

Property No.2: Associative

It doesn't matter what way you group, it will always result in the same. In simple words, the way in which the addends are grouped does not change the result.

(a + b) + c = a +(b + c)

(2 + 3) + 5 = 2 [3 + 5]

5 + 5 = 2 + (8)

10 = 10

Property No.3: Commutative

When you are adding two natural numbers, the order doesn't change the sum.

a + b = b + a

2 + 5 = 5 + 2

7 = 7

Property No.4: Additive Identity

Adding zero will not change the overall result because zero is a whole number. If you add zero to any number, it will always give the same number.

a + 0 = a

5 + 0 = 5

Addition Table


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